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October 2001
(Names and Contact Info Removed)

Oct. 1, 2001

Dear Editor,

I am currently enrolled on the LDS records as a member. I went on a mission and was sent home and disfellowshiped.

Thank you [for] the knowledge and the feeling you all feel as well. I have decided to go ahead and press forward removing my name from the records. The LDS church is wrong and I am now a Christian.

My wife thanks you also. Please pray for me because my family on both ends is Mormon as far back as even three or four generations. I will definitely need divine help.

Oct. 1, 2001

Dear Jerald and Sandra:

...I've never written to you before but I'd like to thank you both for all your hard work and sacrifice in providing such valuable information about Mormonism for so many years.

Being a reader, over the last 30 years, I've read many books both pro and con about Mormonism. Your books are some of the best.

I was married to a good faithful Mormon girl for 25 years. I was an evangelical Christian and she was a returned Mormon missionary. An unlikely combination, but we fell in love and that love sustained us in spite of occasional confrontations about religion.

My little German Mormon wife died over eight years ago and I still miss her terribly. My Mormon father-in-law died a year after my wife. I still have good relations with my Mormon inlaws.

Perhaps I was fortunate, but I never experienced many of the more severe problems I've heard about from other mixed faith couples.

Again, thanks for your work and your dedication.

Oct. 1, 2001

dear Tanner's,

Your story is so encouraging. My name is _____ ______, I was born and raised in a southern Baptist home.

I am currently reading a book by ron rhodes on mormonism, and i felt that when the Lord prepared my heart for his work and I was ready, I ran into some Mormon missionaries on campus, I was invited back to visit with them at there mission headquarters on campus. I went back and really questioned mormonism and witnessed to them. i didnt have but about an hour to share with them, but i feel that God has laid them on my heart for a particular reason.

....I will keep you guys in my prayers and God Bless!

Oct. 1, 2001

Subject: Temple visitation and wearing of garments

I found your web site very interesting. I am a newly married Catholic to a Mormon woman. When my wife and I were first married I told her I would probably have a problem with her visiting the Temple and wearing the garments. (she was not visiting the temple nor wearing the garments throughout our relationship and start of our marriage because of a previous desfellowship) now that the time has come that she can begin visiting the temple and wearing the garments I have told her that I don't feel comfortable with it, it bothers me and that she should not do it. Although upset with my request, she is at least willing to talk to the Bishop.

Not believing that the Bishop will care about our marriage more than her eternal salvation I think I already know the answer. My question is, can I forbid her to go to the temple and wear the garments and have her still be able to attend the church in good standing (i.e., callings, take sacrament, etc). ...

Also, as you can imagine, being new to her world, I have a number of questions that I need answers to. What would be the best way to submit them to you without taking up too much of your valuable time. (i.e., how to deal with a her previous temple marriage which led to divorce, what exactly does she do in the temple, etc)

Thank you for your time,

[Sandra's Note: The Mormons teach that during the millennium she will be given a chance to be married to a faithful Mormon in the temple. Then she would be able to enter the highest heaven. If her original husband converted to Mormonism (either during this life or during the millennium) and they had a temple marriage, they would go to the celestial kingdom.

If she outlived her first husband she could arrange to have someone baptized on his behalf and then have a proxy temple marriage to him. If she remarried after the first husband died, and was sealed in the temple to that husband, she could not have a temple marriage to her second husband.]

Oct. 2, 2001

Subject: removal of my name off mormon files.





[Sandra's Note: I don't think you can get your name out of their computers. But you should be able to get it off their membership rolls. Call the LDS Church membership dept. in Salt Lake, at 801-240-3500. They can verify for you if you are still listed as a member. You may just be listed as a former member.]

Oct. 2, 2001

Subject: resources for Mormons

Can you recommend a small book or tract that specifically reaches out to Mormons that aren't extremely open? Everything I've looked at is geared to Christians.

[Sandra's Note: A nice small book is God's Word, Final, Infallible and Forever. First part is on basic Christianity, second part deals with problems in Mormonism. I know people who were given this book as the first step in their leaving Mormonism.]

Oct. 2, 2001

Christ wouldn't run a site like you do. Mormons seem nice to me. Even if they are wrong at least they don't try to bring down others. Shame on you.

Oct. 2, 2001

Subject: Great Job!!

Hello, Just wanted to drop a word of encouragement!! This is a great resource. Thank you for your hard work, keep it up!

Oct. 3, 2001

Subject: Ruins near Cancun...... Mormon?

Just curious about your take on the fact that many of my Mormon neighbors just returned from a trip to Cancun where they claim an archeologist (Mormon convert) walked them through ruins that he claims are evidence for the validity of the Book of Mormon.

Watching them lay claim to another civilizations history infuriates me. I am curious about what solid info. is out there to assist me in clarifying the absurdity of this line of thinking.


[Sandra's Note: See New Approaches to the Book of Mormon and Quest for the Gold Plates. These scholars don't see the connection. Prof. Michael Coe, noted Mayan scholar and author of The Maya and Breaking the Maya Code, did not see any connection. He wrote a good article on the Maya and lack of evidence for the Book of Mormon in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, vol.8, no.2, 1973, pp.40-48]

Oct. 4, 2001


I too, some years ago, wrote a book called "Questions To Gospel Answers". It was a compilation inspired by the contradictions, juxtapositions, and contraries found in many 'standard works'. Mine however, included more than the B of M.

Contradiction does not show error. It shows truth and its use under all circumstances. Try Ecclesiastes. Even if i cant spell, the scriptures echo, ... a time to heal, a time to kill.

So, God didn't change. Your circumstance did. To suppose that this God we all seek would apply rules from that circumstance to this circumstance is ludicrous and defies a persons belief in a TRUE God. The principle of a TRUE God requires ALL truth, not some of it misapplied. And i think you already understood all of this. Thanks for your work.

I hope you find a comfortable place in His 'many mansions'.

Oct. 5, 2001

I just wanted to say hi, and tell you guys what a great website you have. ...I almost became a mormon, i read the book of mormon and prayed about it. I was told that i didn't get the burning that i wasn't praying too hard.

It seems to me that they want it too be true, and will take nothing else. I was so confused about the whole thing. I didn't pray about the book or if it was true or not. I cried out to god, to help me find out the truth. And he did.

I want to thank you guys for a wonderful site. ...I know you guys get harassing comments from mormons all the time. But you can see Satan at his work. If they knew the true love of christ, they would be respectful of other people's opinions. But we can see who their god is today. My prayers are with you, and always remember God is with us!

God bless you ! :)

Oct. 5, 2001

Subject: keep up the good work

mormons need Christ and not satans brother either. I do not want satans brother as a savior. I wish you well, till the Lord comes. ...in Christ

Oct. 6, 2001

Subject: trying to leave the church

Dear Mr and Mrs. Tanner,

I am a member of the Mormon church and have recently come to the conclusion that this church is based on lies.

