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May 2001
(Names and Contact Info Removed)

May 1, 2001

I have been reading a number of sites about the LDS since attending the open house at the as-yet undedicated temple in Perth Western Australia.

As a committed member of the Anglican (Episcopalian) church who happens to have family history as an enjoyable hobby, I have always made use of LDS resources while being vaguely aware that Mormon beliefs were a bit odd.

The visit to the temple was disturbing in a number of ways and I have thought of it a lot over the last few days. The presentation emphasized Christ and his ministry and most that was said would have not seemed strange to any churchgoer, with the exception of ordinances for the dead which I already knew about.

Everything was sweetly reasonable. As we went round the temple, we were told that one room was used for teaching, one for marriages, one represented heaven (although it seemed to me more like the lounge of a very expensive function suite in a large hotel).

There seemed little justification therefore for a separate meeting-house and temple. Why bother to have this expensive space into which non-members were not allowed to go if all that happened there were baptisms, marriages and teaching?

Determined to find out more, I have been using the net. And I have discovered a great deal to show that temple practices, beliefs and sacred texts are so different from mainstream Christianity as to make the LDS almost a totally separate belief system. My disquiet comes from the apparently quite dishonest presentation of the position of the church at the temple opening.

All beliefs which made this seem a quite unexceptional Christian denomination were emphasized, all the more questionable aspects were ruthlessly suppressed. (For example, the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith were not mentioned at all). Although I felt uncomfortable throughout the process, I can see how people searching for a welcome and a spiritual certainty could be dragged in.

This, my first real contact with the church, apart from visits to the local family history library, have left me wondering why it is such a rapidly growing faith. I think I see now that it specializes in getting people in and then not letting them know about the loonier aspects until they are too far in to feel comfortable about pulling out.

At least in my case, the church has done itself a disservice. Without the temple opening I would not really have acquired as much knowledge of what they really believe as I have. Unfortunately I feel even more uncomfortable than before in using their family history services.

I should like to thank you and other sites like yours for offering a place for those leaving the LDS to continue in their faith.

May 1, 2001

Subject: What can I do if anything to correct this situation?

Dear friends, What can I do (if anything) to remove myself and my family off the prayer rolls of the LDS Church? What can I do (if anything) to stop the baptism of the dead that will be done in 110 years after death, with or without permission of my self or my family? What can I do (if anything) to revoke ordinances already performed on deceased family members and living family members. We are not LDS church members, but my LDS cousin in Salt Lake City has put us on the prayer rolls and is sending missionaries. She wants to do the ordinances on our family. I thank God for you and your website. I wasted two years sending her exhaustive info, details and pictures and was amazed at her devotion and generosity. She taught me how to use the Paf genealogy program and I sent her a very complete "gedcom" once I finished entering the names of countless generations. Now I know the truth, thanks to "Mormonism Unmasked" and you and your website. This has been a great lesson to me as a Christian and I thank you. Please advise.

[Sandra's Note: Sorry, don't think there is much you can do. There is no legal way to stop them from using genealogical information. Perhaps you could use this as an opening to explain your faith, that these people have already either accepted Christ or not before they died. The Bible does not offer any chance for a change later. And this is an insult to your Christian relatives and to Christ by assuming that something a Mormon does today could add to their trust in Christ's atonement.

The Jews evidently carry more political weight with the Mormons. They have got the Mormons to promise not to do baptisms for dead Jews unless they are in a Mormon's direct line.

Many Catholics are also upset with them for doing all the popes, saints, etc.]

May 1, 2001

I live in ...England and am a member of the LDS church. This is the first time I have heard a different account of the first vision, plus breaking the Word of Wisdom by J Smith. Can I obtain a copy of the book please, and if so how?

[Web-editor: We sell a set of photos from LDS books giving different accounts of the first vision. References below.]

May 3, 2001

My Husband was Mormon for 33 years and became a Christian about 3 years ago. He still has many questions and concerns and we feel your newsletter may help.

May 3, 2001

Dear Gerald and Sandra Tanner,

...Most of my relatives, including my parents are Mormons. I became a Christian about 24 years ago. I have purchased some of your books in the past, and they were very helpful to me in my "early" years as a Christian. Thank you very much for your ministry.

Your Brother in Christ,

May 4, 2001

I just wanted to thank you for the work you have done and are doing for Jesus. It was your books (and those of others) that helped me investigate the problems with Mormonism, especially your books Mormonism, Magic and Masonry and Mormonism—Shadow or Reality?

...Years ago, after leaving Mormonism because my wife and I were born again, but hadn't joined a fellowship, Calvary Chapel in American Fork advertised that you would be speaking there. We had read your literature, so we attended. From that day we began to fellowship at Calvary Chapel. God used this to get us where we needed to be....Again, thank you for your sacrifice of time in your devotion to the Lord and His work.

Your brother in Christ,

May 4, 2001

Subject: Great Site. Good Name

Dear Jerald and Sandra,

It is most interesting to me that you would use the name bookofmormon.com as your web site. I was just sitting here looking at different religious sites such as scriptures.com when I thought I would check out the book of mormon. How disappointing to find another anti-mormon group.

I know of several churches that actually publish masses of literature aimed at hurting our members. Its kind of sad and although the Pope and your organization call yourselves Christians why do [you] seek to crucify us? I have seen too much goodness emanate from the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to deny the Lords hand in our work.

I am 55. A convert to the Church. My wife served a Mission to England in 1973-75. By the grace of God we have had four children. Our oldest Thomas just returned from a Mission in Toronto and was recently married in the San Diego temple by his brides Grandfather.

I don't own any Real Estate. We are very poor but I feel comfortable with that because my Lord and Savior once said "Foxes have holes but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head".


May 4, 2001

Dear UTLM-

I'm so sorry that I didn't find out about your website sooner. The bishops Handbook would have helped me a great deal I think.

Thank you for your fighting. You had struggles, disappointments, yet you never gave up. Don't give up. Fight the good fight of faith.

I was saved near Palmyra, NY November 1999 through a wise old codger who was also a dear uncle of mine. I am 17. I need to know if the LDS church will allow me to remove my name from their records, so that I can be completely free. I heard that they will not let me until I am 18, or until I can obtain my parents permission. My family is still strong Mormon.

When CAN I leave the church? HOW? I also heard that the church will attempt to excommunicate me to "save face" unless I go through the right channels. If I were excommunicated, it would do me a great deal more harm in sharing the gospel with my family and friends who are still mormon.

Any help you can provide would bless me so much. Thank you. thank you for speaking up and not keeping silent. There are so many lies and darkness that subtly accent the LDS church.

[Sandra's Note: You are right, you can't resign until you are 18. At that time you would need to write a letter to your bishop instructing him that you have resigned and that you want a letter from him stating that he has removed your name from the membership rolls. The handbook says the Bishop is to wait 30 days before finalizing the action to give you a chance to change your mind.

See: How to Remove Your Name from the LDS Records.]

May 6, 2001


...I have been reading your website and am very interested in the information you have uncovered about the church. I have been a member for 28 years, was married in the temple, and now have four grown children (all of them active, two of which have served missions).

