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12/27/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles

       LDS Church:
       December 24, 2000: Petitioners Ask LDS Church to Alter Gay Stance
       December 23, 2000: Couple Arrested After Barging Into LDS Temple
       December 16, 2000: LDS Church Leader Pinnock Dies
       Olympics and LDS:
       December 26, 2000: Mormons Ready to Maximize Attention 2002 Winter Games Bring
       December 17, 2000: New Document Adds Mystery to Key Point Of Oly Investigation
       December 16, 2000: '98 Bid Records Show Attempts To Play Smart
       October 13, 2000: Olympic Scandal Case Has Cost Government More Than $1 Million
       December 15, 2000: Green's Wife Retracts Her Abuse Story
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       December 16, 2000: Tribune Managers Unabated By Judge's Approval of Sale
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       December 16, 2000: DRINK TO THIS: Booze Sales Mean Better School Lunch
12/22/00 Updated Was The Garden of Eden in Missouri?: Added additional information and photos.
12/19/00 Brigham Young's Wives and His Divorce From Ann Eliza Webb
12/15/00 Brigham Young's Estate
12/14/00 Settlement Signed by All Parties and a Thank You
12/14/00 Salt Lake Tribune Article: Church Settles Copyright Suit
12/13/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       December 11, 2000: Political Polygamists Coming Out of the Closet
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       December 13, 2000: Tribune Hearing Goes Into 2nd Day
       December 12, 2000: Pact Reveals Deseret News Link
       December 12, 2000: Tribune Testifies AT&T Went Back on Deal
       December 11, 2000: Tense Relations Nothing New For Trib, News
       December 10, 2000: AT&T Stoked Bid War for Trib
       December 10, 2000: Tribune Managers Point to Another 'Little Guy' Who Foiled Corporate Giant
       December 10, 2000: Salt Lake City's Newspaper 'War': For Profits, or Paranoia?
       December 9, 2000: Utah's Two Largest Dailies' Relationship Goes From 'Mutual Trust' to Cold War
       December 9, 2000: MediaNews Group Says It's Not a Front for LDS Church
       December 8, 2000: D-News Cited in Tribune Acquisition Papers
       Utah History:
       December 10, 2000: 'Buying' Papers Well Grounded In Mormon Lore
12/11/00 Baptist Press Article: Ex-Mormon couple prioritize ministry in settling LDS-filed Internet suit
12/11/00 Salt Lake City Weekly Article: The Tanners' Uneasy Settlement
12/07/00 The New York Times (AP) Brief: Mormon church is settling Internet test case, critics say
12/07/00 Brigham Young's Deseret Alphabet
12/07/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       LDS Church:
       December 7, 2000: Church Pressure (Opinion)
       Utah History:
       December 2, 2000: The Deseret Alphabet Died With Brigham Young
12/06/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       December 6, 2000: Court Filing: AT&T Lied To Tribune About Sale
12/05/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       December 5, 2000: Tribune to Add Would-Be Buyer To Federal Suit
       December 5, 2000: Articles on the Sale of the Tribune
12/04/00 Letters to the Editor: November
12/04/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       December 3, 2000: Lawsuit Details D-News-LDS Intrigues to Acquire The Tribune
       December 3, 2000: Every Utahn's Fight
       December 2, 2000: Suit Aims to Stop Tribune Sale
       December 2, 2000: Deseret News Demanded Changes
       December 2, 2000: Events Leading to The Tribune-AT&T Lawsuit
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       December 2, 2000: Judge Delays English-Only From Becoming State Law
