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12/20/01 Added to Booklist:

12/13/01 #60 Salt Lake City Messenger, The Mormon Document Scandal
12/11/01 #61 Salt Lake City Messenger, Forged LDS Documents and Cracked Ink
12/05/01 Letters to the Editor: October 2001

11/29/01 #62 Salt Lake City Messenger, Hofmann Confesses: Admits He Killed Two People and Forged Mormon Documents
11/08/01 The New York Times, Dec. 29, 1912: "Museum Walls Proclaim Fraud of Mormon Prophet" - Early analysis of Joseph Smith's claim to translate an Egyptian papyrus into the Book of Abraham. Includes photos of original article.

10/31/01 Brigham Young Sermon: Joseph Smith's Consent Needed to Enter Heaven
Letters to the Editor: September 2001
10/24/01 Added to Online Books:
The Hoth Diary by Hans Peter Emanuel Hoth from Schleswig, Germany. This important and moving diary gives a candid first person view of early America and Mormon migrations to Utah. Written in 1853-1857. [Web-editor: Highly recommended!]
#97 Salt Lake City Messenger, Polygamist Sentenced to Five Years in Prison
10/02/01 Letters to the Editor:
August 2001 Part 1
10/02/01 Letters to the Editor:
August 2001 Part 2

09/06/01 New Titles Added

08/23/01 Recently Added Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
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Hubert Howe Bancroft's History of Utah, 1540 - 1886
       Web-editor: This entire book is now online! Over 800 pages!!! Also includes a fully hyperlinked Index.
Letters to the Editor: July

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07/11/01 Letters to the Editor: June
07/03/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Main
       June 28, 2001: Ex-Trooper, an LDS Bishop, Is Charged With Sex Abuse
       LDS Church:
       July 02, 2001: Defining Moral Issues (Opinion)
       June 29, 2001: Blood-Donor Rules Would Be Felt in Utah
       June 26, 2001: LDS Church Eyes San Antonio for Temple
       June 26, 2001: Scrolls Display Likely to Swell 2002 Crowds
       June 23, 2001: Self-Awareness Groups Have LDS Church Feeling Edgy
       June 23, 2001: KIRBY: LDS Questions Are Grueling And a Bit Scary (Humor)
       June 22, 2001: Ancient Scrolls May Visit Utah
       June 22, 2001: LDS Church Studies Ancient Texts
       June 21, 2001: Lust for Wealth (Opinion)
       Main Street Purchase:
       June 17, 2001: ACLU Responds (Opinion)
       Mormon Culture:
       June 29, 2001: Provo Students Protest Curbs On Dancing
       June 28, 2001: Rave Fears Prompt Utah County to Ban All-Night Dancing
       June 28, 2001: Diversity Concern (Opinion)
       June 27, 2001: This Is the Place Wins Funding
       June 24, 2001: Controversial Paper (Opinion)
       June 23, 2001: Pioneers All (Opinion)
       June 18, 2001: Days of '47 Parade Organizers Aim to Diversify Participation
       June 17, 2001: Sunstone's Future at a Crossroads
       June 17, 2001: Sunstone: The Cost of Intellectualism
       June 17, 2001: Sunstone Information
       June 17, 2001: Silence Not Golden (Opinion)
       June 15, 2001: U. Med School Policies Questioned
       Mormons and Gays:
       June 29, 2001: Utah Educators Shrug Off NEA Gay Resolution
       June 29, 2001: Ignorance Breeds Hate (Opinion)
       June 27, 2001: Tawdry History (Opinion)
       June 24, 2001: First Amendment Pride (Opinion)
       June 23, 2001: True Heroes (Opinion)
       June 22, 2001: 'Gay Display' Stirs Library Debate
       Olympics and LDS:
       July 03, 2001: Big Wheels To Testify At Oly Trial
       June 30, 2001: European Brewers Make Sure Salt Lake Is the Place in 2002
       June 30, 2001: The Games' Modern-day Trinity -- Melding Sport, Religion and Patriotism
       June 29, 2001: Defense Wins Delay in Olympic Trial
       June 28, 2001: Judge: Allow Fraud Charges in Olympic Case
       June 27, 2001: Defense Wants Counts Dropped in Olympic Case
       June 27, 2001: Romney Orders Snowboarders' Music Cleaned Up
       June 26, 2001: Oly Torch Run Adds 10 Towns
       June 25, 2001: Leavitt Gets Good News as Aussie Tour Begins
       June 24, 2001: Romney Busily Mending Fences in Reorganized Senate
       June 22, 2001: LDS Church Reviews Games Role
       June 22, 2001: Bribery Defense Team Claims Kickback Scheme by Witness
       June 22, 2001: Leavitt Denies Memo-Shredding Order
       June 22, 2001: Leavitt May Be Witness in Bribe Trial
       June 22, 2001: Justice Official Recuses Self From Trial
       June 21, 2001: State's 1999 Olympic Budget Forecast Got Major Rewrite
       June 21, 2001: Insight Into Cultures Will Be Key at Games
       June 21, 2001: KIRBY: Warmth Test Weeds Out Oly Helpers (Humor)
       June 20, 2001: Olympic Organizers Succeed in Lawsuit To Close Web Site
       June 19, 2001: Romney Lists SLOC Do's, Dohs!