I have had doubts for years, but my husband is a staunch believer and I worry that if I ever left [Mormonism], he would leave me but I know that researching is what I have to do. If I could show him that Joseph Smith was a liar, maybe he would listen to me. ...I am so grateful.

May 7, 2001

Hi, I found this very interesting. I have been looking for some info on this subject, and I'm happy to have found you! In my 30 years on the planet, I have thought of the LDS church to be a great source of comedy. I do believe they never think they are wrong about anything, and I think the decision on blacks and the priesthood was solely to keep themselves out of the fire, not based on a "revelation" or change in belief. They do have a system in which they can just say "God talked to us, and so now we're going in a different direction", without actually admitting that they were wrong. After reading the stories and accounts, I think they are more full of holes than I already knew they were. I'll have to check out more of your writings.


May 7, 2001

I just received a four page letter from one of my best friends who is on his mission right now. He poured his heart out to me about his beliefs and how he wants me to know the truth and experience the blessings that he knows I can have, if I would only receive it.

But he, along with all of my other Mormon friends, cannot see that I already know the truth. I know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

I feel as though I go in endless circles when in discussions with Mormons. They always have something to refute anything I have to say about them, and I want nothing more than to see them see, experience and taste REAL truth.

So, in my desperate search for answers- in trying to find reliable books to read, I found your website. ...Thank you so much for the work that you are doing. May God truly bless your ministry! God Bless!

May 7, 2001


I thank you for your website and the information I have found about the church. My husband is completely opposed to my looking at the website, so I must do it when he is not home. He will not listen to anything I find on your site even when you are quoting from The Journal of Discourses or The History of The Church. If I had access to these works, maybe he would listen to me.

Do you know how I could obtain The Journal of Discourses or The History of The Church? Thank you for any information you could provided me with.

[Sandra's Note: The LDS Church puts out a CD-ROM called GospeLink. It is sold at all LDS bookstores, like Deseret Book. Phone 801-328-8191 or go to their web site http://www.deseretbook.com

It costs about $130 and contains dozens of important works, like the whole Journal of Discourses and the History of the Church. Then you can print out quotes from the official LDS software.]

May 7, 2001

Hi, my name is _____ and I'm from out here in the desert. I'd just like to thank you for the information you've provided to expose the falsehood of Mormonism.

This Thursday (May 10) I've invited some Mormon missionaries over to my house to discuss some things. ...contradictions between the Mormon doctrines and what the Bible teaches.

I've pretty much set it up in interview form and it seems to be effective (as far as there being no answer aside from direct contradiction). ...I was hoping you could provide me with some insight on ...what I should be expecting and things they will bring up and how to be prepared for them. As I mentioned, a friend and I have been studying the religion for a few years and with the testimonies of recent Mormon to Christian converts we feel confident. Yet for a religion as large as the Mormons, it doesn't seem to be just that easy.

We know they can be strong headed, but our goal isn't to disprove them, insult them or ruin their lives, but to introduce them into the truth, expose Mormonism and through Jesus, get them onto the road to eternal life.

...In Him,

[Sandra's Note: Assuming the missionaries will start with the standard lessons, lesson 1 is called 'The Plan of our Heavenly Father.'

Point 1 - 'We believe in God'

What kind of god? how many? Has he always been god? Is there a god before our heavenly Father? Did God have a father?

Point 2 - 'God is Perfect'

But has he always been perfect? what about their statement--
'As man is god once was, as god is man may be.'
Can sinful men become gods? Was God once sinful?

Point 3 - 'God is our Father in Heaven'

How literally? What about their belief in a mother-god? Are we the same species as God and Christ? What is the difference between us and Jesus?

Point 4 - 'God has a plan for us.'

How literally do they believe they can become like the Heavenly Father? Rule their own world? Will their kids pray to them?

For more information see: Terminology Differences and Mormons Hope to Become Gods of Their Own Worlds.]

May 8, 2001

Dear Jerald, Sandra, & family

Sometimes I get so discouraged with life that I would like the rapture to happen now. But then I quickly feel guilty, thinking of my entire family still trapped in Mormonism which I have been praying for 20 years next Thursday (May 10, 1981), the day I learned the truth of Mormonism, and got out of it. It has been so hard trying to talk to my family who still believe that I am an apostate w/a demon...and just have not found the truth (phew!!!).

I am very thankful for you and your ministry and that a lot of Mormons are finding the truth of Mormonism because of your work. I pray for you and your ministry to the Mormons.

May 8, 2001


I REALLY appreciate your website and the hard work you put into it all for the glory of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am a youth pastor at a church in ...IL ...This town in VERY cynical but for some reason is also a potential breeding ground for the LDS church. I've seen them out evangelizing already.

My young people are seeking to be educated and prepared to "give a reason" should/when the time comes. Your research, writings and website will be key resources. I praise the Lord for your ministry. ...Thank you.

In His grip,

May 8, 2001

The question that I have for you is, why if I wanted to know more about the Mormon church would I ask two people that apostasized from that faith. I have a couple questions, but I can not imagine why I would ask you instead of my Mormon friend? You obviously are opposed to that faith, therefore having unavorable things to say about it, but as I have searched what different religions believe, and things that they do, the Mormon church is better than them all, and that is even without asking God what he has to think about the whole situation. You come off like you are there to help, but if you want to help why don't you just teach people what you believe, and why you feel what you believe will help the person return to Christ, rather than do what the Pharises did in the New Testament nd pretend like you follow Christ, but live contrary to what he taught. "As I have loved you, love one another" isn't that what Christ taught? You never show love by tearing down what a religion believes. My friend never tells me why he thinks other religions are wrong, he just tells me why he feels living what the Mormon church teaches will help me return to Christ, that is what I am concearned about, not why non-denominal Christian churches are right, and Catholics are wrong, or why Catholics are right and Mormons are wrong, that will not help me return to Christ because the only thing that will help me are His teachings.

Also why is your web page address www.bookofmormon.com if you do not believe it is the word of God. Why do you associate yourselves with it if you do not believe it will draw you closer to Christ? What I have read of the Book of Mormon has testified of Jesus Christ, that he is the Savior to the world, that he lives, and that He will come again to clear up this mess here on earth. So my question is -- With such a short time here on earth, why would anyone, who claims to be Christian, try to tear down what someone would believe, rather than just try there best to love them?


[Sandra's Note: Thanks for writing. Here are a few comments--

The question that I have for you is, why if I wanted to know more about the Mormon church would I ask two people that apostasized from that faith.

Simply because we left Mormonism does not mean that we aren't telling the truth. By this reasoning no one should listen to any LDS person that converted from another faith, since they would be 'apostates.' I guess we can't believe anyone that left Communism or fled from Cuba, China, etc.? The point is not either people have left a system, but is their information correct.

I have a couple questions, but I can not imagine why I would ask you instead of my Mormon friend? You obviously are opposed to that faith, therefore having unavorable things to say about it, but as I have searched what different religions believe,

Again, the point should not be whether we left Mormonism, but is our information correct.

and things that they do, the Mormon church is better than them all, and that is even without asking God what he has to think about the whole situation.

If someone comes to you to sell insurance, do you simply look at what they claim they will pay or should you investigate to make sure they are a reliable company? Mormonism claims that if you are a faithful Mormon all your life you can become a god over your own planet. But is this claim true? Does it agree with the Bible? I don't believe it is true and feel people should be warned that they are being deceived.