I have 5 daughters, ages 3, 10, 12, 13 and 14 ...My eldest daughter is very into the church, attends seminary, Sunday meeting, and midweek activities faithfully and thoroughly believes in the church. The church is the basis of the majority of her social life.

Her father and I went through a divorce last year and I have since remarried a nonmember, and he has gone inactive in the church. I think she ties that together with my "lack of faith". ...

I am not as yet searching for another religion or church and don't care to go that route at this point in time. I really think we need to let our heads clear before we jump to another set of beliefs. I do want each my children to find their own spiritual path, but would like to gently guide them away from things that are obviously based on falsehoods. I have experienced firsthand the emotional turmoil of trying to be a good mormon wife and truly wish to spare my daughters that experience.

But I am apprehensive about doing anything drastic or forceful at this point as they have had enough turmoil in their lives over the past several months. I would really like them to reach the conclusions I have reached on their own without me pushing. ...


Oct. 7, 2001

Subject: a quick comment

It is unfortunate you people will not understand that which you call foolishness.

I have read the material on these web sites. It is unfortunate that you will not look deeper than what is visible and see truth as it is and not what you would make it to be.

Oct. 7, 2001

Hello, I am a teenager born and raised as a Latter Day Saint. I may not know much about you and you may think that I am immature because of my age but I would like to make some comments.

Don't you people have anything else to do rather than fire at the church? All you are trying to do is get people to leave the church, but how is that going to benefit you?

I believe you should respect peoples beliefs. Whether you believe in my religion or not that is your problem but stop trying to drag other people with you. For all those people out there who got brainwashed by these people who have nothing else to do with themselves, you are condemning yourselves by following those who are wrong. If your testimony was strong from the beginning it would remain like so 'till the end no matter what.


[Sandra's Note: Thanks for writing. I agree, we need to be respectful of others beliefs. But this does not mean we cannot discuss our differences. After all, the LDS Church sends out thousands of missionaries to people of other faiths to try to get them to leave their beliefs and accept Mormon claims. Surely it is fair to discuss such issues.

As for your observation that if we had had a solid testimony of Mormonism we would have remained believers in it, the same point could be made about people of other faiths that have joined Mormonism. By using your logic, we don't need to give any credibility to statements of converts to Mormonism since they left 'the truth' and joined the 'error' of Mormonism.

Truth will stand up to investigation. All we ask is that you keep studying both sides.]

Oct. 7, 2001

I am in tears right now as I have been reading through your website. I don't understand how people who seem to have had such a strong testimony of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints could fall away.

I believe with all my heart that you truly know that the LDS church is the true church. ...I am a 16 year old female I am in high school and without this church I would be lost....

One of my seminary teachers once told me to think of the church as a big mirror. In the beginning, he told me that the mirror shattered and everyone went around and picked up different pieces, He said that each piece was a part of the truth but no one had the whole truth.

Then Joseph Smith came and with the lords help he created the true church once more. Other churches have a piece of the mirror (truth) and that is why people are lead to believe that it is the true church but only The church of Jesus christ of latter day saints has the whole truth which was givin to us by our Father in Heaven. Even if you do not believe in my words, Please pray about it.

Stop thinking about the different things you have heard (or the letter of the law) ...and pray to Our father in Heaven to reveal the truth to you. ...

with love,

A friend

Oct. 7, 2001

Subject: Questions for Utah Lighthouse Ministry, Tanners

I am curious what the Tanners' official "conversion story" to not being Latter-day Saints/"Mormons" is? It must have taken a lot to become so disenfranchised.

I have reviewed the information on your website, "BookofMormon.com" and am curious what you have to say about all of the evidence that the Book of Mormon IS true?

I an also curious how you think scholarship is able to better understand the work of God that prayer and study by faith. ...Is scholarship not the means of man, not of God? I believe in using both, to "learn by study and by faith" as Brigham Young said, but I do not believe that the things of God can be fully understood by study alone, neither can you judge a man like Joseph Smith without prayer.

...I would appreciate an answer to my question(s), but regardless, if you cannot compete with a prophet (meaning, you too judge by the spirit of prophesy), I ask you to consider either doing so or putting aside your work. ...I suggest turning the website over to the Church, or maybe FARMS. If you don't, I am not challenging your freedom of press or thought. Follow your conscience. I follow mine.

[Sandra's Note: You will find more information about us here: About Us

I agree, we should use both study and prayer. Since you assert that there is an abundance of 'evidence that the Book of Mormon is true' and refer me to FARMS you obviously look to facts and research as well as prayer. Jerald and I spent a great deal of time on both study and prayer before making up our minds to leave Mormonism and turn to the Bible for our answers.

Just as there are those in the world who still believe that the earth is flat and that the astronauts did not go to the moon, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, so too the LDS keep insisting that there is 'evidence' for Nephites and Lamanites in the Americas. But I have yet to see any official map or artifact regarding that culture. Where is an independent finding of writing like that on the Anthon Transcript? Where is the non-Mormon scholar that takes the Book of Mormon serious as a historical record?]

Oct. 8, 2001

Subject: Great Site!

Dear Lighthouse,

I have been speaking with a few Mormons that are here in the Military.... They are very clever and I consider some of them friends, and I think your web site may help me convince them that what they believe is not true. I only hope that the Holy Spirit will be with me. I pray that I will be blessed with the strength, and I will now pray for your ministry. Thanks again!!

Oct. 8, 2001

Subject: Thank You

I am 18 yrs old and have struggled with "my" religion all of my life. I realize my life is nothing compared to many of you but this site (in just a matter of an hour) has only brought my beliefs into a "brighter light".

I hear over and over again from my family "The Gospel's True." I believe there's a God and I am no different then anyone else on this earth. I don't feel I should be judged for my beliefs while I stand back and respect everyone else's. I am thankful my family have such a deep belief in something (such as Mormonism). I too was baptized into "The church" yet I'm so thankful that I have seen both sides of the spectrum.

I can see a wider perspective then most around my town of Utah and I feel very blessed. God Bless You in all you have done and all you will do! .. And thank You.

Oct. 8, 2001

Subject: on the outside looking in

...I just wanted to share my experience with someone. I grew up with "good Mormon" parents and one brother and three sisters. My parents got divorced when I was 17 and I was forced to live on my own (in another state) at that young age I had no guidance, And thus fell away from the church.

I moved to Nashville where I lived with my girlfriend for 6 years. One day two missionaries came over and I told them I was baptized a Mormon and they found out that I was not married but lived with my girlfriend.

I later had two church members knock at my door and brought me a letter requesting that I appear before a bishops court, I did not attend the court the next thing I know that I was excommunicated. I felt like my world just crashed in, I wanted to know what I have been kicked out of, I realized what the cause of this was and quickly married.

I told my wife that I wanted to get back in the church and she stated that she would not support me in this and she will never be married to a Mormon. I filed for divorce and moved breaking off all contact. I was rebaptized and have been going every Sunday. I get a feeling like I am still on the outside looking in, people don't talk to us (my son and I). and I still hurt for losing my best friend (my girlfriend and wife). I keep telling my self that It will be worth it, but when.... why are we the outcast???