       June 19, 2001: $1M Donated for Olympic Cauldron
       June 19, 2001: Health Experts Tout Pre-Olympic Wellness Plan
       June 18, 2001: IOC Hopefuls Steer Past Scandal
       June 18, 2001: Games Drawing Near, But Bricks Not Popular
       June 16, 2001: Defense Invokes Swiss Law For Olympic Bribery Trial
       June 15, 2001: S.L. Council Reaffirms Alcohol Decision
       Other Churches and the LDS:
       June 24, 2001: HISTORIC OPENING: Krishnas Celebrate New Temple
       June 23, 2001: People of Faith Embrace the Environment
       June 19, 2001: Vandals Hit Facilities at S.L. Parish
       June 28, 2001: Judge: No Psycho-Sexual Test for Green
       June 27, 2001: Green's Prosecutor Is Arming Himself After Death Threats
       June 23, 2001: Terrifying Freedom (Opinion)
       June 18, 2001: Descended From Proud Polygamists
       June 17, 2001: Freedom Advocates March
       June 17, 2001: The Practice of Polygamy Is Not a Constitutionally Protected Religious Tenet (Opinion)
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       June 30, 2001: Court Schedules Trib Ownership Trial
       June 27, 2001: Judge Considers Changing Venue In D-News Suit
       Utah History:
       July 01, 2001: THE HALF-MAST INCIDENT: Early Mormons Exercised Civil Disobedience
       June 26, 2001: Brigham Young No Hero (Opinion)
       June 25, 2001: Group Preserving Sugar House Memories
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       July 03, 2001: Legislating Thought (Opinion)
       July 02, 2001: Navajos Concerned About Redistricting
       July 02, 2001: Utah's Mandate (Opinion)
       June 30, 2001: Justices Affirm Closed Meeting
       June 30, 2001: 'These People' (Opinion)
       June 30, 2001: The Church Party (Opinion)
       June 30, 2001: Fascist Rule (Opinion)
       June 29, 2001: Redistrict Plan No Slam Dunk
       June 29, 2001: Court Rules States Cannot Restrict Tobacco Ads
       June 29, 2001: Offensive E-Mail Can Get Workers Fired, Court Says
       June 29, 2001: Sunday Beer Sales Good for Business
       June 29, 2001: Agencies Asked to Assess Health Threat of Crickets
       June 28, 2001: Porn Czar Red-Flags E-Mail
       June 27, 2001: Disenfranchised Utahns (Opinion)
       June 26, 2001: State Bar Still Can't Go After Bogus Lawyers
       June 26, 2001: No Welcome For the World In Utah Towns
       June 26, 2001: Ecclesiastical Delegation (Opinion)
       June 25, 2001: A Liquor Loophole For 2002
       June 22, 2001: Utah in Peril (Opinion)
       June 21, 2001: Lawmakers Pledge Action on Cricket Plague
       June 20, 2001: Hansen's Puerto Rico Remarks Backfire
       June 20, 2001: Lawsuit Challenges Utah Hate Crimes Law
       June 20, 2001: How Legislators Vote Is Now Easier to Find
       June 20, 2001: New Council Cautious About Wendover Plan
       June 19, 2001: Hearing in August for Utah's Second Census Suit
       June 18, 2001: Utah Senator Wins Trust by Keeping His Own Counsel
       June 18, 2001: Both Sides Wary About Wendover Annexation
       June 18, 2001: Ruling Boosts Utah's 'Pill Bill'
       June 17, 2001: S.L. Council Race Highlights Religious Rift Among Democrats (Opinion)
       June 17, 2001: Power Above All (Opinion)
       June 16, 2001: GOP Arrogance (Opinion)
       June 15, 2001: Cannon Tries to Stop Annual Census Survey
       June 15, 2001: Gerrymandering (Opinion)
       Utah Statistics:
       July 02, 2001: Domestic Disputes Drive Murders
       June 27, 2001: State Receives $9M Grant Aimed at Youth Drug Prevention
       June 26, 2001: Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Slowly Overcoming Skepticism
       June 22, 2001: 'High-Risk' Kids Increase in Utah
       June 21, 2001: Utahns No. 1 in Use of Anti-Depressants
       June 19, 2001: Population Shifts Plague Utah Schools

06/14/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Main
       LDS Church:
       June 14, 2001: Changes to BYU Journalism Program Opposed
       June 13, 2001: Wife Killer Loses Appeal Over the Baptism of His Children
       June 13, 2001: LDS Church Fire Set by Arsonists, Officials Say
       June 13, 2001: ROLLY & WELLS: The Ultimate Editor
       May 26, 2001: Mormon-Christian Debate a Philosophical Conundrum
       Main Street Purchase:
       June 13, 2001: Inappropriate Interference (Opinion)
       June 07, 2001: SLC Mayor Seeks Freer Plaza in 2002
       June 04, 2001: ACLU:Plaza Suit Not Over
       Mormon Culture:
       June 13, 2001: Peck, Citing Fatigue, Steps Down at Sunstone
       May 31, 2001: Judge Rules Out Other Anti-Mormon Claims in Suit Against U.