"As I have loved you, love one another" isn't that what Christ taught? You never show love by tearing down what a religion believes.

Christ also warned against the false teachings of the Pharisees and warned that there would be false prophets in the last days.

My friend never tells me why he thinks other religions are wrong, he just tells me why he feels living what the Mormon church teaches will help me return to Christ,

Have you read Joseph Smith's testimony? He specifically denounces the Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians. He claimed that God told him that they were all corrupt, rejected by God and he should not join any of them, for they were all wrong. That is an attack on other peoples churches and faiths. Such charges need to be examined.

Also why is your web page address www.bookofmormon.com if you do not believe it is the word of God.

We are trying to warn people that it is not true scripture from God. Our main web site www.utlm.org has a great deal of research to show that Mormonism is not what it claims to be.

Why do you associate yourselves with it if you do not believe it will draw you closer to Christ? What I have read of the Book of Mormon has testified of Jesus Christ, that he is the Savior to the world, that he lives, and that He will come again to clear up this mess here on earth.

We didn't need the Book of Mormon to learn these things, we could just read the Bible and know that. But that is not all of Mormon teachings. Then they want you to believe the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. These books have many teachings contrary to the Bible.

So my question is -- With such a short time here on earth, why would anyone, who claims to be Christian, try to tear down what someone would believe, rather than just try there best to love them?

Let me ask a similar question. Why does the LDS Church send out 60,000 missionaries to people of other churches to get them to reject their Christian faith and join Mormonism? I believe the Mormons have every right to promote their beliefs. I only ask to have the same right.]

May 8, 2001

Why wouldn't God visit people in the Americas like they did in the Holy Land? Shouldn't they have the same opportunities to here the gospel?

[Sandra's Note: The question should be IF God sent messengers (or Christ) to other countries, where is the evidence? Also, why America and not Japan, Australia or China?]

May 9, 2001

Dear Sirs,

I am very interested in receiving the Salt lake City Messenger. I have been a "mormon" for over 14yrs. Served a mission, the works.... I am just "coming out", so to speak from the religion in question. I have many many questions. I search different websites, study the bible and pray for my answers. I firmly believe that your "messenger will help...

May 9, 2001

Hi Jerald and Sandra, My name is _____. I joined the Mormon Church in January. Well shortly after I joined I got my hands on what they call Anti-mormon literature but it was actually their own literature.

I couldn't believe how fast the word spread that I was mormon bashing and I was only asking questions because there was alot I didn't understand. I am not writing you to understand it all. But it has been really hard for me to break away from the church. I have believed and have been raised a christian. So I know God is up there and cares for us all. However for some reason the mormon religion hung me up so bad it is hard to recover really. I find my self confusing their beliefs with the bible and etc. IT is hard.

Anyway I guess in a way I wanted to say thanks for having this literature up here for me to read it helps me understand what Mormonism really is. ...Thanks so much,

May 10, 2001

Thanks for your fine work. After 43 years of Mormonism, the scales were finally lifted and could see the heresy for the first time.

May 11, 2001

I read a story about Paul Dunn and then it turned into how Joseph Smith was just like Dunn. I think who ever wrote the story was biased. It appeared that the objective was to hang Joseph on the same tree as Dunn because they belong to the same church.

As I read your story, I kept thinking of all the times I write down actual events and then remember additional information. Just recently I was asked to recall an accident, I wrote what I remembered and felt it was complete. Several months later I met with an insurance agent and I could not believe all the things I had left out of my original report and it must have appeared that I was lying. I was simply adding the pieces I had left out. Is not this common?

[Sandra's Note: Yes, that happens. But Joseph Smith seems to be doing more than just adding details. He was changing his story, how old he was, why he prayed, who appeared, what he was told, etc. See our Topical Index: Joseph Smith, First Vision.]

May 11, 2001

dear friends in Christ

keep up your good work. i ...appreciate your ministry.

also have an lds wife (poor misguided soul).

yours in the faith...J[esus] C[hrist] is the only one!

May 12, 2001

Dear Sandra and Gerald Tanner,

I just ran across the note on this lawsuit on the internet.

My prayers are with you. This is almost unbelievable, i say almost because i know first hand how the LDS church does things.

I just want you to know that it was through the reading and study of many of your books and letters that i was able to stay separated from the LDS church after having been a member for the first 31 years of my life.

I found the Lord's truth through reading the New Testament but spent the next 5 years struggling to break all ties with what i had been taught. It was a difficult process and I couldn't have done it without all the work you have done for the Lord.

God Bless you as you serve Him,

May 13, 2001

i want to thank you for your newsletter and ministry. i have purchased quite a few books from your store and have read them voraciously. many of the things i have read from the website have given me information to present to a friend of mine.

although i am not a Mormon, i have been presenting the truth about Mormonism to her as humbly as possible. many times i fail at that though. i have a tendency to be too direct and overbearing rather than loving and humble. ...she has been reading ...and is very intrigued currently about the priesthood, the character of God, baptism for the dead and how to know a false prophet/gospel. i believe she is at a critical point in her search though. she is beginning to see some of the inescapable falsehoods behind the faith and doesn't know how to reconcile those things with what she has experienced in her life. as i am sure you have heard before, and experienced on your own, she is very close to her family and has been in the church her whole life (she is 23). her father was once episcopalian but converted to mormonism about 23 years ago. ...everyone on her mother's side is Mormon; everyone on her father's side is protestant of some sort. all of her siblings have done their missions and one has been married in the temple. .... she currently is very afraid. afraid of what might happen if she leaves the church. afraid of what she has to go to. afraid of hurting her family, especially her father. afraid of not knowing what the "real truth" is. afraid of being left in outfield by her friends and family.


May 14, 2001

Dear Gerald and Sandra,

...I am a Christian who, after researching the doctrines on the Mormon church and the Negro (and subsequently other doctrines), finally recognized Mormonism for what it really is and left it. I have a couple of very close friends who are still locked into Mormonism but who are willing to hear me. I have some good material on the things I researched...

Thank you for responding and especially for your ministry. Your materials were highly beneficial to me as I went through the very long and ardious process of re-indoctrinating my self out of the Mormon system of thinking.

May God continue to bless you in your ministry and continue to bless the many souls in crisis out there in Mormonism. My prayers are with you.

May 14, 2001

I somehow stumbled onto your web site. I can't remember how, although I'm sure I was just doing some unrelated surfing because I seldom think about the church anymore.

I seem to have a different viewpoint from many of the people who write to you about their experiences or to give their opinions about your efforts. I wasn't "saved", I just opened my eyes and saw what was going on around me.

In 1978, my husband and I were about to separate because he was very promiscuous, controlling and emotionally abusive to me and our two children.

Almost on the eve of our breakup, two Mormon missionaries came to the door of our home and asked to share their message with us. My husband turned them away that night but invited them to come back in a couple of days, at which time he asked them in...and the rest, as they say, is history. Later, he would claim that he had a revelation. That he actually heard the voice of god telling him that this was his last chance. (They always loved that one at testimony meeting.)