Oct. 8, 2001

Subject: The Tanners are getting rich.....

This site is fabulous. You have these Brainwashed Mormom Zombies spouting off and insulting the tanners, but never giving any information showing what The Tanners have written to be false. I laughed out loud when these nonthinkers accused Sandra of being "in it for the money".

The Big Shots in the Mormon church live like gods. I am sure anyone would join the mormon church if they could get their hands on the money this church has. They take in billions each year. They tell poor people to turn off the heat in winter so they can pay their tithing. I wonder if Hinkley feels their pain when he heads out in his limo? This church is nothing more than a money machine. The Mormon god demands payment to enter his kingdom. You must pay to enter the temple. I will follow the GOD of the BIBLE. He wants my love not my money....

Oct. 9, 2001

Subject: HELP

Dear Tanners or whomever it may concern,

I am currently dating a girl who is mormon but is struggling with all of it. Her family is strict mormon and her brother is on a mission. although i believe they will not disown her if she does get out of mormonism they are being very difficult.

We have taken many steps to help her learn about christianity and the truths of mormonism but when she asks her family questions about all of it they seem to be able to unravel everything that we have done in 10 minutes. stating they are either anti-mormon or that these things don't really matter. ...even her family lies to her ...stating that nothing that is written about the temple is true..

i am just so frustrated and feel that i am loosing her and she is falling back into the trap of mormonism... Please help me anything would help at this point.


[Sandra's Note: You might want to consider getting Godhood and Virgin Birth Photos packet. Also, the book Where Does It Say That? Which is also online here: Where Does It Say That?

These would equip you with their material to show what they currently teach, and some of the old teachings they no longer mention. We also sell the Missionary Lessons of the LDS Church, if you want to know what they will bring up ahead of time.

Other books that may be of help:

Thanks for writing.]

Oct. 10, 2001

I have been researching your site for quite some time. I have just recently been approached by two local "Elders". I am a born again Christian and I have been listing to these fellows. I have seen the holes in the doctrine of the LDS. ...I would like to visit Utah and learn as much as I can about the LDS. I am glad of the work that you do and I will keep you in my prayers daily.


Oct. 11, 2001

Subject: Thank You

Dear Jerald and Sandra Tanner: I am so glad that you are doing what you are doing!


Oct. 12, 2001

...I am currently reading your "Mormonism-Shadow or Reality" Very impressive book!!!

I have been a Mormon for over 20 years and have had many questions. Your book has answered many of them and solidified my suspicions. Keep up the good work,


Oct. 13, 2001

Subject: thanks

Just want to say thank you for the wealth of information on your web site. My poor printer is worn out from downloading stuff which I am anxious to read.

A group from my church is considering coming to Salt Lake during the Olympics to help with any outreach to Mormons and others at that time. ...

Thanks again!!!!

Oct. 14, 2001


After 21 years of marriage to a mormon, in May of 2001 I found out what the mormons are "really" up to.

My wife has been a practicing mormon as long as I have known her. I have never really been involved with it because I was raised in a Christian home, even though I never really was saved.

After all these years, my wife decided she needed to go to the temple. I met with her bishop, and they told me bits and pieces, that they wanted me to hear, of what they do. They told me I would have a new wife after her temple visit.

Boy, were they ever right. My wife didn't even know what she was in for but she accepted it as it came upon her at the temple that day. She says she just knows it is the right thing to do.

After her temple ceremonies were completed that day, her friends, and family were in my house and when I walked in, they stopped talking. I thought they were doing the normal and just talking about me, but I later found out that they were talking about the temple and they couldn't talk about it in front of me. I was a stranger in my own home.

When my wife and I went to bed that night, I asked her how her day was and she replied, "it was wonderful". I asked her what she did and she said, "I can't tell you". That just about floored me!!! After 21 years of marriage and complete communication, I thought, and all of a sudden we couldn't talk any more. I pretty much hit the ceiling.

Like I said that happened in May of this year. Since that happened, on July 17, 2001, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and haven't stopped reading the Bible since then. I don't see how any person that reads the Bible can believe anything the mormons teach.

My wife and I are now on the verge of divorce. She is constantly threatening me with it and I tell her that she has to do what she has to do, but I am just praying that it won't happen. If I try to tell her something about the God we know in the Bible, she accuses me of "mormon bashing".

She went to church with me last night and she ended up walking out when our pastor started talking about us not sharing the same beliefs of mormons ie: God overshadowing the virgin Mary etc... My wife insists our pastor was teaching false doctrine....Half of her problem is that she really doesn't even know the theology of her own religion.

Oct. 14, 2001

Subject: Are you sure?

What is the difference between a cynic and a skeptic? Do you know? It is sad that people spend so much time and energy to try to convince others that the decisions that they have made are correct.

I have looked over your little web page that I got to by accident and find it quite amusing that you have been able to study so many key doctrinal points of the Church and yet you still cannot see the truth. Mark 7:6.

Do you think that your miserable experiences negate the validity of what is real? Do you further believe that by taking things out of context that somehow it can be misconstrued into a fallacy.

I do not intend this to be a hateful e-mail. I think that it is a gross ignorance to profess to be educated in "Mormon Doctrines," when you are not able to accurately portray the quotations that you use.

One must ask oneself: Why would these persons choose to take so many little points out of context, is it because the truths are there?

Sad and Funny at the same time is your attempt to disprove Mormonism with a clearly uneducated opinion. Get a doctorate in theology, study world religions, show all points in their true lights and context and you will see that it is an eternal change which has occurred.

You once believed the doctrine that you attempt to disprove. You believed it not because of your education but because of what you felt. The doctrine has not changed you have. If you say that you were wrong to believe how can you prove with tiny mute misrepresentations that now you are right and not committing further errors. You people make me laugh at how close to the truth you can get but because of your self aggrandizement how far away you remain.

Oct. 14, 2001

Subject: sorry I missed you

Hi Sandra, My wife and children tried to see you in August at your book store but we just missed you. ...I loved you book store and what a wealth of information you have in there. I talked with another woman running the store while you were out. She was very helpful and kind.

I tried to pick up your lead book of Mormon. It would be cool if someone made those to sell, I would love to use that in future classes that I teach on Mormonism. ...thank you for all of your vast information you have provided me.

God Bless You

[Sandra's Note: The display at our store is a set of metal plates (of lead) made to the size Joseph Smith describes for the Book of Mormon plates. He said they were "six inches wide and eight inches long and...near six inches in thickness." (History of the Church, vol.4, p.537)

Our set of lead plates weighs 118 lbs. Had they been made of gold, as claimed by Mormons, they would have weighed at least 200 lbs. However, Martin Harris, after lifting the plates, estimated they weighed "about forty or fifty pounds." (Tiffany's Monthly, 1859, p.166)

Joseph Smith's mother describes Smith as jumping over a log and fighting off two assailants while carrying the plates three miles to their home. (see Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, printed under the title Joseph Smith's History by His Mother, p. 104-5)

After trying to pick up the lead plates at our office people realize how absurd the story really is.]