       Mormons and Gays:
       June 03, 2001: Live and Let Live (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       June 14, 2001: '60 Minutes' To Interview Oly Scandal Defendant
       June 14, 2001: 2002 Olympic Supplier Asks Judge to Quash Subpoenas
       June 14, 2001: Mitt's Gag Order (Opinion)
       June 14, 2001: Some Hospitality (Opinion)
       June 12, 2001: Judge Lets Racketeering Charges Against Welch, Johnson Stand
       June 12, 2001: U. Newspaper Seeks a Village Beat
       June 09, 2001: SLOC's Romney Criticizes Critics, Says Keep It Private
       June 09, 2001: Welch to Governor: Take It Back Ex-Olympic bid leaderseeks retraction, apology
       June 07, 2001: Church Scales Back Plans for Media Center
       June 03, 2001: Ex-SLOC Accountant Says He Was Muzzled
       June 02, 2001: Bush Seeking $60M for Olympics Security
       June 01, 2001: SLOC Grades Come Up Mostly D's
       June 01, 2001: Oly 'Festival' Law Getting a Close Look
       June 14, 2001: Alley Cats (Opinion)
       June 13, 2001: Green to Fight Pyscho-Sexual Evaluation
       June 08, 2001: Polygamy Hurts (Opinion)
       June 04, 2001: Perplexed About Polygamy (Opinion)
       June 03, 2001: Tribune Editorial Wrongly Made Polygamists Appear Worse Than Similar Offenders (Opinion)
       May 29, 2001: Shameful Mess (Opinion)
       May 29, 2001: Export Tom Green (Opinion)
       May 28, 2001: Green Case Changed the Way David Leavitt Views Polygamy
       May 27, 2001: Teen-Age Brides in Limelight
       May 27, 2001: Think the Green Case is Over? Other Countries Shaking Heads
       May 27, 2001: Mormon Teachings and the Constitution Protect the Practice of Polygamy (Opinion)
       May 25, 2001: Governor: Green Case a Road Map
       May 23, 2001: Jurors Say No Bias in Green Trial, Polygamist's behavior helped to prove charges
       May 23, 2001: ROLLY & WELLS: Prosecutor Steers Clear Of Hilldale
       May 23, 2001: Why Tom Green? (Opinion)
       May 21, 2001: Polygamy Trial Gives World Titillating Look at Utah
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       June 13, 2001: Tribune Closer to Lawsuit Amendments
       June 12, 2001: MediaNews: Managers Are Unfairly Altering Contracts
       May 27, 2001: Family Vows Defense Of Tribune Legacy
       May 26, 2001: Uphold Ruling, Tribune Managers Urge
       Utah History:
       June 14, 2001: Mormon Battalion's Story Finds a Place
       June 10, 2001: Young Found Strength in His Faults, Failings
       June 03, 2001: BRIGHAM YOUNG AT 200: From Unlikely Roots Came an Uncommon Man
       June 01, 2001: Brigham Young: 200 Years Later
       June 01, 2001: Young's Descendants Revel In Association With Prophet
       May 26, 2001: Utahn's Colorful Life an Example of Switching Allegiances
       May 21, 2001: Was Humor a Balm for J. Golden Kimball?
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       June 13, 2001: Justices Suggest New Look at Habeas Corpus
       June 13, 2001: Political Deception (Opinion)
       June 10, 2001: Native American Church Claims Discrimination in, Ironically, Utah County (Opinion)
       June 10, 2001: Hatch Act Helps Dietary-Supplement Dealers Mislead Public (Opinion)
       June 10, 2001: God's Position (Opinion)
       June 09, 2001: Senate's New Majority Whip Walks a Fine Line in Politics, Religion
       June 08, 2001: S.L. Residents Want County Left as One District
       June 07, 2001: Blow to Liberty (Opinion)
       June 03, 2001: Hatch Stays Upbeat Despite Senate
       Utah Statistics:
       June 14, 2001: Utah's Violent-Crime Numbers Also Down
Letters to the Editor: May
06/12/01 King James 1611 Preface and Joseph Smith's "Cloud of Darkness!" - Evidence of Joseph Smith's plagiarism of the King James Preface.
06/07/01 A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. First published in 1887, this short novel was the debut of the popular detective Sherlock Holmes in which he solves a case involving the Mormons.
Brigham Young Interview by Horace Greeley, July 13, 1859

05/21/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       LDS Church:
       May 20, 2001: LDS Alums Recall Teen Life in the '20s
       May 19, 2001: LDS Missionary Work in Greece Is Herculean , Devout Orthodox believers are tough sell for Mormons
       May 19, 2001: Reunion Today for LDS High Class of 1931, Other Alumni
       May 19, 2001: Mountain Meadows Debated Anew
       Mormon Culture:
       May 20, 2001: No U. Bias (Opinion)
       May 19, 2001: Utah 'Progress' (Opinion)
       May 19, 2001: A Church State (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       May 16, 2001: IOC Coughs Up; Romney Gets More Funds From IOC
       May 16, 2001: FBI Blunder May Affect Olympic Scandal Case
       May 21, 2001: Polygamy Trial Gives World Titillating Look at Utah
       May 20, 2001: Polygamy Offensive Not Likely, Green case called an exception
       May 20, 2001: Green Conviction Makes Polygamous Clans Wary
       May 20, 2001: Green Bitter Over Verdict; Leavitt Did His 'Duty'
       May 20, 2001: Short Creek Raid Backfired On Governor
       May 20, 2001: Polygamy's Ghosts Linger at Camp
       May 20, 2001: Polygamist Flourishing in Phoenix
       May 20, 2001: Promotional Portrayal (Opinion)
       May 20, 2001: Unethical Behavior (Opinion)
       May 19, 2001: Green Guilty On All Counts
       May 19, 2001: Portrayal Too Favorable (Opinion)
       May 18, 2001: Green Says Asking Government for Help Was His Family's Last Resort
       May 17, 2001: It's Defense Turn In Green Trial as Prosecution Rests
       May 16, 2001: Green Jury Urged to Be Open
       May 16, 2001: Polygamous Wife Says Trial Triggered False Labor Pains
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       May 16, 2001: Trib Managers' Claim Suffers Setback
       Utah History:
       May 20, 2001: Historian Bagley, LDS Pioneer Bullock a Solid Team in 'Camp of the Saints'
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       May 19, 2001: Divide and Conquer (Opinion)
       May 18, 2001: Couple Ordered to Trial On Peyote Button Counts
       May 17, 2001: Gun-Friendly Utah Is NRA Host for 2007
       Utah Statistics:
       May 20, 2001: Cohabitation Grows as Relationship Trend in Utah
       May 19, 2001: Minority Test-Score Gap
       May 18, 2001: Utah Changes, Too; But No Rush
       May 18, 2001: Average Family Size in Utah Has Declined, But it remains above the national average
05/15/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       Baptism for the Dead:
       May 14, 2001: Goofy Reaction (Opinion)
       May 9, 2001: Arrogant Hubris (Opinion)
       May 2, 2001: LDS Try to End Unauthorized Work for Jews
       LDS Church:
       May 5, 2001: LDS Church Tells Temple Workers: Get a Shave or Get Out
       Main Street Purchase:
       May 5, 2001: Judge Reaffirms Ruling That LDS Plaza Isn't Public Forum
       Mormon Culture:
       May 13, 2001: Utah Tackles Stereotypes in Quest to Be Tech-Savvy Hot Spot
       May 6, 2001: Bias at the U? Hypothesis Doesn't Pass Test (Opinion)
       Mormons and Gays:
       May 14, 2001: Sexual Orientation (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       May 14, 2001: IOC Boss Summons Romney
       May 14, 2001: Whipped to Death (Opinion)
       May 12, 2001: LDS Slogan Leading a Charmed Life
       May 8, 2001: SLOC Gave Special Access To LDS Official at '98 Games
       May 7, 2001: Feud Between Romney, Bullock Was Months in the Making
       May 5, 2001: Olympic Conspiracy Charge Will Stand
       May 2, 2001: Defense Attorneys in Olympic Scandal Case Object to Calling Tax Expert to Testify
       May 4, 2001: 2002 FREE SPEECH: A Sign Is a Sign? SLOC, Police Ponder Question
       Other Churches and the LDS:
       May 6, 2001: Are Utah's Religions Covered Fairly?
