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Product Code: UB001
Title: Mormonism—Shadow or Reality?
Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Date: 2008
Pages: 576
Additional Info:

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[Note: The 2008 reformatted edition contains all the same material as the previous edition and the same pagination. Where available, new photos were obtained for the master pages for better reproduction. Also, the text formatting has been updated to remove upper case and underlining, as well as some bolding. See sample pages below.]

Jerald and Sandra Tanner's most comprehensive and revealing work on Mormonism. Writing in the October 1990 Sunstone, book dealer Curt Bench compiled "A list of the books which have had a significant influence on the development of Mormon history, theology, and literature." The Tanners' Mormonism—Shadow or Reality? was listed among the 50 important books on Mormonism in the first 150 years (1830-1980).

Mormonism—Shadow or Reality? deals with: new discoveries relating to Mormon history, changes in Joseph Smith's revelations, Joseph Smith's 1826 arrest for 'glass looking,' proof that the Book of Mormon is a product of the 19th century, changes in the Book of Mormon, archaeology and the Book of Mormon, changes in Joseph Smith's History, the First Vision, the Godhead, the Adam-God doctrine, the Priesthood, the missionary system, false prophecy, Joseph Smith's doctrine of polygamy, polygamy after the Manifesto and in Utah today, changing the anti-black doctrine, the rediscovery of the Joseph Smith Papyri and the fall of the Book of Abraham, Mormon scriptures and the Bible, changes in the Pearl of Great Price, Blood Atonement among the early Mormons, the Word of Wisdom, Council of 50, the Danites, the temple ceremony, changes in the temple ceremony and garments, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Mormonism and money, plus hundreds of other important subjects.

Table of Contents


  1. A Marvelous Work?
  2. Change, Censorship and Suppression
  3. Changes in the Revelations
  4. Joseph Smith and Money-Digging
  5. The Book of Mormon
  6. Archaeology and the Book of Mormon
  7. Changes in Joseph Smith's History
  8. The First Vision
  9. The Godhead
  10. The Adam-God Doctrine
  11. The Priesthood
  12. The Arm of Flesh
  13. False Prophecy
  14. The Hereafter
  15. The Missionary System
  16. Plural Marriage
  17. The Manifesto
  18. Mormonism and Truth
  19. Joseph Smith
  20. The Virgin Birth
  21. The Negro in Mormon Theology
  22. Fall of the Book of Abraham
  23. Old Testament Practices
  24. Mormon Scriptures and the Bible
  25. Blood Atonement
  26. The Word of Wisdom
  27. The Mormon Kingdom
  28. The Danites
  29. Temple Work
  30. The Temple Ceremony
  31. Changes in the Temple Ceremony
  32. The Temple Ceremony and Masonry
  33. The Mountain Meadows Massacre
  34. Mormonism and Money
  35. Speculation, Illegal Banking and Counterfeiting
  36. Blood Flows in Utah
  37. Miscellaneous History and Doctrine
  38. Facing Reality

Appendix—Questions About Our Work

Sample Pages (click each to enlarge)

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