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Product Code: XB132
Title: Where Does It Say That?
Author: Compiled by Bob Witte
Publisher: Gospel Truths
Price: $10.00
Pages: 88
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A collection of photos of original documents showing the problems of Mormonism. Useful witness tool for those that enounter the mormon question, "Where does it say that?"

Table of Contents


  1. Adam-god Doctrine
  2. False Prophecies
  3. Changes in LDS "Scriptures"
  4. Mormon Godhead Doctrines
  5. Individual Blood Atonement
  6. First Vision
  7. Claims of Mormonism
  8. Authority in Mormonism
  9. Some Contradictions
  10. Polygamy
  11. Strange Teachings
  12. 14 Fundamentals Speech
  13. Definition of Mormon Terms
  14. Speakers and Sources Cited
  15. Topical and Reference Index

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