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Product Code: UB066
Title: LDS Apostle Confesses Brigham Young Taught Adam-God Doctrine
Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $3.00
Date: 1982
Pages: 45
Additional Info: A Startling Letter Written By Apostle Bruce R. McConkie And Other Important Documents.


Contains a photo reproduction of a ten-page letter written by Bruce R. McConkie and gives information on the Adam-God doctrine.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Jerald and Sandra Tanner


  1. A photographic reproduction of a letter written by the Mormon Apostle Bruce R. McConkie.
  2. Photographs from manuscripts in the Church Archives which prove Brigham Young taught the Adam-God doctrine. These documents were suppressed for a century.
  3. Typescript of an original document in the Church Archives which is identified as "Minutes of Council of the Twelve in Upper Room of Historian's Office," April 5, 1860. Proves that Brigham Young and the Apostle Orson Pratt fought over the Adam-God Doctrine.
  4. A reproduction of chapter 10 from the book Mormonism—Shadow or Reality? by Jerald and Sandra Tanner.

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