He convinced me that he had changed and that he would henceforth be the perfect husband. I stayed with him, was baptized against my will (the missionaries told me they wouldn't baptize him unless I joined the church also), and for a while he seemed to really try. He became totally engrossed in the church and instead of running around with women, he just never came home from church. He accepted every calling and every "opportunity to do good work" that was asked of him.

I was made to feel selfish for complaining and was told by my Bishop that I had a "rebellious spirit" and should pray often to be relieved of it. Having had two more children trying to be a "good woman", I really prayed for a testimony, worked in Primary, the relief Society, taught Sunday School, was a visiting teacher...all of which I secretly hated with a passion.

We moved to a small town and became members of a branch. The beginning of the end for me occurred when I went in for my temple recommend and the Branch President asked me for very intimate details of my sexual activities with my husband. At the time, I was embarrassed to death but felt compelled to answer him because of his position. Later I realized the irony of it.

If the priesthood was truly a reality then that should have been a subject trusted to my husband and if there were questions, they should have been put to him, not me. The experience left me feeling like I had been raped. I told my husband about it and he laughed!

Meanwhile, time went on and my husband became more and more abusive to me and to the children. He used corporal punishment to a degree that would be classed as extreme child abuse in a civil court but he was so well respected by the priesthood that, when the Branch President found out (the abused child told him) he said that my husband must have a very good reason, and did nothing.

The final insult for me was when my husband was "called of God" to be the Branch President. I knew then that the church was definitely not true. I cannot classify this as a mistake made by imperfect men in an otherwise perfect church. I was told by the current Stake President that he had never felt so sure of a calling.

Here was man who had defiled womanhood, the sanctity of marriage and physically, mentally, and emotionally abused his children and me...and he was being called to be the spiritual leader of the ward. That, coupled with the past Branch President's use of me for his sexual voyeurism, was more than I could handle.

I am no longer a member of that church and am no longer married to that man. He has lied about me to the children, who are now grown, and tried to make me sound as if I was the most evil person on this earth. He has done everything he could to turn my children against me. Some of my children blame me for the abuse because I didn't leave their father sooner (hello...trying to honor the priesthood here!) and others look at me with disdain because I am no longer a member of the church (you just can't win). He is still a member in good standing.

My story isn't unique. The church is loaded with sick people. One of the sisters I was familiar with complained to me that her husband enjoyed having sex with prostitutes while holding a knife to their throats. She talked about it too. To everyone who would listen, the Branch President, the President of Relief Society, anybody. She was told it was her duty to have compassion for him and stay with him...give him the opportunity to repent. Oh, yes, he was counseled, of course! That was all though.

Another sister's husband put a pillow over her face when they had sex. This truly beautiful woman thought she was disgusting to him and it was the only way he could touch her. He came from a very old Mormon family. I wonder where he learned how to treat women. I do not for one minute believe these disgusting things happened ONLY to me or that ONLY I heard about these terrible injustices to women in the church. There must be so many LDS women refusing to see how they are being used and abused.

I have read quite a few of the emails that are posted on your site, both the encouraging ones and the ones that say things like, and I quote, "I sincerely hope that the churches lawsuit teaches you the value of law and order and respect for other people's right to follow the dictates of their hearts." My sincere hope is that people who say things like this will someday realize that they are just repeating the phrases they heard in some church meeting. That sentence did not come from that persons mind. They were simply, robotically repeating something heard from a Sunday school teacher or maybe read in a church publication.

I know, because I did it, you did it, anyone who was ever a member of the church has done it. It's how we defended the church. The church teaches that it is the only church that encourages it's members to think freely and form their own opinions, and then you read something like that. That person can't even see that they are not capable of free thought and that the church is really saying that the members are free to form their own opinions as long as they agree with church doctrine.

I found that out when I challenged a Sunday school teacher and was told that my opinion about the meaning of a scripture was wrong because it was not the meaning that was published in his manual. That kind of censorship is not giving people the ability to follow the "dictates of their hearts".

My experience is different because I do not profess to be a Christian. I am an honest, moral person who believes that my actions will personally create a heaven or hell for me right here on this earth. I do not need any church to tell me what to believe or how to act. I do not need any scripture to tell me what is wrong or right. Truthfully, I've never been a religious person and that's how I know the church is just a cult. I became brainwashed by the LDS church and allowed myself to be used by a group of people, for what I still don't know. But the truth is I really don't care anymore because I'm free.

I was followed for a while by the Bishop and home teachers of a couple of the wards I lived in. The Bishop came knocking on my door one night and I explained to him that he was looking up the wrong tree. I was no longer that person...different name, different husband. He wasn't welcome and there was absolutely nothing he had to offer that I was interested in. I've never had to ask to have my name removed because I've never been bothered since. Maybe he saw what was in my heart and did it for me.

Life is good. I wasted over ten years of it trying to gain entry into a heaven with a husband that would make any existence hell. I'm going to enjoy every day of what's left of my life and I'm not going to ask for forgiveness. I've never told my side. Thanks for the opportunity.

May 15, 2001

Subject: Removing names from the cult's records

Dear Sirs,

I am interested in removing my name from the records of the LDS cult. I wish for a simple removal without a kangaroo court or the satisfaction of any kind of counselling or excommunication. I merely would like to join the ranks of Christians asap. Could yoou advise me on Mormon procedures (what typically happens). I don't want to be involved with them whatsoever. Thanks

[Sandra's Note: You will find instructions at our web site.

See: How to Remove Your Name from the LDS Records

You have to write a letter to the bishop of the ward you currently live in, stating that you want your membership terminated. State that they are not to use the word excommunication on any of your paper work. (Excommunication implies you did something wrong.)]

May 15, 2001

I am currently an inactive member of the LDS church. I must admit some of the things that you say about the church are true, I can not agree with your site as a whole. I do have a question, however, have you, or anyone else for that matter, ever seen the city of Enoch? Or the twin cities of Sodam and Gamorah? (not sure if I spelled that write, Sorry) What about the actual stone tablets that the 10 comandments were written on, or the Ark of the Covenant? I am going to venture to say that you have not. Yet with out any physical evidence that they are real you believe, do you not? So why is it so wrong that the LDS believe that the tales in the BOM are true and real with out physical evidence? Respond if you can. Thank you!

[Sandra's Note: Granted, the further back we go in history the harder it is to verify specific events or towns. However, there is a vast difference between the arguments for the Bible and those for the Book of Mormon.

There is not one artifact, specifically identified city, map or sample of writing (other than the one provided by Smith) for the Book of Mormon peoples.

On the other hand, the Bible presents the history of a real group of people, the Israelites, and the beginnings of Christianity. There are thousands of artifacts relating to the people mentioned in the Bible. Also, many of the cities mentioned in the Bible have been excavated. The journeys of Paul can be charted on a map.

If we look at the main time frame of the Book of Mormon, from 600 BC to 400 AD, and compare that with the same time frame for the Bible, we find no artifacts for the Nephites/Lamanites but thousands of artifacts for the Bible. If the Book of Mormon were a history of actual people we would expect to find the same type of evidence for it as we do for the Bible.]

May 15, 2001

Subject: Happiness

Dear Jerald and Sandra Tanner, All I would like is to ask you something. Are you two truly (please be honest) happy in your ministry? I really, sincerely would like to know.