       May 5, 2001: Seminary in Utah, Not Just for Mormons
       May 15, 2001: Defense Weeds Devout Mormons From Jury Pool in Bigamy Trial
       May 15, 2001: Prosecutor Seeks to Bar Tribune Photographer
       May 13, 2001: A LONG GOODBYE: Now Headed by 14-year-old Patriarch, Green Clan Vows to Prevail
       May 12, 2001: Disparate Treatment (Opinion)
              [Web-editor: ref. 5 Charged With Kidnapping Plot]
       May 9, 2001: Green Can't Call Governor
       May 8, 2001: PHOTO: GREEN ON OFFENSE
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       May 15, 2001: Tribune Seeks Court Advantage, News Brief Says
       May 10, 2001: Tribune to Ask Judge If Lawsuit Can Be Amended
       Utah History:
       May 13, 2001: Wendover Not The First to Desert Deseret
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       May 14, 2001: Illegitimate Lawsuit (Opinion)
       May 13, 2001: Totalitarian Voice (Opinion)
       May 10, 2001: Texas Action Gives Pause To Utah Hate Crimes Effort
       May 10, 2001: Judge Lets English-Only Stand in Utah
       May 10, 2001: Ogden 'Medicine Man' Can't Use Peyote, Judge Rules
       May 9, 2001: Attorney Says Ex-Commissioner Should Return Money
       May 7, 2001: Critics Call Conflicts of Interest Fact of Life for Utah Politicians
       May 6, 2001: Court Stalls Anti-Protest Law, Muzzling protesters for animal rights raises free-speech concerns
       May 6, 2001: GOP Seeks to Meld 2nd District Into Urban, Rural Blend
       May 6, 2001: Court Established 'Rules' For Political Redistricting
       Utah Statistics:
       May 10, 2001: School Computer Survey Brings Surprising Data
       May 8, 2001: Despite Economic Problems, Most Utah Indians Stay Put
Letters to the Editor: April 2001
05/01/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       May 1, 2001: Man Gets 5-Year Sentence for Sex Offenses While on Mormon Mission
       LDS Church:
       April 30, 2001: BYU Listed in Mental Illness Suit
       April 28, 2001: Mission: Brazil, Elder Timothy can't understand why missions are supposed to be so hard . . . until he enters the field.
       April 26, 2001: Prove Allegations (Opinion)
       April 22, 2001: Church 'History' (Opinion)
       April 22, 2001: Church Should Rethink Olympic Strategy (Opinion)
       April 17, 2001: LDS Church Helped Create Online Ellis Island Records
       LDS Films:
       April 20, 2001: 'God's Army' Director Chooses Smith's Story for His Next Movie
       Mormons and Gays:
       April 18, 2001: BYU Crackdown (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       April 30, 2001: IOC Ready to Forgive Salt Lake City for Bid Scandal
       April 25, 2001: Pins Counting Down to Games: Only a Few More Bribes to Go
       April 25, 2001: Homeless Advocates Question SLOC's Focus on the Well-Off
       April 21, 2001: 2002 Credentials (Opinion)
       April 21, 2001: Gouging Guests (Opinion)
       April 20, 2001: Oly Web Site Publisher Closes; SLOC hustles to find new technology partner
       April 19, 2001: Utah's Wonders (Opinion)
       Other Churches and the LDS:
       April 29, 2001: Are Utah's Religions Covered Fairly?
