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NOTE: As always, we know that people have strong reactions to the material we provide. We are not attempting to disparage those of the LDS faith, but rather to provide material and research that normally would not be available. If you disagree with us, you are welcome to tell us so. We only ask for civility in the email we receive. [Also see Legal Notice below.]

We have several email addresses below which you can use to contact us. Please use our site search first if you're looking for particular information. Much of the email we receive can be answered with a simple Google search of our site.

Messenger@utlm.org - Want to receive a paper copy of the Salt Lake City Messenger by mail? (U.S.A. or APO/FPO only) Email us your complete name and address and we'll add you to our mailing list. For foreign subscriptions see this page. Also, if you need us to update your name or address, remove your name, or just check to see if you're on the list, email us. Note: We do not send the Messenger through email.

Freebies@utlm.org - Want free information sent to you by mail, including a selection of past newsletters and a complete booklist? (U.S.A. or APO/FPO only.) Email your mailing address to us. Note: You can subscribe to the Messenger in the same email that you request the free information.

Orders@utlm.org - For information on an order you have placed or want to place.

DigitalBooks@utlm.org - For information/support for our digital book purchases.

Webguy@utlm.org - For spelling errors, broken links/images, all things HTML etc...

Editor@utlm.org - Opinion, experience or comment to share, send it here.

info@utlm.org - If you're not sure where to send it, send it here.


Legal Notice: By sending an email or letter to Utah Lighthouse Ministry you agree to the conditions (in red) below:
  1. Utah Lighthouse Ministry has permission to publish (or not publish) in whole or part any email or letter received—on its website [www.utlm.org], in books, and in other printed matter such as The Salt Lake City Messenger.
  2. Utah Lighthouse Ministry retains permission from the author to reprint/post the email or letter, in whole or in part, indefinitely.

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