Yours truly,

[Sandra's Note: Yes, God has blessed us beyond our greatest hopes. It is so fulfilling to see someone leave behind the darkness of false beliefs and see them blossom under the wonderful light of Christ's grace.]

May 15, 2001

Subject: Misleading Citations and Footnotes in LDS Scriptures

I am an "active" (I suppose) LDS member. While recently reading in Matthew 11, I was struck by verse 14 where Christ states that John the Baptist is Elias (Elijah). I was struck by this because although I must have read it before, it never registered that this meant a fulfillment of Malachi 4:5. When I checked the footnote references for Matthew 11:14, I was directed only to Luke 1:17, which likewise directs me back to Matthew 11:14 and to a D&C passage which speaks of one coming in the spirit of Elias. I then checked Malachi 4:5. The only New Testament reference given for Malachi 4:5 is John 1:21, where John the Baptist says that he is not "Elias". This selective reference makes sense from an LDS standpoint as it supports the LDS view that Elijah hadn't come until he appeared to give the sealing power to Joseph Smith - thus, John the Baptist only came as a type of Elijah. But the obvious omission of Matthew 11:14 and Luke 1:27 is troubling - especially considering that it can't be explained away by the difference in name (i.e., Elias is the name used in John 1:21 as in the other NT verses). Further, Malachi 4:5 is given as a cross-reference in John 1:21, not in the other two NT references. Do you have other examples or an article or other writing on such deliberate omissions?


[Sandra's Note: I don't have a specific list of such verses. I would suggest you read Mormon Claims Answered (online book). Or get the book Reasoning from the Scriptures with Mormons. Another good book is For Any Latter-day Saint.]

May 15, 2001

Subject: thank you

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate your website.

We were both raised in the Mormon Church by zealous parents. We both went to BYU. My husband served a 2yr. mission, and we both married in the temple. Yet, we had both been feeling dissatisfied with the Mormon Church.

I'd push doubts aside and keep trying to be faithful. After all it was my duty to raise the kids to be strong in the Gospel. My husband was leaning toward inactivity.

Towards the end of Feb. of this year our Mormon paradigm came crashing down. My husband was watching a TV show which talked about Mark Hofmann. He wondered how the Church authorities could be tricked by the forgeries. They were supposed to be men of God. Apostles and prophets weren't supposed to be deceived.

My husband did an internet search to learn more about the salamander papers. Up came the websites that led to more websites and disturbing accusations regarding the Church. We researched the terrible claims against the Mormon Church and it all checked out.

We were able to get our hands on the History of the Church books and verify that Joseph Smith was not a humble man. The boasting of himself against Jesus was very disturbing to us but did not seem to faze my husband's parents. Needless to say we are having problems with parents and siblings still in the Church.

Luckily, my husband has a wonderful Christian extended family. His parents are the only Mormon converts on both sides. His extended family has been praying for 30 years that my husband's parents and children would see through the deception of the Mormon Church. So they have really been there for us and helping us learn about who God really is according to the Bible.

I'm pretty angry at the LDS Church. It's painful to feel so betrayed and have such turmoil with the parents, but I am thankful to know the truth. Your website and the exmormon.org website have been very helpful to us. I'm glad you're there.

May 16, 2001

Subject: Thank you

Mr. and Mrs. Tanner,

I received the packet of information and back issues of The Messenger last week and wanted to say *thank you.* I've never seen so much great information in one place. And it's very clear and easy to understand--and well organized, which is wonderful. As a Christian living in Idaho Falls, I sometimes get very discouraged when I think about all the deceived people that live around me, who so easily buy into what they're taught. Thank you for the truth that liberates!

... Thank you again for all you do. The Lord bless you.

May 16, 2001

Subject: excellent work

Just doing some research into Mormon history and i found this website. I am very pleased with the quality of work and the amount of research behind it. I can now make a better decision on how to classify this religion. Thanks.

May 16, 2001

Subject: thanks

I have just visited your site---I stand (really I am seated) amazed at it's content. I had no idea so much material was/is available on this subject. I will be back to visit and read some more.


May 17, 2001

Hi Sandra

You probably don't remember me. We communicated several years ago when I was an active Mormon having severe doubts. You were kind enough to forward several items such as book lists, magazines and the LDS Classics CD-ROM.

Since then I have totally left the Mormon Church.... I was formally a Bishop and Exec Sec to The Preston England Stake Presidency.

Thank you

May 20, 2001

Subject: I agree and I would like to know more.

My name is _____ ______.

I was raised in the Mormon church, but I have long since become a true Christian.

As a child I witnessed my father attempting to bring in other women into our life's. This was a disastrous deal for my mother. Yet still she tried to go along with it.

At this time my father has just lost his last wife due to his desire for multiple wife's. I believe that this and so many more beliefs of the Mormons is very wrong and very hurtful especially towards women.

I knew from childhood that there is only one God. Though the Mormons tried so very hard to make me believe that there are many and that I myself could become one. This belief, I feel strongly is an insult to the only one true living God.

I would like to help people understand the great damages that can occur when they turn themselves over to Mormonism. I do not wish to condemn believers but to open their eyes to the possibility that this is not a church but a cult. And that are Lord is willing to quickly bring the followers of this deception back into his loving fold of Christianity. I feel that the Lord put me through the experiences of the Mormon church so that I would later turn around and become someone destined to help.


May 22, 2001

...I know of the many circulating stories and evidences about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and other church leaders. I have read many of them. As for them, I can only say as the blind man in John 9 said to the pharisees who would not believe that Christ was the Messiah but much like detractors of Joseph wanted Him to be a sinner, "this much I know, whereas I was blind, now I see". I have had so much experience with the LDS Doctrine and have had much experience with Buddhism, Confucianism, other Christian religions and to me they fall so short of the beautiful doctrines and ordinances that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints offers that it is clear to me wherein lies the truth. I respect your position and belief. It is amazing that to me though that so many people believe the story of Joseph Smith and that this church keeps growing at such a pace, despite detractors efforts to spread "the truth" about the leaders and the church.

May 23, 2001

Subject: Your Web Site

Mr. and Mrs. Tanner,

This is a personal "thank you" for all the meticulous research you've done and your sharing it free with the public at large so that we can draw our own conclusions.

About 5 years ago, my younger brother married a member of the LDS when, after one sexual encounter, she became pregnant. This was not the hardship for her I might have expected considering she'd only known him for a few months and premarital sex was a big no-no in her family and religion. Her dream had been to be a wife and mommy and she had already used a huge part of her salary, even before meeting anyone, to stock up on everything an infant could possibly need. I wonder about that...

Since joining the family, if you can call it that as she sees us all as "gentiles" and "apostates", she has made a concerted effort to convert us to the "one true church." I don't take actions like that lightly and so set out to do some research on the matter. You have been a huge help in my endeavor!

One thing that I've found disturbing and that I never would have known without your site is that when I've thought she was telling me her opinions she was actually quoting word for word what she'd learned from the prophet or other church authorities. Imagine my surprise when after having a private conversation with her I'd find the exact same words previously written by someone else. It's been a very disconcerting experience to say the least.