Oct. 14, 2001

Subject: What can I do to help your cause?

Dear Tanners,

My son recently converted to mormonism after given an ultimatum from his girlfriend, whom he believes he's in love with. Since then, he has dropped out of school, cut off ties from family and friends. He only associates with members of the church.

_____ was close to family, had persued his dreams and goals for life, and was doing great in school, before mormonism. I believe we have lost our son to this cult, and don't know what to do about it. ...

I truly appreciate the well documented information you provide on your web site, but _____ refuses to question anything negative against the church. It's like he's afraid to question and find out the truth, because to do so would mean he would loose his girlfriend.

From the information you provide, it's obvious that the mormon church is fraudulently obtaining converts with misinformation. How is it that the church hasn't been sued for fraud? I understand that there is freedom of religion, but that involves non provable items of faith. When the church misrepresents what they know is false, like the translation of the Book of Abraham, the Mark Hoffman fiasco, etc. etc., they should be held accountable. There has to be attorneys out there who have lost their son or daughter to this dangerous cult....

[Sandra's Note: My heart goes out to you on the loss of your son to Mormonism. You might want to join the discussion group on www.irr.org.

The federal courts will not get involved in cases involving churches, unless it is a matter of obvious financial fraud. Many think that they should be able to get the church on that, for falsely taking their tithing. But lawyers tell me it is very hard to PROVE a church person DELIBERATELY asked for money with the INTENT of defrauding the person.

For instance, the missionaries really believe Mormonism. Therefore a person could not prove that the missionaries deliberately got the person to join so they could falsely take money from them.]

Oct. 14, 2001

Subject: wow

Dear UTLM,

I commend you for your persistence in spreading the truth about the LDS church! I cried the first time I read about the court case. I could not believe that the LDS church would sue you guys!

In my opinion that shows how scared they are about the truth about their lies and deceit getting to the public. Please dont give up the fight. I know the Lord has you in the place that you are for a specific reason.

I feel a special burden in my heart to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Mormons and have no clue where to start!!!! ...May God Richly bless you. ...Thank you so much.

In Him.

Oct. 16, 2001

Subject: question?

If Joseph smith believed in only one God when he "translated" the book of mormon how come they didnt change the book of mormon to fit his later beliefs? How come they didnt change it so that it would explain that there were more than one God? If they ended up changing it so many times how come that didn't change?

[Sandra's Note: He did change several passages in the 1837 ed. where he added in the words 'the son of' when the text was speaking of God. So that now the text reads 'the son of God' thus drawing a greater separation between God and Jesus.

See 1 Nephi 11:18 "the virgin which thou seest, is the mother of [the son of] God,' , see also 1 Nephi 11:21, 32 and 1 Nephi 13:40. Also see our online Introduction to 3,913 Changes.]

Oct. 18, 2001

Subject: Birth control

Dear Jerald and Sandra, It is a well known fact that the Catholic Church strongly oppose the use of birth control by its members. A fact which most people are not aware of is The Mormon Church's stand on birth control.

There is an abundance of strong evidence made by leaders of the Mormon Church condemning birth control methods. The late Mormon Prophet and President, Joseph Fielding Smith made many strong statements denouncing the practice. On pages 85- 89 of the book, 'Doctrines of Salvation Vol. 2', the following is stated: 'Birth control is wickedness.' The abuse of this holy covenant has been the primary cause for the downfall of nations. When the scared vows of marriage are broken and the real purpose of marriage abused, as we find it so prevalent in the world today, then destruction is inevitable. ....When a man and a woman are married and they agree, or covenant, to limit their offspring to two or three, and practice devices to accomplish this purpose, they are guilty of iniquity which eventually must be punished....It should be understood definitely that this kind of doctrine is not advocated by the authorities of the Church, but also is condemned by them as wickedness in the sight of the Lord.....Possibly no greater sin could be committed by the people who have embraced this gospel than to prevent or to destroy life in the manner indicated........' Birth control leads to Damnation."

In addition, Presidents Spencer W. Kimball and Ezra Taft Benson have also made strong statements against birth control, see 'The Life and Teachings of Jesus & his Apostles' , pages 284 and 365. See also Mormon Doctrine, pages 85 and 86, under Birth control.

From what we have just read there can be little doubt that members of the Mormon Church are in dire straits if they practice birth control. In conversations with members of the Mormon Church l have found that a number of them are not aware of the Church's teaching about birth control and when presented with documented evidence they become very shocked and surprised. ...

It's also interesting to discover that people who agree to become members of the Mormon Church are never informed about the Church's teaching about birth control prior to baptism. In view of the dire ramifications for practicing birth control, one would think that the Church would inform people prior to being baptism. Could it be that leaders of the Mormon Church know full well that if people were told about the Church's stand on birth control before being baptised they would reconsider their decision. The issue of birth control is another example of how the Mormon Church deliberately hide many facts from prospective members.

Other facts which most people are never informed about before baptism include: God the Father has a wife, better known as 'Heavenly Mother', God the Father has a mother and father as well as grandparents, God the Father was once a sinner who progressed to Godhood, God the Father had a sexual relationship with Mary to produce Jesus, Joseph Smith publicly denied practising plural marriage, Joseph Smith's wife Emma also publicly denied her husband practised plural marriage, Joseph Smith drank beer, Joseph Smith made many false prophecies, plural marriage will be re-introduced during the millennium, there are certain sins that the shed blood of Jesus does not atone for, Brigham Young once taught that Adam was God the Father, and Mormon leaders continued to practice plural marriage even after the Manifesto. These are just a few facts never revealed to prospective members. God bless your ministry.

Oct. 19, 2001

Subject: Your great site!

I was doing research for three hours when I can across your site linked to another. Thanks for the great explanations about membership in this cult.

My stepson is nine and is being pursued by the local church and now I know why. Until right now the police department and I have been at a loss to why they keep bothering us, now I think it is to try and lure him away to "baptize" him into their church.

The biological mother calls herself a practicing Mormon even though she smokes, drinks caffeine, and was busted growing pot with her current husband. As you can see we are very afraid for our son's safety when he goes for his court ordered visits.

I am going to have my husband write to remove our son's name off of the books. Thank you ever so much for your help. We are Christians and believe all people can get to heaven by following God's teachings. I cannot express how important the information on your site has been to figuring out the questions that have been haunting me the past few days. God bless you! Peace,

Oct. 19, 2001


...I was witnessing in a LDS chat room, some of the members ask me a question. They claim that the New Testament is not complete because some of Pauls and other writers "letters are missing", do you know what they are trying to get at? I have never heard this claim before.

Also, I know that some of Brigham Youngs succesors deny the Adam-God doctrine, do you have names and quotes of these succesors? Can you help?