       April 29, 2001: A Discussion on Credibility list of panelists
       April 27, 2001: Community Panel Discusses News Coverage of Religion
       April 30, 2001: Religion Key In Selection Of Jurors for Green Trial
       April 29, 2001: Tolerating Polygamy (Opinion)
       April 27, 2001: Activists Hoping Family Trees Aid in Polygamy Fight
       April 22, 2001: There Is No Free Agency in Polygamy; Allred Is All Wrong (Opinion)
       April 20, 2001: TV Tapes May Trip Green; Polygamist boasted of many wives, children on daytime talk shows
       April 20, 2001: Spurning the Law (Opinion)
       April 19, 2001: School Serving Polygamists Will Close
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       May 1, 2001: Tribune Publishing Requests Venue Change
       April 25, 2001: Owners Not Cooperating, Tribune Says
       April 20, 2001: Tribune Owner Challenges Ruling; New MediaNews brief says Campbell erred in allowing managers to retain control
       April 18, 2001: MediaNews Objects to Trib's Altered Complaint
       Utah History:
       April 29, 2001: Early Utahns Had Dreams Of California
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       April 29, 2001: The ABC Lightens Up (Opinion)
       April 27, 2001: Legislators Bet on Census Suit Win
       April 26, 2001: Alcohol Panel May Soften Penalties
       April 26, 2001: State Files Its Second Lawsuit Challenging 2000 Census Count
       April 25, 2001: Judge Halts Implementation of New Ordination Law
       April 25, 2001: Gloves Still On in Census Fight: Utah to take its appeal to U.S. Supreme Court
       April 24, 2001: State to Decide Today On Appeal of Census
       April 24, 2001: Post the Votes (Opinion)
       April 24, 2001: Ban the Gifts (Opinion)
       April 22, 2001: Let Redistricting Games Begin
       April 21, 2001: Church Sues State Over Marriage-Ordination Law
       April 21, 2001: Porn Czar Stumped by Internet Obscenity
       April 21, 2001: Gouging Guests (Opinion)
       April 20, 2001: Lawmakers Wary on Opening Records; Easy public access to information on votes has few supporters in the Capitol
       April 20, 2001: State Gets Sued Over N-Storage; Goshutes, developers say their rights are violated
       April 20, 2001: Utah to Sue On Logging, Road Bans
       April 19, 2001: Republicans Hit a Dead End In Lobbyist Disclosure Talks
       April 19, 2001: Officials Split Over Wisdom of Census Appeal
       April 18, 2001: Judges Reject Utah Census Claims
       April 17, 2001: Shame on Legislature
       Utah Statistics:
       April 20, 2001: SLC Ranks High for Technological Savvy; Area ranks 9th among 50 big metro areas
       April 17, 2001: Utah Bankruptcies Set Record

04/20/01 Letters to the Editor: March 2001
04/16/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       April 14, 2001: Report: Child Abuse Not Just Bruises
       LDS Church:
       April 16, 2001: Genealogy Becomes Third Most-Popular Hobby
       April 14, 2001: Targeting Scotland (Opinion)
       April 14, 2001: No Distorted History (Opinion)
       April 14, 2001: Why BYU? (Opinion)
       April 11, 2001: Damaged Creation (Opinion)
       April 10, 2001: Eternal Scars? (Opinion)
       April 10, 2001: Two Messages, Indeed (Opinion)
       April 7, 2001: Mormons Answering the Prayer of Hinckley's Perpetual Education Fund
       Mormons and Gays:
       April 15, 2001: BYU's Dismissal of Gay Students Continues Confusion for Gays, Parents (Opinion)
       April 15, 2001: Persecuted Co-Religionists (Opinion)
       April 11, 2001: Teaching Bigotry (Opinion)
       Mormon Culture:
       April 12, 2001: Judge Denies Access to U. Reports of Anti-LDS Bias
       Olympics and LDS:
       April 12, 2001: Activists Sue SLC Over Oly Protest Sites
       April 12, 2001: Homeless Policy Urged for Olympics
       April 10, 2001: Defense Wins Bribe Trial Delay
       April 9, 2001: Defense to Seek Oly Bribe Trial Delay, Johnson, Welch lawyers say time needed to prepare
       April 8, 2001: No Surprises (Opinion)
       April 7, 2001: Runaway Girl Looking for 'Normal Life'
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       April 15, 2001: Trib, D-News: Poisoned Partners, Friendly rivalry between newspapers turns into bitter feud
       April 15, 2001: Through the Looking Glass
       April 10, 2001: D-News Files Suit Against Tribune
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       April 14, 2001: Utah Tries New Tactic in Census Suit; Guessing some households gave N. Carolina the edge?
       April 13, 2001: Utah Fails EPA Report Card
       April 9, 2001: Capitol Hill Plagued by Gay Fears?, Lesbian lawmaker discusses homophobia in Utah politics
       Utah Statistics:
       April 15, 2001: School Dropouts Slipping Through Statistical Cracks
       April 14, 2001: Gang Problem on Rise in Rural Utah, Police Say
       April 13, 2001: 'Ecstasy' Drug Use Zooms in Utah
       April 10, 2001: Think Utah Is the Whitest State in America? Not Even Close
       April 9, 2001: UTAH EDUCATION: Utah Students Fare Poorly In Reading
04/06/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       LDS Church:
       April 5, 2001: Mormon's Quest to Be New Nauvoo Mayor Fails
       April 5, 2001: Distorted History (Opinion)
       April 5, 2001: Winning Architecture (Opinion)
       LDS Films:
       April 6, 2001: 'Brigham City' Takes a Brave Step Forward
       Mormon Culture:
       April 6, 2001: Rolly & Wells: 'Grease' Too Gross for Lehi Stages?
       Mormons and Gays:
       April 5, 2001: Why Attend BYU? (Opinion)
       April 6, 2001: Teen-Age Girl Flees Polygamous Family But Is Sent Back
       April 6, 2001: Reorganized LDS Gets a New Name
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       April 6, 2001: Top Legislative Executives Rewarded With Large Boosts in Pay
       April 6, 2001: Doctor of Obfuscation (Opinion)
       Utah Statistics:
       April 6, 2001: Learning to Understand: Utah's Melting Pot Could Use Stirring
04/04/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       March 29, 2001: Ex-LDS Bishop Headed to Prison
       LDS Church:
       April 2, 2001: Faith Church's True Might, Hinckley Tells Conference
       April 1, 2001: LDS Church Extends Hand to Needy Missionaries
       March 31, 2001: Mainstream Christianity Drive Doesn't Go Smoothly for LDS Church
       March 31, 2001: Some Key Disagreements Between LDS, Other Christians
       March 31, 2001: Edinburgh Newspaper Reports Mormons in 'Charm Offensive' to Increase Numbers in Scotland
       March 31, 2001: TWO MEN, ONE MESSAGE
       March 31, 2001: KIRBY: 'Hey, Freak' And Other Inspiring Mail