...She's careful to keep her distance from us, not wanting her husband to spend too much time among us. When they do visit, somehow her parents always coincidentally find themselves here at the same time. I miss my brother, and unfortunately my respect for him has lessened, but I thank you for helping me to see where it is she gets her "opinions".


May 24, 2001

Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Tanner,

My name is _____ ______,and for years I have admired you and your work. First of all, I am sending you the biggest cyber hug for a favor you did me in 1970.

You see, I joined the LDS "church" in 1969 at age 14 (sole convert), and was in a Christian bookstore when I stumbled across one of your pamphlets. Of course, I was going to prove you wrong; you have to be 14 to have that kind of bold arrogance I suppose. At the time, I thought you were "evil", but I bought it and read it, and the questioning process began for me.

I soon began reading other outside sources on Mormonism, and I was 17 when I asked to have my name removed. Since, in my handwritten letter to my Bishop, I disagreed with LDS doctrine on scriptural grounds, they did not ask for my parents' permission prior to removing my name! I went through a Bishop's court and was excommunicated! I still have the letter!

Anyway, I know you get all kinds of crank email, threatening letters, etc., but you probably don't know the positive effect you had on me.

Luckily for me, I have a nice church here in ...California, and if you are ever in our area, please visit us; ...God bless you, and I am amazed at your work.

Yours in Christ,

P.S. I do pray for you and others in your ministry daily. I have difficulty in my church convincing people Mormonism isn't harmless.

May 24, 2001

Subject: Witnessing to Mormons

Dear Jerald & Sandra,

It is such a privilege and blessing to see a website like yours. For many years I have felt a calling from God to witness to mormons ...I have recently had that door of opportunity open for me at my church ...It is also interesting that many of the questions we get from our class attendees (a mixture of skeptics and Christians (wanting to build a solid foundation for their belief and why they believe)) are related to Mormonism. ...

In His Service,

May 24, 2001

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I've just spent 180+ minutes reading the voluminous material from your many web pages. Interesting, yet a common theme pervails and is troubling to me.

First of all, with any body of history or religious doctrine, there will always be endless interpretation, speculation, and opinion, depending on one's perspective, grasp of the facts, and motivation. To suggest (as you do repeatedly) that yours are correct and thus, Mormonism is folly suggests a remarkable degree of arrogance or self-righteousness.

Secondly, you are quite selective in your use of "facts" as you delineate your essay of destruction on Mormonism. One could the same with any religion. This does not inspire credibility. A detective being similarly selective with evidence from a murder scene could prove just about anything he wanted to.

Thirdly, why would you spend such an enormous amount of time and energy in an attempt to destroy that which you obviously cannot? And please, don't give me this pathetic line about merely wanting to make Mormons aware of facts and viewpoints they would not otherwise be exposed to.

Your real motive is clear to me and every other colleage of mine who has read your material. Of course there are problems with Mormon history. There are problems with scriptural translation, prophetic statements, etc. An intelligent person would expect such whenever mortals are involved.

But at the core of Mormonism is a beautiful theology and set of principles which, when lived by believers, produce the "good fruit" referred to by the Savior. When I look at the weak attempts by fundamentalist Christians to descredit Mormonism, Catholicism, and any other theology that contradicts their creed, I see the same common thread... hatred and bigotry. Obsession and self-righteousness. Intolerance. Contempt for that which is wholesome, good, and true.

The fruits of Mormonism are good. It is changing human lives for good throughout the world. You cannot and will not stop it. Consider... why would so many highly intelligent and capable people from all walks of life, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds share such a common conversion, sacrifice, and devotion to a religion if it were so easily proven false?

At my age, I have seen hundreds - perhaps thousands of people from all over the world who have embraced Mormon Christianity. They love God and Jesus Christ more than ever. They live His gospel. They are truly happy and at peace. They are better neighbors. They are more compassionate. They are more charitable. They are more tolerant. They would not trade their religion for anything in this world. THESE ARE THE FRUITS OF CHRIST AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS! Why would someone professing to be the "true Christians" seek to destroy this? It is mind-boggling! PEOPLE... IT IS TIME TO REPENT... GET POSITIVE... AND GET A LIFE!


May 24, 2001

To whom it may concern,

I have borrowed from a friend a 1988 copy of The Mormon Murders, a book based upon the Utah incident involving Mark Hoffman. I am only on the second chapter, "to good to be true" and have heard enough to be disgusted at the LDS History.

As a very open minded person, I have always taken an outside look at things, observing how things work and even then perhaps getting a little involved to see what a system is made of. Whether it be a sport i would engage in or a schooling system. Lately i have moved to a very wealthy west coast community, with business booming all over. All friends i know are associated with the LDS. Even though they had tough Mormon families only letting them out at certain hours and having to report in every other min.

We have had good times and am friends with them, but there was always something different that i could not put my finger on, just the feeling from being in their household made me feel awkward and looking at it as a whole, i still couldnt put my finger on it, from elder visits of the very wealthy Well known families in the area to not being able to hang out on Sundays.

And taking an outside view they are a good bunch of people. but i always thought how can they be so Wealthy in this tough to live and run business side of the map, and uphold their standards, they tempers would have to fly at business some times or show at home, the dedication to money and power using the church as a good feeling and the in thing to do.

Whats the main point is, this generation is very different. almost all the "kids" I have become friends once at least attempted suicide once, always complain about house environment. And at some time become their own person by "rebelling" staying out later going to parties getting drunk and going "down hill". One friend was so "worldly" that when his Brother came back from a mission he was on house arrest and never was allowed out. i have not heard from him in the last year, just a few hi good-byes in the mall. These kids are almost as scary mentality as Mr. Hoffman, and as an observer i have seen the families crumble one by one, even parents divorcing and marrying again in the "lord".

Wheres the happy smiles? how were the kids of 4 supposed to deal with this, when asked how are you, fake smiles, im good, going to church outing, PLEEEAASSE come. Just alot of smiles and something not right behind the eyes.

Now being a person to give second chances i still was going to give the mormon system a second chance. My girlfriend has a strong mormon background but has not attend regularly enough lately. Now she is an emotional wreck, depressed because she thinks she is a sinner because she hasnt been and has been to a few parties with me and drank a COKE!! Depressed because she thinks i could never love her enough unless we were to get married in the temple sometime in the future, we are both 19.

After reading the book Mormon Murders and doing a little mormon history searching myself, i am convinced never to step foot in the place again. Its like putting money in a bank with employees known for forgery and cover-ups and changing bank rules. I just want to bank and feel secure in that bank and know it has no dark history.

Of course when given the facts to my girlfriend about her church she shrugs them off and says to look at what the church is doing now and how the history is so innocent and pure and true and good that theres going to be people bad talking it.

SO many heated discussions we have, and she even told me her ex-boyfriend had "dumped" her for not being faithful enough by not attending church while he was on a mission. I think that didnt help her at all, now i feel like i have to find some true fact, documentary or book of some kind to throw a beam of truth about the history and church activities even in this 1970 era that the mormon murders were committed. She looked at the book and read the title and didnt want to hear more. Mormon murders is kind of a harsh title so i was wondering are those Mormon history reports brought to attention [in] the book completely true? if so what copies in a library or web site can be obtained with true mormon history?