In His Service

[Sandra's Note: The Mormons claim that when the Council of Carthage (A.D. 397) ratified the list of books for the New Testament they left out some of the best ones. They claim that many books got lost through the years and our Bible is incomplete. They argue that that is why the Bible doesn't have the more distinctive Mormon doctrines in it, the early apostate church either changed it or left material out.

However, since the LDS Bible uses the same collection of books as the Christian community, their prophet must think the list is ok. If it is not the right selection of books why doesn't their prophet put the right ones in and take out the bad ones? Just ask a Mormon which books he thinks the early church voted out of the cannon that the Mormon thinks should have been kept in. Why didn't their prophet put it back?

By casting doubt on the Bible they open the door to say their strange beliefs were at one time a part of the early church but the corrupt church leaders changed everything. However, there is no manuscript evidence that the New Testament ever had Mormonism in it or that someone edited it out. The oldest manuscripts we have for the New Testament still teach the same thing as today.

A good book on this is Halley's Bible Handbook, pp.756. Also see The Counterfeit Gospel of Mormonism and Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Mormons.

As to the Adam-God issue, Pres. Spencer W. Kimball said in Oct. 1976 LDS Conference

"We warn you against the dissemination of doctrines which are not according to the scriptures and which are alleged to have been taught by some of the General Authorities of past generations. Such, for instance, is the Adam-God theory. We denounce that theory and hope that everyone will be cautioned against this and other kinds of false doctrine." (Ensign, "Our Own Liahona," Nov. 1976, p.77)

Also, Apostle Bruce R. McConkie wrote to BYU professor Eugene England, on Feb. 19, 1981, and denounced Brigham Young's teaching on Adam:

"Yes, President Young did teach that Adam was the father of our spirits, and all the related things that the cultists ascribe to him. This [Brigham Young's teaching on Adam-God], however, is not true. He expressed views that are out of harmony with the gospel." Further on in the letter McConkie states "What I am saying is, that Brigham Young, contradicted Brigham Young, and the issue becomes one of which Brigham Young we will believe. The answer is we will believe the expressions that accord with the teachings in the Standard Works."

We have printed a photo of this letter in our book, LDS Apostle Confesses Brigham Young Taught Adam-God Doctrine.]

Oct. 19, 2001

Subject: "Translator"

In the Mormon church today, leaders are sustained as "prophets, seers, and revelators." However, passages such as D&C 21:1, 107:92, and 124:125, suggest that "translator" was originally part of the formula.

In other words, there were FOUR, not three, titles or offices that at least the president was supposed to hold. My research indicates that "translator" was dropped in the days of Brigham Young, but without any notice or explanation.

Oct. 19, 2001

Who's your prophet? If you don't have one. Why were there prophets in the first place?

Please give me a response.

[Sandra's Note: You will find a good explanation in the online book Mormon Claims Answered: Prophets, pp.84-86.]

Oct. 19, 2001

I would like to find out, how I can get a copy of my Patriarchal Blessing, I have mine but, I can't read it very good, it has turn yellow and falling apart. thank you

[Sandra's Note: You would need to write directly to --

Church Archives
LDS Church Office Building
50 E. North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3821

State in a letter that you want a copy of your patriarchal blessing. Include:

  1. Your full name as it would have appeared on the blessing
  2. Your date of birth
  3. The Patriarch's name (if you know it)
  4. The stake, city and state
  5. Date (as close as you can recall)
  6. $3 for the copy, make check or money order out to Corporation of the President

It takes about 30 days to process. For further questions about LDS membership, call 801-240-3500.]

Oct. 20, 2001

There are several of us that once attended the ward [in] KY, ...which will no longer attend church.

Some of us do not attend any church, while some of us attend some kind of service, but in any case the church is/has changed from what we were lead to believe.

A former member who now attends another church gave me this site. I enjoy reading all I can and this site satisfies my desires to learn. ...

...I am on SSI having a serious back injury, which my bishop told me that God said I was able to work and dropped me (as well as 18 other families) from bishop's stores and quit helping out with the rent and electric. And so I now live as best I can, along with a 15 yr. old daughter, on $550.00 a month and $102.00 of food stamps.

Thought you should also know that our town is a small town, yet our Bishop told us that the reason the church would no longer provide for the 18 families is that word came down from SLC to the stake and was relayed to the Bishop, that our ward was receiving more welfare than any other ward in the USA.

Thank you for your assistance. I think your site is a good one and have already passed the URL to 10 people.


Oct. 20, 2001

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tanner,

I am currently serving a short-term mission right outside of Provo with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. ...I began meeting LDS missionaries about a year ago. My heart was so burdened for these guys. I had the opportunity of being reared in a Christian home and hearing the truth of God's Word all my life. I studied every LDS thing I could get my hands on before I came on my mission. Your books were some of the first things I found. They were more helpful then I could venture to say. ...


Oct. 21, 2001

I'm 45 and my dad has been a Mormon all his life. I've come close to giving up hope to convert him, but not quite.. 

...Thank You so much,

Oct. 21, 2001

Subject: What a Godsend you are!


You and I met years ago, when having been "invited to resign my positions" in the church I came to you seeking answers to the questions that got me into trouble with them in the first place. Kinderhook Plates and Blood Atonement Doctrine were the hot keys that got me an invitation to church court. By then I needed little persuasion to vacate the system! Still, I wanted answers. I spent hours in your store, having just moved here from San Diego, and I've only been back a couple of times since.

Now I have a roommate nearly hopelessly lost in Mormonism. Return missionaries are always such a pain in the neck, what with all their pat answers and nonsensical jibberish. His major issue is the reliability of the Holy Bible, and of course mine is the reliability, or lack thereof, of the BOM. I found a dandy little internet tool that let me conduct word searches and string searches in the Old and New Testaments, BOM, D&C and POGP. I put my concerns in writing to him hoping he would take it seriously enough to research it himself and see that his "scriptures" (I hesitate to use the word!) are themselves "fraught with error and contradiction". Pray for _____ that God will lead him into the light of Christ.

Since you and I met, I've become a diligent Bible reader and student. I remember our talk as if it were yesterday, ...Thank you for the invaluable help you've been over the years! May God bless you and keep you,

Oct. 22, 2001

I am personally offended by anyone who makes money by enhancing the doubts, fears and hate of others. I won't condone a business that is obsessed with making a mockery of the sacred beliefs of anyone or any religion....

Oct. 22, 2001

Dear Lighthouse Ministries,

I just found your website. I'm amazed at what you have assembled together. I am studying with a couple of Mormon Missionaries now and will be ordering info as I go through your website. I may have questions as well. May God bless you and your efforts.

Oct. 22, 2001

... In regards to the article in The Salt Lake Tribune, September 5, 2001. LDS Church Settles Suit, Paying $3M Child-molestation case was allegedly covered up. And I quote, Forcing the church to disclose its finances, which have been kept secret since 1959, would have violated its First Amendment right to operate free from government entanglement, church attorneys had argued. They said they could afford to pay punitive damages of $162 million, or twice the amount of the largest punitive damages award in Oregon history, and argued no further information was necessary.

