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Product Code: XB090
Title: Quest for the Gold Plates
Author: Stan Larson
Publisher: Freethinker Press
List Price: $24.95
Special Price: $5.00
Date: 1996
Pages: 305
Additional Info: Thomas Stuart Ferguson's Archaeological Search for The Book of Mormon


In detailing Ferguson's troubled path from true believer to disillusioned skeptic, Dr. Larson presents a well-researched case for the lack of any archaeological evidence for the Book of Mormon.

Table of Contents

Quest for the Gold Plates

  1. Early Book of Mormon Studies
  2. The New World Archaeological Foundation
  3. Book of Abraham Papyri Rediscovered
  4. The Letter-Writing Closet Doubter
  5. Book of Mormon Archaeological Tests


  1. Thomas Stuart Ferguson on Book of Mormon Archaeology
  2. Examining the Authorship of The Messiah in Ancient America

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