       March 31, 2001: Avoid Aggressive Tactics (Opinion)
       March 29, 2001: LDS Church Unveils Plan to Build Alpine Camp in Wasatch County
       March 29, 2001: Names and Deceit (Opinion)
       March 29, 2001: Interested Observer (Opinion)
       LDS Films:
       April 4, 2001: FILM FUROR: 'Brigham City' Director Not Afraid of PG-13 Rating
       Main Street Purchase:
       April 3, 2001: LDS Main Street Ruling Yet to Emerge
       Mormons and Gays:
       March 29, 2001:BYU Brass Suspend Two Gays
       Olympics and LDS:
       April 2, 2001: Everyone's Olympics? (Opinion)
       April 1, 2001: Judge Warns Lawyers in Green Case
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       April 4, 2001: Trib-D. News Tussle Inspires Utah Web Site
       April 2, 2001: Rolly & Wells: AT&T Helps Hatch, and Vice Versa
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       April 1, 2001: 'Sin Industry' Pays in Politics, Hatch is on the top 10 list for contributions from liquor, tobacco, gambling interests
       March 29, 2001: NO FOOLIN' AROUND: Police Chief Got Primer on Utah Sex Laws
       Utah Statistics:
       April 4, 2001: Births to Unwed Mothers Rise in Utah
       April 2, 2001: Violence Against Women Surges
       March 29, 2001: Missionary Count Looks Shaky

03/28/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       Internet and LDS:
       March 28, 2001: LDS Leaders Move To Close Unofficial Mormon Web Sites
       March 17, 2001: Mormons Who Don't Want to Face Bishop Can Find Counseling Online
       LDS and Minorities:
       March 24, 2001: VIEW FROM THE PEWS: Latino Surge No Surprise To Churches
       LDS Church:
       March 28, 2001: Plenitude of Names (Opinion)
       March 27, 2001: New Order Coming (Opinion)
       March 27, 2001: The Valley of the Dragon (Opinion)
       March 26, 2001: Hypocritical Whiner (Opinion)
       March 25, 2001: Hinckley Urges LDS Girls to Remain Chaste
       March 24, 2001: Wounded Missionary Calls Time in Brazil a 'Success'
       March 24, 2001: Kirby: Fast Sundays Are Slower Than the Second Coming
       March 18, 2001: How Can a Mormon Face Discrimination in the LDS Bosom? (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       March 28, 2001: No Reason To Dissemble (Opinion)
       March 26, 2001: Oly Tickets Tied to Pricey Rooms
       March 26, 2001: S.L. Olympics Web Manager In a Tight Spot
       March 25, 2001: 'Mormon Olympics' Report Brings Cheers and Jeers
       March 24, 2001: Feds Will Contest Motion to Delay Olympic Bribe Trial
       Other Churches and the LDS:
       March 24, 2001: Presbyterian Preacher's Quest Takes Him West to Salt Lake City
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       March 28, 2001: Jostle Harmony? (Opinion)
       March 28, 2001: Boycott AT&T Broadband (Opinion)
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       March 26, 2001: Utah Porn Czar: A View From Los Angeles
       March 26, 2001: Legislators Defend Gifts And Goodies
       March 26, 2001: Gun Control Is No Easy Sale in Utah
       March 25, 2001: Utah Republicans Plot Strategies to Boost Clout in Legislature, Congress
       March 25, 2001: Intolerance Breeds Critics (Opinion)
       March 24, 2001: Alcohol Board to Review Penalty System
       March 24, 2001: Illegal Secrecy (Opinion)
       Utah Statistics:
       March 24, 2001: Utah Towns Have a Generation Gap
03/23/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       LDS and Minorities:
       March 23, 2001: Racism Task Force Unveils Diversity Curriculum
       LDS Church:
       March 23, 2001: Plenitude of Victims (Opinion)
       March 22, 2001: Minority Reaction (Opinion)
       March 22, 2001: Newspaper Is Anathema (Opinion)
       March 11, 2001: Gainful Revelation (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       March 23, 2001: Witnesses in State Oly Probe Say They Knew of Payments
       March 23, 2001: Let's Pretend (Opinion)
       March 22, 2001: Clarifying Remark (Opinion)
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       March 22, 2001: Tribune Drops Bid to Name Deseret News in Suit
       Utah History:
       March 23, 2001: Ozzy's Concert Delays Plans for Re-Enactment
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       March 22, 2001: GOP Gets Ready To Carve Up State
       Utah Statistics:
       March 23, 2001: Census 2000
       March 22, 2001: Census 2000: Some Surprises
       March 22, 2001: During the '90s, Utah Made a Great Leap Toward Ethnic Diversity
03/23/01 Links to Salt Lake City Weekly Articles

       March 22, 2001: Law of the Land
       March 22, 2001: Gold Medal Arrogance
03/21/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       March 21, 2001: Abusive Decision (Opinion)
       LDS Church:
       March 20, 2001: Goofy Reactions (Opinion)
       March 19, 2001: Contentious Truth (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       March 21, 2001: Beer Will Flow At the Gallivan During Games
       March 20, 2001: After LDS Brouhaha, SLOC Severs Tie to Travel Council
       March 18, 2001: Visiting Reporters Complain Venues Tour Turned Into a Pitch for Church, State
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       March 20, 2001: Perennial Foe (Opinion)
03/19/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       March 18, 2001: Abetting Abuse (Opinion)
       March 16, 2001: Coddling Abusers (Opinion)
       March 16, 2001: Exposing Evil (Opinion)
       LDS Church:
       March 18, 2001: The True Church (Opinion)
       March 16, 2001: Missionary Motivation (Opinion)
       March 15, 2001: Catholic Windows Have an LDS Home
       March 15, 2001: Tawdry Name Calling (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       March 18, 2001: Visiting Reporters Complain Venues Tour Turned Into a Pitch for Church, State
       March 18, 2001: SLOC and the LDS Church downplay the church's involvement in the Olympics
       March 18, 2001: From SLOC Leadership to Liquor, Church Has Long Had a Powerful Olympic Voice
       March 18, 2001: Non-LDS Religious Leaders Cite Minimal Input
       March 18, 2001: Special Treatment for the Church?
       March 17, 2001: Romney Summons Civic Leaders, Pops Champagne to Attack 'LDS Olympics' Charge
       March 15, 2001: Withdrawal by Polygamists May Force School to Close
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       March 18, 2001: Churches Break the Mold of Utah's Stringent Liquor-License Controls
03/14/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       March 10, 2001: Court Gives Utah Clergy Protection
              [Web-editor: For reference see SLWeekly article: Crisis of Confidentiality.]