Doesn't it make you wonder when the LDS Church tells you they want to keep its financial records, including tithing revenue and property values confidential?

Money not checked into for that many years, and by people not willing to have you look into it, should make people wonder.

I am not from Utah, but have been involved in preventing child sexual abuse for many years. I got quite involved after Tom Green came forward. I am definitely against Polygamy, because many are child sexual abusers hiding behind one religion or another.

I get furious when any religion knows sexual abuse is going on and does not stop it.

Please let me know if a decision was made whether to make the LDS Church disclose their financial records.


Oct. 23, 2001

Subject: Your website and info

Dear Lighthouse Ministries, I just wanted to let you know I love your website. I am a Christian woman married to an LDS man and every time I try to talk faith we knock heads. He always wants "proof" of what my doubts are and your website has everything! Thank you. Have a good day,

Oct. 23, 2001

Subject: History of the Church

Is it possible to obtain an early printing of "History of the Church" and other early printings that have not been tainted? If so, where?

[Sandra's Note: The History of the Church was first printed in serial form in early LDS newspapers, over a period of several years. So it isn't a matter of getting an earlier printing of the volumes of the History. You would have to get photos from these early newspapers.

We have compared these early papers with the current book form of the History and noted the major differences in our book, Changes in Joseph Smith's History.

The original LDS newspapers and early LDS publications are in various libraries here in Utah, like the University of Utah, Marriott Library; Utah State Historical Society Library; BYU; Utah State University Library.]

Oct. 23, 2001


I read ALL of your book Mormonism—Shadow and Reality?. That really opened my eyes. ...Thank God I kept away from Mormonism before I was saved. I guess I was Jesus' sheep and not Joseph's!!!!!

Re you article on polygamy, I wish that you had included this verse Leviticus 18:17-- Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, neither shalt thou take her son's daughter, or her daughter's daughter, to uncover her nakedness; for they are her near kinswomen: it is wickedness.

I noticed how common this has been among the Mormons both in the past and now. It is WICKEDNESS to marry both a woman and her daughter. Thanks for you newsletter and God bless you,

Oct. 24, 2001

Subject: Letter of resignation

Just read the letter of resignation material. We resigned after 35 years in the Mormon Church in May of 1989. It took til December of the same year to get our names off the church records.

However our experience with local leaders was not quite so rough. We finally had to write church headquarters to get our names off the records. Our local leaders were extremely slow.

But we still rejoice every day that we got out. We now attend the Presbyterian Church. Our best to you in your efforts to enlighten both church members and non-members. Your material was of great help to us. We still order Mormonism—Shadow and Reality? periodically, whenever we see someone it might help. Thanks,

Oct. 24, 2001


I am almost done with Bible college up here in Eugene OR and Im hoping to move down to Utah this summer and finish up my degree and get involved in a ministry that specifically ministers to members of the LDS church.

I left the LDS church about 2 years ago and since have dedicated my life to sharing the real jesus with Mormons not out of fear but of love for them. I also would like to study more deeply into the history of the church as well and really dont know much about the resources there. My passion is more centered towards the youth within the LDS church as I'm still a youngin in my age... In the love of an awesome God

Oct. 25, 2001

Greetings and many blessings to the Tanners, Thank you for your most recent issue (#97) of The Messenger. As usual, I devour and save every issue, and you are included in our family prayers for physical and spiritual sustaining.

Let me share some good news. Several months ago, our son... started to date (after all these years). Wouldn't you know it-- the girl was a Mormon. I believe that she had been a Mormon for about two years and was teaching a Sunday School.

Fortunately, he did have the sense and discipline to maintain the relationship on a "friends" basis. He was wanting to witness to her but had not studied Mormonism. The short version of the story is that I educated R...; R... witnessed to her; and she gave up Mormonism (and started attending church with R...). Right now, they are just friends, but regardless of the directions which their lives may take, the girl is out of the Mormon church and back into the Christian church.

Thanks to your work and witness, I was equipped to teach my son. As a teaching colleague of mine would say, "I cannot say 'Thanks' with enough oomph in it!" ......Please keep in touch, and may God abundantly bless and keep you. Trying hard for Him,

Oct. 27, 2001

Subject: Torn

Hello, ...I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I converted in November of 1999, became inactive soon after because the missionaries were calling five times a day and coming over everyday and then I came back because of a beau in November of 2001 and have become an extremely active member of the Church. ...

I do believe I discovered the Church for a reason, but now it's time to move on. I know that the only truth is in Jesus Christ, not Joseph Smith or Gordon B. Hinckley or going to the temple or any of those things. I have since realized that the missionaries do not teach the gospel (or they teach a rather small portion of it, the easier to swallow portion). I was never taught that one had to have (according to Mormon doctrine) that one had to have Joseph Smith's consent to enter Heaven and that the temple ceremonies have been changed and that we have to wear "garments" when we're endowed, and a number of other things.

The one thing that testified to me more than anything that the Church wasn't true was that it was built upon the stories of a false prophet, Joseph Smith. I know in the Church History or History of the Church, he said he had done more than any man, even Jesus Christ, and ironically, he was assassinated a month later.

...I know my friend deep down in her heart knows some of the things taught are not true, but she feels she cannot question Church authority because they are "the words of God".

I hope you will not think ill of me, but I know if I leave the Church, I will lose everything, except for my testimony of Jesus Christ. I hope to teach my Mormon friends that Jesus Christ is the only way. I do have a desire to ask my Bishop, however, or rather confront him with my questions and with the facts. ...

Thank you so much.

Oct. 28, 2001

The church does not keep it a secret on how to be removed from the church. You simply go to a church official, and tell them so.

We do not post this information on the Internet, because the way I see it, when someone leaves the church, its like losing a member of your family. And What is the point in giving a handbook with guidelines on how to LEAVE the church to someone who just JOINED the church? One would think we didn't want anyone new to join at all if we did such things.

And lastly, if I were in the position of whether or not to drop the suit, I too would drop it, because we are a peaceful organization. If we went around suing people all the time, we would get a bad reputation for lashing out at anyone against our church.

In my opinion, people have a right to say what they want to say against other churches, but they don't have a right to say outright that the church is wrong, and then further push people to leave the church.

State your opinion, and leave it at that, for people to decide without being brainwashed. Our church wants people to stay. But we don't force people to stay. If they want to leave, then they most certainly can.

Why should you take advantage of free speech by blatantly saying our church is wrong? Maybe your church is wrong too.

Oct. 28, 2001

...God bless all of you with your ministry to the mormons...i am discovering what a challenging mission field it is!

Oct. 28, 2001

I am carefully watching the outcome of Arringtons papers that were willed to Utah State. I understand the church is watching the comings and goings of all who approach them. It's beyond my understanding to think that the church has the power to supress those papers. Why do they find it necessary to do so. Is there more for the church to hide. The whole need to weld their power puts up red flags for me. How can we stop them. There must be some legal ways to prevent mormon intervention?

