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Product Code: XB104
Title: Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Mormons
Author: Ron Rhodes & Marian Bodine
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
List Price: $16.99
Our Price: $15.50
Date: 1995
Pages: 423
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Valuable scripture guide to responding to LDS claims with confidence together with questions to ask the Mormon.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Mormonism Today

  1. Where Did Mormonism Come From?
  2. Witnessing to Mormons
  3. The Mormon Church: The Restored Church?
  4. Mormon Leaders: True Prophets of God?
  5. The Book of Mormon—Part 1: Is It "Another Testament" of Jesus Christ?
  6. The Book of Mormon—Part 2: Insurmountable Problems
  7. What Mormons Say About the Bible
  8. The Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority of the Bible
  9. Manuscript Support for the Bible's Reliability
  10. Rightly Interpreting the Bible
  11. The Alleged Migration to Ancient America
  12. The "Restoration" of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods
  13. The Mormon Doctrine of God—Part 1: Does God Have a Humanlike Body?
  14. The Mormon Doctrine of God—Part 2: The Purality of Gods
  15. The Person of Jesus Christ in Mormonism
  16. The Mormon Doctrine of Man: Were Humans Premortal Spirits?
  17. Salvation in Mormonism—Part 1: Understanding Mormon Terminology
  18. Salvation in Mormonism—Part 2: Premortality, Mortality, and Postmortality
  19. Salvation in Mormonism—Part 3: Sin, Atonement, and Forgiveness
  20. Salvation in Mormonism—Part 4: The Three Kingdoms
  21. Evangelism Among Mormons

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