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Product Code: XB110
Title: The Mormon Missionaries: An Inside Look at Their Real Message and Methods
Author: Janis Hutchinson
Publisher: Kregel Resources
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Date: 1995
Pages: 272
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In narrative form the reader follows the story of one young woman's encounter with the LDS missionaries, their line of reasoning and a Christian friend's witness to the woman. Good overview of LDS missionary arguments and refutation.

Table of Contents


  1. Surprise on Campus: Encountering the Mormon missionaries
  2. What the Mormon Missionaries Have That We Don't Have: A look at Mormon media campaigns and their "sacred canopy"
  3. Why the Mormon Church Sends Out So Many Missionaries: Unmasking the underlying motive
  4. Mormon Proselytizing: Exposing missionary strategies and schemes
  5. The First Missionary Presentation: Examining the "heavenly Father's plan"
  6. Joseph Smith's Validity as a Prophet: Evaluating his prophetic role
  7. Magic and Masonry: How Joseph Smith put it all together
  8. The Second Missionary Presentation: The Book of Mormon as another testament of Christ
  9. Archaeological Ruins of the Americas: So-called proof for the Book of Mormon
  10. The Third Missionary Presentation: The great apostasy and the gates of hell
  11. The Fourth Missionary Presentation: Eternal progression and its destination
  12. The Witnesses of the Book of Mormon: What they really saw

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