12/01/00 Photos of the Settlement Press Conference at Utah Lighthouse Ministry
12/01/00 Salt Lake Tribune Article: LDS Suit Nearing Settlement

11/30/00 Permanent Injunction and Judgment and Settlement Stipulation
11/30/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       LDS Church:
       November 30, 2000: BYU Gene Data May Shed Light On Origin Of Book of Mormon's Lamanites
       Olympics and LDS:
       November 9, 2000: Web Site Raises Eyebrows at SLOC
       November 9, 2000: Leavitt Returns Oly Cash, Calls Donation 'Oversight'
11/27/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       November 10, 2000: Abuser, LDS Leaders Dispute Confession Timing
       October 21, 2000: Council Offers Advice on Sexual Predators
       LDS Church:
       November 4, 2000: LDS Leaders to Lay Cornerstones for Nauvoo Temple
       October 19, 2000: At BYU, Banking On Blood for Genetic History
       September 11, 2000: Company's Collapse Pains Mormons Across the Nation
       September 9, 2000: LDS Church Wants to Be Official in Italy
       Main Street Purchase:
       November 12, 2000: Tribune Editorial Is Wrong About Facts on Main Street Plaza
       September 9, 2000: ACLU Wants to Turn Light on Land Deal
       November 11, 2000: Documentary on Massacre Headlines Eclipse Festival
       November 3, 2000: Descendants Demand Artifacts Back
       Mormon Culture:
       October 22, 2000: Latter-Day Saints' Feminism Is Much Stronger Than Many Want to Acknowledge or Believe
       Olympics and LDS:
       November 23, 2000: Videos Aim To Educate Evangelists
       November 3, 2000: Oly Scandal To Be Made Into TV Movie
       October 30, 2000: Smokes Join Beer on List of No-Nos At Medals Plaza for 2002 Games
       September 9, 2000: Official Explanations Leave Utahns Skeptical
       September 9, 2000: Prosecutors May Face a Challenge In Olympic Trial
       November 26, 2000: Polygamy's Poster Family
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       October 30, 2000: Tribune, Deseret News Meetings Continue Over JOA Issues
       Utah History:
       September 9, 2000: 150 Years Ago Today, Utah Became Territory and Was Handed Its Name
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       October 27, 2000: A SMALL TENT: Lawmaker Says No Room for Demos in LDS
11/21/00 Letters to the Editor: October
11/14/00 Brigham's Destroying Angel by "Wild" Bill Hickman 1904 Edition

10/27/00 Free Book Offer!
10/26/00 #63 Salt Lake City Messenger, Mormonism and Plagiarism
10/24/00 Added New Search Engine!
10/20/00 #64 Salt Lake City Messenger, Hofmann Talks!
10/18/00 Letters to the Editor: September [Web-editor: entire month!]
10/17/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       October 5, 2000: Deal Means No Trial For Bishop
       October 3, 2000: No Trial For Bishop Over Silence
       October 3, 2000: Agencies Step Up Anti-Abuse Effort
       August 16, 2000: Child Molester Guilty of Felony Via Plea Bargain
       August 3, 2000: Utah Clergy Fear Loss Of Confessional Secrecy
       LDS Church:
       October 15, 2000: Mormon Women Are Not Content With Second-Class Status
       October 12, 2000: Utah Gays Making Real Strides
       October 7, 2000: Parents of Gay Children Call LDS Pamphlets 'Insensitive'
       October 6, 2000: For Visiting Faithful, LDS Conference Evokes Awe, Reverence
       October 2, 2000: LDS President Dedicates 100th Church Temple
       September 30, 2000: Mormon Milestone: 100th temple dedicated in Boston, but rancor remains
       September 3, 2000: LDS Church Plans New S.L. Institute of Religion
       August 28, 2000: LDS Defender Began Crusade as a Theological Punching Bag
       August 15, 2000: Spiritual Confessors or Informants?