       LDS Church:
       March 14, 2001: Say 'Bye to Big Airport Send-Offs: LDS members asked to scale back throngs for missionaries
       March 14, 2001: Trashing Tradition (Opinion)
       March 13, 2001: Marketing Ploy (Opinion)
       March 12, 2001: Presumptuous Demand (Opinion)
       March 11, 2001: After 154 Years, Old Nauvoo, Mormon Faithful Still at Odds
       March 11, 2001: LDS Prophets Were Proud to Be 'Mormons'
       March 10, 2001: Say No to the Mission Call and the Pressure Builds
       Mormon Culture:
       March 12, 2001: Latter-day Saints Are Educated, Not Oppressive (Opinion)
       March 10, 2001: Fearful Mentality (Opinion)
       March 11, 2001: Allred's Claims Are More Attempts to Mask Horrors of Polygamy (Opinion)
       March 9, 2001: Polygamist's Lawyer Seeks Public Funds
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       March 9, 2001: Trib Managers Stay in Charge During Lawsuit
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       March 14, 2001: A Senseless Fight (Opinion)
       March 12, 2001: Mystery Plaintiffs Bring Lawsuit Against Utah's Ban on Fornication
03/12/01 Letters to the Editor: February
03/09/01 Links to Salt Lake City Weekly Articles:
       March 8, 2001: Crisis of Confidentiality
              [Web-editor: Also see: Links to Salt Lake City Weekly Articles.]
03/08/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       LDS Church:
       March 7, 2001: Visibility of Salt Lake Temple During 2002 Games Raises Security Concerns
       March 6, 2001: 'LDS Church' Still Term Of Choice for Newspapers
       March 1, 2001: Apologize, LDS (Opinion)
       February 25, 2001: The Church of Jesus Christ (Opinion)
       March 8, 2001: Gold From Sunken Ship Put on Display
       Mormon Culture:
       March 5, 2001: Online Debate Among Techies Critical of Utah
       March 1, 2001: Mormon Bias (Opinion)
       Olympics and LDS:
       February 23, 2001: With the Games Winding Down, It Will Be Party Time at Utah's Olympic Village
       February 25, 2001: Polygamist Communities Support Women Making Own Marital Decisions (Opinion)
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       March 8, 2001: Utah Newspaper Battle Reflects Underlying Paranoia of LDS Church's Influence
       March 6, 2001: Let Injunction Stand, Tribune Managers Ask
       March 2, 2001: Tribune Owner Appeals Judge's Ruling
       February 27, 2001: Judge Stands By Ruling in Tribune Case
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       March 6, 2001: English-Only Challenge Is Turned Back
       March 6, 2001: When It Comes to Treating Adults Like Children, No State Out-Nannies Utah (Opinion)
       March 1, 2001: Hate Crimes Measure Dies in House
       February 25, 2001: Legislature Makes Curious, Inconsistent Decisions Regarding Guns
       Utah Statistics:
       February 23, 2001: Child Sex Abuse Down in Utah
03/07/01 The Rocky Mountain Saints by T. B. H. Stenhouse
       [Web-editor: Since we are now printing this important book we've reduced the price in half!]
03/05/01 The Mormon Church Attempts to Conceal Temple Records for Adolf Hitler by Helen Radkey

02/26/01 How the LDS Husband Hopes to Resurrect His Wife According to the LDS Temple Ceremony
02/22/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       February 10, 2001: Judge Orders LDS Church to Release Files of Sex-Abuse Complaints
       LDS Church:
       February 20, 2001: Church Moves To Adjust Use Of Its Name
       February 6, 2001: TV Host Says LDS Leader's Views On Charities Differ From Bush's
       LDS Films:
       January 20, 2001: God's Army Marches Its Way Through Boot Camp, Provo facility prepares trainees for the field
       Mormon Culture:
       February 17, 2001: THE 'WORD' ON CAFFEINE, LDS teachings are unclear on issue of consumption
       February 17, 2001: The Word of Wisdom as It Is Written
       January 25, 2001: Filing: U. Treated Religions Differently; LDS Student Argues U.Treated Her Differently
       Olympics and LDS:
       February 17, 2001: Death Slows But Doesn't Stop Oly God Squad
       February 13, 2001: ACLU Sues Over Games Protest Zones
       February 10, 2001: BYU to Give Students Four-Day Games Break
       February 18, 2001: Polygamist Sect Shuns Bill Debate
       February 17, 2001: Polygamists Claim Partial Victory
       February 15, 2001: Polygamists Assert Rights At Capitol
       February 13, 2001: Plural Wives Lobby Against Anti-Child-Abuse Bill
       February 9, 2001: LDS Church Will Not Oppose Polygamy Bill
       February 8, 2001: Anti-Polygamy Bill May Affect Gay Unions
       February 6, 2001: Elden Kingston Rips Polygamy Bill
       January 26, 2001: Officers Deny Rape Report Was Filed
       January 25, 2001: Polygamy Case Turns Focus to Magazine Interview
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       February 22, 2001: Tribune Managers Win Injunction
       February 14, 2001: Judge Looks for Middle Ground in Tribune Suit; Sides Refuse to Budge
       February 13, 2001: Judge in Trib Suit Probes Propriety of Rewritten NAC Contract
       February 11, 2001: Trib Owner, Managers Heading Back to Court
       February 10, 2001: Judge May Toss Affidavit in Tribune Case
       February 9, 2001: Tribune Management, Owner Both Claim Deception
       Utah History:
       February 18, 2001: President Pardoned All Utahns
       February 11, 2001: Pioneer Anglers Knew How to Tell Fish Stories
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       February 20, 2001: Utah Senate Rejects Hate- Crimes Law
       February 18, 2001: Minority Issue Hits Dead End, Racial-profiling bill fails to win backing at Capitol
       February 11, 2001: McConkie Letter Demonstrates How One Church Dominates Utah Society, Politics
       Utah Statistics:
       February 20, 2001: Utah Infants Did Well in '90s, But Prospects Not All Sunny
       February 11, 2001: Utah on Alarming Pace For Homicides in 2001
       January 11, 2001: In 2000, More Utahns Sought Debt Relief
02/13/01 Salt Lake City Messenger #96, LDS Church Sues Ministry
02/13/01 Added Books to New Titles Added
02/09/01 Letters to the Editor: January 2001
02/02/01 Mormons Hope to Become Gods of Their Own Worlds
02/02/01 Updated: LDS View of God Contradicts the Bible - Incorporates What the Bible Says About God

01/23/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       January 19, 2001: Ex-Missionary Indicted on Sex Counts
       January 7, 2001: Deadly Year for Utah Kids
       Internet and LDS:
       January 12, 2001: BYU Blocks Napster, Says It's Clogging Campus Computer Network
       LDS Church:
       January 20, 2001: COLLIN'S CALL: A FREE SPIRIT?