Oct. 29, 2001

dear mr & mrs tanner,

i have read quite a bit of your literature, it being first introduced to me by an aquaintance some 15 years ago. ...my understanding is that you were both once practicing mormons, and had a bit of a row, as it were, with church leaders concerning certain allegedly, by yourselves, supressed informations, though i may be misinformed, and were subsequently excommunicated. this, to me has little bearing on the validity of your case nor theirs, i am simply curious as to the validity of the heresay.

further, i would ask what is, in fact your feeling on smith and the book of mormon....i ask because after many years of study, despite opinions to the contrary, and volumes of opposing remarks, i seem to get the impression that mr. smith may well in fact have been the prophet he purported himself to be, despite all implied faults of womanizing, drunkeness, money digging, and the like.

i am curious as to when you had your first doubts, and what condition your lives were in when you began what i must describe as an anti mormon crusade, because i have seen few if any persue such a vehement course on this path as yourselves, and why do you care so if any one were in that church...do you feel that these people will be condemned for thier faith? ...i must say that overall, your comments are interesting, but they seem to be more emotionally oriented than objective.

in reading your works, i get the feeling that someone in the mormon church must have hurt you and that youre trying to get back at them, as opposed to producing a serious group of documentaries. if i assume incorectly, please forgive my presumptuousnesss.

...just exactly what is it that the two of you believe, and why....as opposed to what do you not believe and why not. i myself was at one time a devout athiest....that is until i had a vision......but thats another story.

[Sandra's Note: If you will visit our official web site www.utlm.org you will find more info on us and our publications. Jerald and I started investigating the claims of Mormonism as teens, before we even knew each other. Through different circumstances we were each challenged on the truth claims of Mormonism. I tell some of my story on the tape Sandra Tanner Tape No. 2.

We were not 'hurt' by anyone in the ward, had no personal grudge, just wanted to be sure we were following the truth. We voluntarily requested our membership to be terminated then the church turned around and ex-communicated us for apostasy.

Sorry to hear that you view our writings as 'more emotionally oriented than objective,' and that you feel we have not produced 'a serious group of documentaries.' We have made a conscious effort to supply the documentation and references to support our claims.

As Christians we are concerned for the Mormons as they are following false prophets and false scriptures.]

Oct. 29, 2001

Subject: name removal

A couple of years ago I asked for my name be removed from the mormon church. As I was reading a different sight everyone seemed to have received a letter indicating that their name had indeed been taken off. I never received anything from them. My question is could my name still be on the list and by chance do you know how I could find out.

I still live in the same area that I grew up while I was a mormon but I have on idea who to contact. If you could just give me some idea where to start I would greatly appreciate it.

I also just wanted to say that I have enjoyed the hefty reading of the mormonism truth or reality it has been very informative and educational. I just love that God is working so wonderfully for you all. Keep on keeping on.

[Sandra's Note: Call the LDS Church membership dept. at 801-240-3500. They can tell you if you are still listed on the LDS rolls. If you are still listed, they can tell you which bishop you would need to write to send a letter of resignation.]

Oct. 29, 2001

Subject: Publication


I received your publication in the mail today. ...the good note is, after being LDS members for two years, this year we sent our handwritten letters to the President of our branch and a few weeks later got our confirmation letters that we had been removed as members. I am pleased with the decision.

We never made any trips to any temple so we didn't really get into it deeply, even though we were well on our way. It was quite an experience being a member, but I am glad I am out and going to another church now.

The first Sunday we visited a former church I attended in the past, we were gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit. The very thing that was missing in the LDS church. It seemed there that everyone was too busy doing their "callings" to bother with the spirit.

...being a Christian is supposed to be simple, believe, have obedient faith, and live a life of holiness. Being LDS seemed like work and was not enjoyable. I am just glad I am out and I don't have any guilt for doing so.

I hope this letter brings you joy and keep up your good work with God's guidance

God Bless You All,

Oct. 29, 2001

Subject: Quotation

Sir: Years and years ago I purely by accident read a paragraph stating how Brigham Young reacted negatively when informed he was expected to comply with polygamy. Do you have any way to give to me that text of that reaction?...Thanks

[Sandra's Note: In 1855 Brigham Young preached:

"Plurality of wives is not designed to afflict you nor me, but is purposed for our exaltation in the kingdoms of God. If any man had asked me what was my choice when Joseph revealed that doctrine, provided that it would not diminish my glory, I would have said, 'Let me have but one wife;' not because it is not a great comfort to me to have children, but if I have not children I know them not.

"Some of these my brethren know what my feelings were at the time Joseph revealed the doctrine; I was not desirous of shrinking from any duty, nor of failing in the least to do as I was commanded, but it was the first time in my life that I had desired the grave, and I could hardly get over it for a long time. And when I saw a funeral, I felt to envy the corpse its situation, and to regret that I was not in the coffin, knowing the toil and labor that my body would have to undergo; and I have had to examine myself, from that day to this, and watch my faith, and carefully meditate, lest I should be found desiring the grave more than I ought to do.

"You will probably wonder at this, and that such should have been my feelings upon this point, but they were even so.

"Now if any of you will deny the plurality of wives, and continue to do so, I promise that you will be damned; and I will go still further and say, take this revelation, or any other revelation that the Lord has given, and deny it in your feelings, and I promise that you will be damned." (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 3, p.266 )

Hope this is the quote you were looking for.]

Oct. 30, 2001

Why do they cross their arms when they Pray?

[Sandra's Note: The folding of the arms for prayer is just a cultural thing, not in Mormon scriptures. But it is so ingrained in Mormon actions that they almost think it is mandated by God.

Here is a quote from one of their prophets, Spencer W. Kimball:

"Where, then, does reverence begin, and how can we develop it?...Let me emphasize the importance of teaching children to pray. It is during personal and family prayers that little ones learn to bow their heads, fold their arms, and close their eyes while our Father in Heaven is being addressed. Behavior learned at home determines behavior in Church meetings. A child who has learned to pray at home soon understands that he must be quiet and still during prayers in worship services…." (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, 1982 Bookcraft., p.224) ]

Oct. 30, 2001

Dear FRIENDS: ...Enjoyed the October, 2001 newsletter. Thanks for sending it. Especially enjoyed reading the letters and I'm appalled at the criticism you receive from those still deceived. What a great tragedy. I'm also saddened by the great numbers living in this area who seemingly have a veil covering them and preventing the truth from penetrating. Witnessing to the truth is tremendously difficult to these folks.

Have you ever considered the origins of Islam and the appearance of the angel to Mohamed in 600 A.D. and the writing of the Koran, and these events great similarity to the origins of Mormonism and the appearance of the angel Moroni to Joseph Smith in the 1830s and the writing of the book of Mormon....May GOD Bless You Both in Your Ministry of UTLM.

With Love in JESUS,

[Sandra's Note: Yes, there are a number of similarities. See the booklet Joseph Smith and Muhammad. Also see Messenger #71.]