       August 5, 2000: LDS Church Faces Tests as It Goes Global
       Main Street Purchase:
       September 23, 2000: Church Slams Media Over Plaza Controversy
       September 18, 2000: LDS Plaza: A 'Little Bit' of Church Property
       September 10, 2000: Artifacts Head for Museum, Mountain Meadows buttons go to Arkansas
       September 8, 2000: Push to Rebury Artifacts From Massacre Criticized
       September 7, 2000: Church Taking Custody Of Massacre Artifacts
       August 31, 2000: State Wants Mountain Meadows Artifacts Returned to the Grave
       Mormon Culture:
       September 10, 2000: 2,000 Gather for Genealogy Conference
       Mormon Splinter Groups:
       August 20, 2000: Lafferty to Sheriff's Deputy: 'If God Asked Me to, I'd Kill You Right Now'
       Olympics and LDS:
       October 13, 2000: Romney, SLOC Stick To Their Guns on Beer
       September 30, 2000: SLOC Gifts May Make Some Blush: Viagra among favors bestowed on dignitaries
       September 28, 2000: Romney Calls for Dry Medals Plaza
       September 28, 2000: Welch, Johnson Legal Costs Spiral
       September 23, 2000: Chaplains Say Athletes Need A Place to Pray
       October 11, 2000: Judge Throws Out Green's Defamation Lawsuit
       September 25, 2000: State Watchdog Over Polygamy Ready to Roll
       September 20, 2000: Prosecutor Rebuts Polygamist's Time-Limit Challenge
       August 27, 2000: Attempts to Use Law to Eradicate Polygamy Are Brutal, Ineffective (Opinion)
       August 24, 2000: Church Eviction Dispute in Polygamist Town Sent to Higher Court
       August 22, 2000: A SHADOW OF A SCHOOL: Polygamists Heed Call; Enrollments Drop
       August 9, 2000: Polygamist Faces Trial on 1986 Allegation
       August 3, 2000: Is Polygamous Sect Circling The Wagons?
       August 2, 2000: Polygamists Pull Kids From School
       Salt Lake Tribune:
       October 7, 2000: News Admits It Negotiated With AT&T
       October 7, 2000: Tribune-Deseret News Fight Generates Sonic Booms, Party-Line Reports
       October 6, 2000: Demo Rips Hatch's Judgment
       October 5, 2000: Tribune Seeks To Keep Paper From D-News
       Utah History:
       September 17, 2000: Saints Dealt Out Justice, Frontier-Style
       September 11, 2000: Statue Honors Pioneer Figure Rockwell
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       August 3, 2000: Sex, Shakespeare Under New Definition of Taboo School Topics?
       Utah Statistics:
       July 31, 2000: Salt Lake City Becoming an Unlikely Battlefield in the War on Drugs
10/06/00 #65 Salt Lake City Messenger, Magic in Mormonism

09/20/00 Book: "Tell It All": The Story of a Life's Experience in Mormonism
       [Web-editor: We are now printing this book which enables us to offer it at a lower price!]
09/19/00 From Polygamy to Christ by Brian J. Mackert
09/15/00 Letters to the Editor: August [Web-editor: Entire month!]

8/31/00 Salt Lake City Messenger #67 - Covering Up Syn
08/29/00 Wife No. 19, or The Story of a Life in Bondage by Ann Eliza Young, Brigham Young's Apostate Wife, 1875.
       [Web-editor: We are now printing this book. Since production costs are lower, we've lowered the price!]
08/04/00 Letters to the Editor: July
       [Web-editor: Entire month!]

7/31/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       LDS Church:
       July 29, 2000: LDS Scripture Fact or Fiction? Author Says It Doesn't Matter
       July 26, 2000: General Counsel to 7 LDS Presidents, Kirton, Dies at 78
       Olympics and LDS:
       July 22, 2000: Olympic Trial Judge Sees No Conflict
       July 22, 2000: SLC Bid Scandal Sometimes Links Players with Mormonism, But the impact on tourism, Utah, church image unclear
       July 21, 2000: The Scandal: A 5-Year Chronology
       July 21, 2000: Utah's Hope of Saving Face Under Olympic Spotlight Dashed With Possibility of Extended Trial
       July 21, 2000: Showdown Looms in Oly Saga
       July 20, 2000: ONLINE UPDATE: Welch, Johnson Indicted in Oly Scandal
       July 20, 2000: Federal Indictment
       July 20, 2000: Oly Probe: It's Grand Jury's Turn
       July 14, 2000: Settlement Still Possible in Olympic Probe
       Other Churches and the LDS:
       July 22, 2000: Celebrating the Madeleine, She is the keeper of Utah Catholic history
       July 22, 2000: Tonight, Utah's Catholics Celebrate Cornerstone's Centennial
       July 26, 2000: Oppressive Polygamy (Opinion)
       July 12, 2000: Judge: Polygamist Green Still Wed Despite Divorce
       July 9, 2000: Misleading Connections (Opinion)
07/25/00 LDS Patriarchal Blessings
07/20/00 General FAQ: Where can I see the original sources you reference?