       January 19, 2001: Judge Dismisses Suit vs. Deseret Book
       January 13, 2001: LDS Visitor-Center UpgradesTo Stress International Flavor
       January 13, 2001: LDS Church Asks Court to Allow Spire
       January 13, 2001: Excommunication to Forgiveness
       January 4, 2001: Man in Temple Arrest Thought He Was in Afterlife, Police Say
       LDS and Minorities:
       January 11, 2001: Black Ex-Lawmaker Says History Still in the Making in Utah's Race Relations
       January 21, 2001: Massacre: Forensic Analysis Supports Tribe's Claim of Passive Role
       January 21, 2001: Mountain Meadows Forensics
       January 21, 2001: His Integrity Paid Off For Pioneer
       Olympics and LDS:
       January 23, 2001: SLOC Seeks Minority Workers for Games
       January 20, 2001: Coca-Cola Announces Olympic Events
       January 19, 2001: Burden of Proof in Olympic Case on Feds
       January 19, 2001: Oly Officer Seeks Gun-Free Capitol
       January 13, 2001: Bribery-Case Judge Denies Defense Request for Details
       January 4, 2001: Barnes, SLOC Interfaith Activities Director, Dies at 65
       December 29, 2000 Racy Oly Web Site Target of Suit
       January 20, 2001: Kingstons Say Family Persecuted
       January 20, 2001: Marrying Minors Into Polygamy May Become Crime
       January 15, 2001: Member of Polygamous Church Stabbed During Services
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       January 23, 2001: Tribune Owner Wants Deseret News Kept Out of Lawsuit
       January 22, 2001: Filing Details Intent Of Trib-TCI Deal
       January 19, 2001: Trib Owner Adds Accusations to Suit
       January 12, 2001: Tribune Managers, Owner Strike Truce
       January 9, 2001: Tribune Managers Seek to Block Altered Operating Agreement
       January 4, 2001: Deseret News Gets Veto Power in Future Sale of Tribune
       January 4, 2001: New Tribune Owner Kicks Managers Off NAC Board
       Utah History:
       January 13, 2001: Mormons Settled Parowan, Southern Utah 150 Years Ago
       January 7, 2001: Historian Arrington's Papers to Open for Public View
       January 6, 2001: Westward Ho! Group plans to restage Mormon wagon trek to California
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       January 16, 2001: Martin Luther King Day a Reason to Celebrate
       January 13, 2001: Utah Observes King Holiday For First Time Ever Monday
       January 11, 2001: Utah Gains Delay in Census Suit
       January 6, 2001: Leavitt May Challenge Census Count
       Utah Statistics:
       January 16, 2001: Report on Utah Kids Offers Mixed Results
       January 7, 2001: Utah a Little Safer As Homicide Total Declines Again
       January 5, 2001: Study Probes Causes of Teen Suicide
01/22/00 Updated Joseph Smith's Death: Now includes Bancroft's History of Utah Account,  Excerpt from Mormonism—Shadow or Reality?: Like a Lamb? and added several photos of the Carthage Jail (Interior and exterior.)
01/11/01 The Rise and Fall of the LDS Church by Ed H. Yong.
Letters to the Editor: December
01/03/01 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       LDS Church:
       December 30, 2000: In a Push for Unity, Mormons Stand Apart
       December 28, 2000: Husband, Wife Charged In LDS Temple Break-In
       December 27, 2000: Tabernacle Choir to Sing at Inaugural
       Main Street Purchase:
       January 3, 2001: Judge Rejects Suit Against Plaza Rules
       Mormons and Gays:
       December 31, 2000: Letter from the Editor
       December 31, 2000: BLENDING IN: Utah's gays, lesbians and bisexuals quietly are making families
       December 31, 2000: The LDS Choices: Marriage or Celibacy
       December 31, 2000: Family Wrestles With the Truth, From a near-suicide to acceptance
       December 31, 2000: Divided Lives Find Healing
       December 31, 2000: Couples to Challenge Utah Adoption Ban
       Olympics and LDS:
       January 3, 2001: SLOC Abandons Talks on Legal Bills
       January 1, 2001: Bribe Lawyers Seek Identity Of Witnesses
       January 1, 2001: Games Scandal and Olympian Fight Over Control of Tribune Grab Headlines
       January 3, 2001: BIGAMY TRIAL RESCHEDULED
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       January 3, 2001: Managers Say They Run Tribune Despite Sale
       January 1, 2001: Games Scandal and Olympian Fight Over Control of Tribune Grab Headlines
       December 31, 2000: Deseret News Version of 'The Truth' vs. the Historical Facts (Opinion)
       December 30, 2000: Tribune Group Seeks to Subpoena News Executives
       December 30, 2000: A Letter to Readers from Salt Lake Tribune Publisher Dominic Welch
       December 29, 2000: Regulators Clear Sale Of Tribune
       Utah Statistics:
       December 28, 2000: Utah Growth: No Slowing


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