Oct. 30, 2001

Someday, I hope for your sake, you will be able to work out your personal problems--but I really doubt it.

Oct. 30, 2001

I believe that your work here is a wonderful work. I have read much on this web site and learned much. I thank you for the part of knowing that the Mormon Bible does not include what Mormons actually believe. ...

Continue in the Lord's work of exposing 'false prophets' and 'false doctrine.' Growing up Christian it is hard to understand how one can be so vulnerable to such a doctrine. We, of course, are taught to read the Word ourselves. In this we can see some of the false doctrines in the world today.

...I so pray that your website will touch many Mormons and for them to seek the truth. I have forwarded your website on to friends whose parents are Mormons and others. May God richly bless your ministry here and may the hearts of those in need of salvation see this and read it with the understanding of the true God. I hope their hearts can be opened to receive the Word and be blessed with it.

Oct. 30, 2001

Subject: What is this feeling?

When I am witnessing to a friend, he always brings up this feeling of confirmation, saying its the Holy Spirit. What is this feeling? Have I ever felt it, or can I understand what it is? When you write back, can you explain to me what it is exactly and perhaps give me an example of something I could relate to possibly (if not thats ok). Thx a bunch, I am so glad there are people like yall, you have helped so much, thanks-a-ton!

[Sandra's Note: It's like getting a warm fuzzie when the national anthem is played, or someone sings 'God bless America.' They take these emotional reactions they get when praying about Mormonism to mean that Mormonism is true. But feelings are not a reliable guide to truth--look at all the people that get convictions/inner feelings/ warm fuzzies about being in love with 'Mister Right' or 'Miss Perfect' yet later end up divorced. Or look at the various people that get involved in cults, like the Moonies, Jim Jones, or Heaven's Gate (see http://answers.org/cultsandreligions/hgate.html or http://www.cnn.com/US/9803/25/heavens.gate/.) They all feel they have had a 'witness' that that group is true. But they have made a terrible choice. The Bible never says to test prophets by feelings see our page: How Do We Test a Prophet?]

Oct. 30, 2001


I have a question that I would like to ask of Mrs. Tanner.... The question is that I seem to recall reading among my materials and I'm not sure where exactly, that Joseph, or others speaking for him, used to claim that when a person died and arrived at the gates of Heaven, so to speak, they would have to have Joseph's personal approval whereby to enter. Are you familiar with that thought and where it might be located?

In my thinking, Joseph thereby places himself in the role of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit. Comments?

Thank you for your time,.


[Web-editor: See Brigham Young Sermon: Joseph Smith's Consent Needed to Enter Heaven.]

Oct. 31, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I became a convert to the LDS church when I was twelve in 1955. Soon after my family became baptized, my father apostized from the church and he remained out of the church until he died in 1992.

My mother was staunch and still is as is the rest of my family. Myself, I lingered back and forth changing to Jehovah's Witnesses. When that didn't appeal to me, I went back to the LDS church.

Then soon after in 1984, I went to the Temple for my endowments. When I went through, I couldn't understand what the whole thing was about, however, there was a threat given that if I told anything that went on in those sessions, then I would lose my life. I didn't care for the name given to me. I was also bothered by the fact that I had to be naked while going through the initiatory. But, because I'd had hopes of greater things, I continued on. (That in itself is another story).

I never was a regular church goer, and when given jobs in the church, I usually just gave up the jobs in a few months time. But when my daughter went on a mission, that changed things, because I didn't want to disappoint her, so I remained as faithful as I could. In my heart, though, I knew something was terribly wrong.

Polygamy was my worst problem. I read several booklets, some being by James Spencer and Ed Decker "The Godmakers". However, I am still going back and forth, since my whole family is in it strong and I am the only one trying to break away into an everyday ordinary life.

My father has passed away and I've had no one to talk to about my feelings, nor what I've learned. It is hard, because I am so disillusioned.

...Thank you.

Oct. 31, 2001

...where did Jerald and Sandra Tanner get there information regarding the ceremonies, temple on-goings, doctrine and beliefs? I am curious to know if either of them at one time or another affiliated themselves with the LDS church or if they have just done their home-work?...

[Sandra's Note: See our About Us section.

As to our writings, we have researched Mormonism in the various college libraries here in Utah, such as the University of Utah, BYU, Utah State University, and the Utah State Historical Society. We have also done research at the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints historical dept. in Missouri and the University of Illinois in Chicago. We have also contacted various museums and libraries in the USA and around the world for photocopies and articles.

Although Jerald and I never participated in the endowment ritual, we have read numerous accounts of the ceremony, listened to tape recordings, and interviewed both active and former Mormons regarding their experience. We have also read various research on the subject.]

Oct. 31, 2001

Mr. or Mrs. Tanner, Hello! ...My family are all Mormon. Today I ran into my brother who does not like me too much because I lift the church???

Any way, He told me that my cousin was attack by a Mt. Lion this past hunt and was not injured. His clothing was torn but his garment protected him. Not a scratch. He said what do you think about that.

I did not want to get into it with him, but he is now thinking about getting married in the temple. He is basing his eternal security on garments? How can you deal with something like this???

[Sandra's Note: There have been numerous LDS people that have died in accidents while wearing their garments. One could just as easily argue that God spared his life so that he would have a chance to accept the real Jesus of the Bible, instead of dying Mormon.

After my father quit wearing the temple garment he started wearing a cotton undershirt. He was in a flash fire that burned his arms, but the cotton undershirt protected his torso from any burning. If he had had his cotton temple garment on, the family would have all claimed the garment 'saved' his life. But since he no longer wore the temple garment, just an ordinary cotton undershirt, none of our LDS family saw anything miraculous in it. If the same accident would have happened to an LDS female, wearing the nylon temple garment, it would have melted to her skin.]

Oct. 31, 2001

Subject: Journal of Dis./ History of church?

Things are constantly being cited from Journal of Discourses and the History of the Church. What are they? Does the Mormon church respect what it says, would an average Mormon know what they are? My friends tell me not to trust sites or books, how do i show them it is reliable? Thx, and God bless.

[Sandra's Note: Both the Journal of Discourses (a 26 vol. set of the early LDS leaders sermons) and the History of the Church by Joseph Smith are on the official LDS CD-Rom, "GospeLink 2001." It is sold at all LDS book stores. The average Mormon may not be familiar with the titles, but they are official publications on the official LDS software. These books are in the college libraries throughout Utah and other major universities. Also see our General Information FAQ here.]

Oct. 31, 2001

dear Sandra Tanner,

...We are starting to do more and more Mormon outreach We went to Manti, Utah to see the Mormon miracle pageant and to hand out tracks and we have gone to the tri-cities [Washington] temple opening and we are going again this weekend.

We heard you speak at Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities. You were so great you really helped me understand more about the temple rituals and the papyrus. Thank You! ...We are hoping to come and see your bookstore when we come to Manti again. Thank you so much, God Bless!!!

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