07/18/00 The Changing Articles of Faith
07/17/00 Original 1830 Book of Mormon Page Numbers With Corresponding 1981 Verses
07/14/00 New and improved UTLM Message Board! Note: Please read the updated Message Board FAQ first.
07/11/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       July 8, 2000: LDS Bishop Charged With Failing to Report Abuse
       Mormon Culture:
       July 11, 2000: INTO THE FRAY: LDS Magazine Adds Voice to U. Dialogue
       July 10, 2000: Salt Lake's Gilgal Garden Gets a New Lease on Life
       July 2, 2000: 10th Wife, Now an Ex, May Be Key to Polygamist's Fate
       Utah Statistics:
       July 2, 2000: The 'Why' of Teen Suicide: Long after, parents look for the reasons -- and the warning signs
07/07/00 Added UTLM Message Board! [Web-editor: first version.]
07/03/00 Letters to the Editor: June [Web-editor: entire month!]

06/30/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       LDS and Minorities:
       June 12, 2000: THE POLYNESIANS OF UTAH: Islanders' dreams meet cold reality in Utah
       LDS Church:
       June 29, 2000: Scouts Can Reject Gay Leaders
       June 23, 2000: Bonneville Acquiring Four Radio Stations
       June 10, 2000: LDS Missionary Walking on I-15 Ramp Killed
       Mormon Culture:
       June 8, 2000: Gilgal Garden Purchase Snagged Over Boundaries
       Orrin Hatch and the "White Horse" Prophecy:
       June 15, 2000: Hatch's Musical Endeavors Net Him $18,000
       June 30, 2000: After Watching Home Videos, Judge Binds Polygamist Over for Trial
       June 29, 2000: Preliminary Hearing to Shape Case Against Polygamist
       June 11, 2000: FAMILY, OR, FELONY?
       Utah History:
       June 15, 2000: BIRTHDAY NEWS: News Celebrates Sesquicentennial
       June 10, 2000: Beehive Still Buzzing for LDS, Utah
       Utah Statistics:
       June 9, 2000: Suicide Rate High Among Utah Youths
06/12/00 One Former Mormon's Experience with Having His Entire Family's Name Removed from the LDS Church Records
06/01/00 Letters to the Editor: May [Web-editor: 20th to end.]
06/01/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       LDS Church:
       May 27, 2000: LDS Church Claims No Stand on China Trade, But Is Interested in Religion There
       Mormon Culture:
       April 29, 2000: ROCKY ROAD: Race Is On to Preserve Gilgal Garden
       January 11, 2000: Gilgal 'Friends' Push City to Buy Garden
       January 03, 2000: Preserve Gilgal (Opinion)
       Utah Statistics:
       June 1, 2000: Utah Divorces FallingTo National Average
       May 29, 2000: Utah: As a Minority, Latinos Fastest Growing

05/26/00 Reader Recommended: The Mormon Puzzle
05/26/00 Reader Recommended: Mormonism—Shadow or Reality?
05/26/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       Olympics and LDS:
       May 26, 2000: Justice Clears SLOC in Bid Scandal
       February 23, 2000: Records Don't Back All Claims of IOC Member
       February 4, 2000: SLOC Ethics Panel Ends Role in Scandal Probe
       February 3, 2000: SLOC Ethics Panel to Examine Its Mission
       Other Churches and the LDS:
       May 25, 2000: Methodist Position (Opinion)
              Bagley Cartoon "Mormons vs. Methodists"
       May 25, 2000: Green's Rape Case to Be Tried Separately From Other Charges
05/23/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       LDS Church:
       May 23, 2000: Easter Views (Opinion)
       May 23, 2000: Did Prosecutor Break Law in Polygamy Case?