[Sandra's Note: A good book on the Hofmann case done by LDS historians is Salamander: Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders. It is not as harsh as Mormon Murders but still gives a good account of the Hofmann forgeries, his involvement with the LDS leaders and his murders. Also see our online book, Tracking the White Salamander: The Story of Mark Hofmann, Murder and Forged Mormon Documents.

As for evidence relating to the various problems in early LDS history, the University of Utah library and the Utah State Historical Society library (here in SLC) contain the documents and early LDS books.

The LDS Church puts out a CD-ROM called 'GospeLinks.' It contains the Journal of Discourses, History of the Church, Mormon Doctrine (current ed.) plus their scriptures and dozens of other LDS works. It is sold at all LDS bookstores, like Deseret Book. Phone 801-328-8191 or go to their web site http://www.deseretbook.com]

May 26, 2001

I am grateful for the ministry to reaching out to LDS people. Here in Twin Falls Idaho, there are 65% mormon here. I pray for them each and every sunday before church, because I care about their lives and eternity. A concerned christian from Idaho. thank you for your ministry.

May 26, 2001

Jesus too was persecuted and people searched continually to find fault. You are as guilty as the people then; you would have been one of those who yelled crucify HIM. May GOD have mercy on your soul. Just think what if you are 100% wrong? What then? The truth is in the interpretation of the scriptures and you stand just as much a chance of being wrong as does Joseph Smith. I think you should have an open mind and heart then ask GOD/HOLY SPIRIT to reveal the truth to you, don't you? Try it if you have the Faith the truth will be revealed to you, but you wouldn't recognize it, you would think it of the devil and deny.

May 28, 2001

Letter to LDS friends:

...Please know that despite whatever rumors to the contrary, we only left Mormonism to follow Jesus. We did so voluntarily. Not under the cover of any sin or offense by any member. We have NOT been the subject of any Mormon Church discipline counsel, excommunication, or apostasy. ...

Also, please don't take this wrong, but just as I cannot know about a belief that I have not lived, you cannot know about the "Christian born-again" line. Mormons unknowingly misrepresent to each other, always setting up a straw-man "born-again," with a false "born-againer" belief that: "as long as you say the right words about Jesus you can 'eat, drink, and be merry; nevertheless, fear God -- he will justify in committing a little sin; ... and if it be that we are guilty, God will beat us with a few stripes, and at last we shall be saved in the kingdom of God.'" (2Ne28:8.) In fact, all of 2 Nephi 28 is an example of the nonsense, "straw-man," argument. This type of thinking is also arrogant.

You have been told a lie about Christianity and about Him. Mormon leaders either do not know orthodox Christian beliefs or they just deliberately misrepresent His beliefs to the Mormon people. I suspect they do this in fear of losing members. In fact, Mormons have NOT been told the truth about a lot of stuff. Mormon leaders fear that your "testimony" is too tender for the REAL history and REAL doctrine about Mormonism.

If you have been on a mission you know how we missionaries hide from investigators the "advanced" doctrines until their "testimonies" are firmer. Well, it does not stop there. Recent history only as far back as Mark Hoffman and the White Salamander letters show how Mormon leaders hide facts from their members, even the ones they think are the truth, if they fear it will harm their tender testimonies.

Have you ever read this quote from Joseph Smith as it is recorded in LDS History of the Church? Look it up for yourself, here is a challenge by Joseph Smith.

"Come on! Ye prosecutors! ye false swearers! All hell boil over! Ye burning mountains, roll down your lava! for I will come on top at last. I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, NOR JESUS, ever did it. I boast that NO MAN EVER DID such a work as I. The followers OF JESUS RAN AWAY FROM HIM; but Latter-Day Saints never ran away from me yet... When they can get rid of me, the devil will also go." (History of the Church, Vol. 6, p. 408, 409)

There is a lot that Joe and Brigham said that you will not find in the Ensign. I ask you honestly, does that sound like anything from a true follower of Jesus, let alone his prophet? And there is a whole lot more where that came from. ...you questioned the sincerity of our knowledge and study of Mormonism, its teachings and its gospel. The problems with Mormonism's teachings and gospel comes when you learn too much about them, not from knowing too little.

Christians believe Jesus is true. ...The Bible is Gods word and is not made up. It can be substantiated by being internally consistent in teaching and a ton of archeology and secular history that backs it up.

On the other hand, Mormonism is totally made-up. This would not be such a big problem if it did not hurt so many people. Joe Smith was the power-hungry man who made it up. The book of Mormon is totally made up. This is really easy to see with even the smallest amount of research. The whole Doctrine and Covenants have been changed and made up, for example they first condemned polygamy while it was being secretly practiced by Joe D&C 101:4 (1835 edition), and then changed when it was found out (1843 edition). The D&C is not God's word, but made up by Joe Smith to coerce people, especially Emma and other women, to do what he wanted, even if it was wholly immoral. He was a cult leader in every since of the word. Brigham Young was a tyrant who hurt a lot of people too.

Mormons follow feelings and authoritative men, like Moonies, Hare-krinshna, Scientology, Jehovah Witnesses, ect. Its about mind control. It controls what they can think, who they can talk to, what clothing they can wear, what food they eat. That is why people call it a cult. Not for any other reason. Its all there in history for those who dare to look.

As far as knowing what LDS believe, _____ and I both graduated from BYU. We both graduated from four years of LDS seminary. We have been members of the LDS Church all our lives. I served an "honorable" LDS mission in Italy from 1983-1985, including 6 months as an assistant to the president. I lived the LDS commandments and had many LDS "spiritual" experiences. _____ went for six months on BYU study abroad in Jerusalem where she had many LDS experiences. We have been leaders in Mormonism all our lives. We know something about Mormonism.

We have compared Mormonism with other faiths, including Christianity, using what we found from our own search. Not what others would tell us we would or would not find. ...Read; investigate the history and doctrine for yourself. See what else God has to offer. Try to understand, AFTER LOOKING, what it is that God has.

If you find something better out there from God you will have him to thank. If you do not, you will have him to thank. It is a "no lose" situation. Don't let the fear of finding something that might upset your life keep you from searching....

May 28, 2001

To all at the website,

I am a 24 year old ex-mormon. I left the church when I was 15, and came to the Lord at 19. I am currently in a predicament with my parents who are mormons; mainly, what can I do? They are very accepting of my faith, as have other mormons I have talked to. Of course they would love me to return, and have my wife and I both sealed, but there has not been a push. Engaging my parents in a good discussion has been difficult.

As far as my story, I had always felt an estrangement with God all my life. My parents joined the church when I was 2, and never doubted its truth. From about 4 or 5 years old, to when I left the church, I was the first to give my testimony on fast Sunday. It was a tradition in our ward that I do it. I always new something was wrong, but I felt that I had a problem with God, and not that there was a problem anywhere else. I started doing drugs (inhalants, ie. glue, gas, etc.) when I was eight. I had often thought about suicide, since the age of 4, and thought God did not like me, that I was just worse than everyone else.

When I was 15 I entered drug rehabilitation. My world had never been challenged, not until a few weeks previous when a friend confronted me about my addiction. Having then been exposed to 12-step program spirituality, I chose to leave the church after been clean for about 60 days. I wandered spiritually for the next couple of years, still believing mormonism to be true, but believing I could interact with God on some other plain and on my terms. At 17 I asked God to reveal himself to me, and instantly many Christians appeared in my life. I left myself with the notion that there was some force in the universe, but that was all I knew.