05/22/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       May 20, 2000: For The Record: SEX-ABUSE TRIAL SET
       Main Street Purchase:
       May 20, 2000: Court Will Air Plaza Free-Speech Issue
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       May 20, 2000: Most Utah Libraries Have Some Web Restrictions in Place
05/19/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       May 19, 2000: For The Record: BISHOP TO GET FINE
       May 19, 2000: 5 Purported 'Wives' Face Showdown Over Polygamist-Case Testimony
05/18/00 Letters to the Editor: May [Web-editor: 1st to 18th...]
05/17/00 Chiasmus and the Book of Mormon
05/17/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       May 17, 2000: Police: Bishop Failed to Report Abuse
       Main Street Purchase:
       May 17, 2000: Different City Council, Same Decision: LDS Church to Build Main Street Plaza
       May 13, 2000: Council May Amend Main Street Sale Decision
       Olympics and LDS:
       May 14, 2000: SLOC Should Open Up (Opinion)
       May 11, 2000: Oly Board Rejects Inquiries
       May 10, 2000: Has SLOC Even More To Hide?
       May 14, 2000: Friend Makes a Case for Decriminalizing the Practice of Plural Marriage (Opinion)
05/12/00 Following the Brethren: Speeches by Mormon Apostles Ezra Taft Benson and Bruce R. McConkie.
05/12/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       Olympics and LDS:
       May 3, 2000: SLOC Legal Tab Nears $3 Million
       Other Churches and the LDS:
       May 11, 2000: Methodists Say LDS Doctrine Not Christian
       May 6, 2000: Methodists Back Proposal to Have LDS Converts Rebaptized
       May 7, 2000: Legalizing Polygamy Would Steal Basic Rights From the Vulnerable (Opinion)
       May 7, 2000: Legalizing Polygamy Would Deny Rights of Children, Change a Crime (Opinion)
       May 5, 2000: U. Grad Says Education Helped Her Family Shed Shackles of Polygamy
       May 3, 2000: Polygamist Wants Separation of Rape, Bigamy Charges
       May 2, 2000: Law Professor Criticizes Prosecution of Polygamist as 'Unequal Justice'
       Utah History:
       May 8, 2000: Legendary Sheriff Carved Early Utah Saga
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       May 7, 2000: First Time in 70 Years: High Court All Mormon
       May 7, 2000: Hard Liquor Harassment (Opinion)
       May 5, 2000: Whiskey Ads a One-Shot Deal In Utah as Seller Backs Off
       May 3, 2000: Graham Challenges Right-Wing Crusaders
       May 2, 2000: Tribune Defies State Law, Runs Hard-Liquor Ads
       Utah Statistics:
       May 1, 2000: Utah's Homegrown Meth Labs Creating an Epidemic of Addicted Tots
       May 1, 2000: A Digital Divide Among Utah Cops?
05/09/00 Brigham Young's Speech on: Slavery, Blacks, and the Priesthood
05/08/00 Captain Morgan and the Masonic Influence in Mormonism [Chapter 13 from The Mormon Kingdom Vol. 1.]
05/06/00 Reader Recommended: "Tell It All"
05/06/00 Web-editor note: We are still accepting Reader Recommended submissions. Write a brief recommendation of one of the titles we carry and tell others of how it has helped you!
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05/03/00 Letters to the Editor: April 2000 [Web-editor: entire month!]

04/25/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: LDS Church
       April 25, 2000 Missionary Accused by Five Girls
04/24/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       LDS Church
       April 22, 2000 For Mormons, Easter celebrations mostly low-key
       April 22, 2000 LDS Church Plans Kirtland Restoration
       April 23, 2000 Is Honeymoon Over for Bigamy?
       April 22, 2000 Don't Ask, Don't Tell About God
04/21/00 easter2000cardthumb.jpg (2646 bytes) Happy Easter! :-) From all of us at Utah Lighthouse Ministry.