From the Christians I met I saw hypocrisy in their lives, an although I did not have the same moral code as they, I did have one which I stuck to. I guess I was on my [way] to Taoism, which I was very interested in at the time.

A couple months before I turned 18 I started taking drum lessons with a man who had been through bible college. He too had been a mormon and had left as a teenager. At that time I held that mormonism was the true christian faith, and that my problem was with christianity, not mormonism. No one could refute Paul's mention of baptism for the dead, or other sheep, or three degrees of glory.

However, this man broke down those notions and taught me what I needed know, most importantly what the cross meant and how I could know Jesus. After reading a book called Power, Pathology, Paradox, in late June of 1996, at work, a Chevron gas station at 5:00 AM on a Sunday, I asked Jesus into my heart.

A strange thing occurred just after I became a believer. Previously, missionaries had tried to engage me on spiritual matters for some time. Every pair would engage me, but after I finally sat down with two of them and asked them some tough questions. Since then no missionary has remotely attempted to engage me at all.

I fear [for] my brother. I fear for family and friends. I have feared for some time now. I fear because I now the consequences f their actions, and the penalty that awaits them. My father has suffered a few heart attacks and strokes, and has lost many mental faculties. My mother is still very healthy and very active in the church....I would love to see her come to the Lord, ...Thank you for your time, and pray the Lord bless you and keep you in your ministry.

May 30, 2001

I was baptized a ...mormon when I was 8 years old. I am now 27 and have had very little to do with the church. Would I still have to ask them to delete me from their files? Or since it has been since I was 9 that I went to the church do you think they have already resigned me. I am a Christian and would hate to think anyone would find any reference to me with the abomination of the Mormon cult.


[Sandra's Note: Yes, you would be still listed on the LDS rolls as a member. You would have to send a letter instructing them to remove your membership. See: How to Remove Your Name from the LDS Records.]

May 30, 2001

Subject: Waste of time

You know, with all the things out there in the world, disease, death, wars, famines, one would think that you would spend your time fighting those. Instead, you send hate mail, print lies all about one's faith. Why don't you people do something worthwhile, and stop trashing the faith of others. Because in this day and age, faith is all we have.

May 30, 2001

Subject: Thank you!

Hi, [I] left the Mormon church 5 years ago in July in part to you excellent research. When I left I was able to find a great Christian church (Evangelical Free Church in Orem).

May 30, 2001


I read the wonderful, well researched book by Charles M. Larson "By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus," and I showed it to one of my Mormon friends.

A few days later she said, "not all of The Book of Abraham was translated from the papyrus". It was obvious she was avoiding the fact that Joseph Smith was a liar. But this really interested me.

So I took out my copy of the book and found that it was John Henry Evans who she probably got this from. I asked my grandmother about this person, and come to find out he was actually my great, great grandfather and one of the first people to tackle the subject of the papyrus.

Interestingly enough, my grandmother told me that none of his children, including my great grandfather ended up being active in the church.

My question to you is - Is it safe to say that all of the Book of Abraham was translated from the papyrus? It says so right at the top of the title page....Thanks a lot for your time.

P.S. I love your website.

[Sandra's Note: The Mormons are trying every way they can to avoid the obvious problem. What evidence do they have that the Book of Abraham was supposed to come from anything other than the papyrus? None that I am aware of. The heading in the Pearl of Great Price clearly makes the claim that Smith was translating the Book of Abraham from the papyrus.]

May 31, 2001

Subject: Mormonism and Khirbet beit Lei

...Have you ever dealt with LDS researchers who have claimed that a place called Khirbet beit Lei is proof of the Book of Mormon's historical validity? It is a place located outside of Jerusalem, and it translates into the "Ruins of the House of Lehi."

Supposedly, Hebrew University in Jerusalem has documentation on this. According to Beduins in the region, it was the land of inheritance of a prophet named Lehi. They say that one day he and his family gathered there and then went away to a far off land never to be heard of again.

I have tried to research this myself, but the only info I can find on the Web is LDS in content.

I have also tried to verify this information with the archaeological department at Hebrew University, but they were not very helpful in the matter.

If you have any information on the subject please let me know, or if you know of another ministry that might have the info I'd appreciate it if you would let me know that as well. Thank you for your time.

[Sandra's Note: There was a very good article discussing the problems with this theory in Sunstone Magazine, July 1985, pp.27-30. Also, there was an editorial article on this in Biblical Archaeology Review, Nov-Dec. 1988, p.19. Part of the articles says:

"A number of papers by Mormon authors have appeared that attempt to connect these inscriptions with the travels of one Lehi who, according to the Book of Mormon...sailed to the New World from Palestine about 590 B.C....the alleged connection with Lehi in the Book of Mormon was based on the name of the site. However, the name of the site is not Beit Lehi,...but Beit Lei, or, in its older Arabic form, Bayt Layy.

"The question is whether there is any linguistic connection between Lei (older Layy) and Lehi. We put this question to Professor [Frank Moore] Cross [of Harvard University]. Here is his reply

" 'As you know, the site of Khirbet Beit Lei (older Layy) was connected by Mormon authors with Biblical Lehi (see Judges 15) and ultimately with the Mormon figure Lehi. The connection of the name Lei with Lehi is based on a linguistic blunder, however. The Arabic Lei, classical Arabic Layy, is based on a root lwy, and means 'bend, twist,' etc. Hebrew Lehi, on the other hand, is based on the Semitic root lhy, meaning 'jaw,' and lyy and lhy cannot be confused in Semitic. The h is a strong laryngeal spirant in Semitic, somewhat like ch in German Buch or ch in Scottish loch.

" ' Neither [Dr. Joseph] Naveh nor I would for a moment support the equation layy = lehi, any more than we would confuse (Robert E.) Lee with (John) Locke.

" 'I should add that when lecturing at Brigham Young University I discussed these issues in detail and made clear my name was not to be associated with such popular, unscholarly claims.' " (Biblical Archaeology Review, Nov/Dec., 1988, p.19)

Hope this helps.]

May 31, 2001

Subject: I want to understand your motives

There is nothing I can say or do to change your opinion, and I accept that.

I have searched for "anti" other religion sites. More literature both on-line and off, is available about the "mormon" church than any other religion - both for and against it.

May I ask why you have singled out the LDS church in which to find fault?

And would you please point me to any Official LDS sites that strive to bring out the negatives of any other religion? I would like to see how they have offended you to drive you to such lengths to disprove the LDS beliefs.


[Sandra's Note: If you will read the section of our web site called "About Us" you will find that we are former LDS, now evangelical Christians, trying to show people that Jesus is the answer, not Mormonism.

Joseph Smith, in his official first vision account, started the whole issue by claiming that God rejected all of the Christian Churches, with his account specially naming the Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians.

To us TRUTH matters. If Mormonism is not the truth, but an invention of Joseph Smith, then it should be exposed as such. Paul admonished us in Eph 5:11-13: "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light."

We feel Mormonism falls under the Biblical condemnation of 2 Peter 2:1: "But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies..." See also 1 John 4:1: "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."]

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