04/21/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       April 21, 2000 Power of Obedience (Opinion)
       April 19, 2000 Polygamist Charged With Rape, Bigamy
       July 16, 1999 Green and His Wives May Face Bigamy Charges
       June 18, 1999 State Suing Polygamist To Recoup Welfare Aid
04/14/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       LDS and Minorities:
       April 14, 2000: NAACP: Mormon Students Get Preferential Treatment
       LDS Church:
       April 13, 2000: No Missionary Garb for LDS Seminaries
       Main Street Purchase:
       April 14, 2000: New Lawsuit Challenges Plaza Sale
       March 2, 2000: ACLU Suit Says City Railroaded LDS Easement
       January 26, 2000: LDS Church Can Join Main Street Lawsuit
       Utah Statistics:
       April 13, 2000: Crime Fell But Utah's Still High
       February 16, 2000: Officials Ponder Reason For Drop In Incarcerations
       September 8, 1999: Crime Rate Drops Overall, but Not for Murder
04/13/00 Exposition of Freemasonry by Captain William M. Morgan, published 1827!
04/13/00 Baptist Press Article Talks under way over Mormon lawsuit against cult-watchers' Internet site
04/11/00 Added Websites Christian Resources: Crosswalk.com, Religion Today
04/11/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Mormon Splinter Groups
       April 11, 2000 Cult Still Controls Survivor of S.L. Tragedy
04/10/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: RLDS
       April 9, 2000 RLDS Church Overwhelmingly Decides for Name Change
04/07/00 letterstotheeditorthumb.jpg (5360 bytes) New section for email and letters to the Editor. March 2000 added.
04/06/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles:
       LDS Church:
       April 2, 2000 LDS First Presidency Calls New Seventies
       April 2, 2000 Thousands Fill New LDS Hall: Conference speakers talk of church's past, future
       April 2, 2000 Conference Attendees Find Inspiration in Mormonism's Grand New Gathering Place
       April 2, 2000 Priesthood Session Emphasizes Importance of Stake Presidents and Need for Self-Mastery
       April 1, 2000 New LDS Center: Landmark With a View
       April 1, 2000 Big Building: Facts & Figures
       April 1, 2000 New LDS Center In a Word: BIG!
       April 1, 2000 2000 Conference Center Photo Gallery
       Utah Politics and Policies:
       April 2, 2000 Welcome to 'Happy Valley,' Where a Whole County (Except for Church) Closes on Sunday
       April 1, 2000 Religious Tyranny (Opinion)
       March 21, 2000 Kirby: When it Comes To Porn Czar, I'm the Man (Humor)
       March 18, 2000 Leavitt Signs Measure to Create Nation's 1st and Only Porn Czar
       March 16, 2000 Farmington Sinks Sunday Swimming
       March 11, 2000 Putting the Fear of Gayle in 'Em: Utah Eagle Forum president's influence is legendary on Capitol Hill

03/30/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Abuse
       March 29, 2000 LDS Church to Settle Sexual-Abuse Lawsuit
03/28/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles
       March 26, 2000 Did Loyalty Conceal Sex Abuse?: Suspect was 'forgiven' by some alleged victims
       LDS and Minorities:
       March 25, 2000 Slavery in Utah (Opinion)
       LDS Films:
       March 25, 2000 For LDS filmmaker, movie was nothing short of a miracle
       March 9, 2000 'God's Army' Starts Strong But Finishes Sappy
       March 25, 2000 History Is Details (Opinion)
       March 25, 2000 Question of Credibility (Opinion)
       March 25, 2000 Linkage Confirmed (Opinion)
       March 25, 2000 RLDS Seek to End Mormon Confusion
03/28/00 Reader Recommended: The Sword of Laban
03/28/00 FREE BOOK SPECIAL is almost over. Don't miss out! [Offer Ends Friday, March 31, 2000]
03/28/00 Blood Atonement Sermons
       Brigham Young
       Journal of Discourses Vol. 3, p. 243-249
       Journal of Discourses Vol. 4, p. 51-57
       Journal of Discourses Vol. 4, p. 215-221
       Heber C. Kimball
       Journal of Discourses Vol. 4, p. 164-181
       Jedediah M. Grant
       Journal of Discourses Vol. 4, p. 49-51
03/23/00 Reader Recommended
03/22/00 Other Websites: Christian Resources
03/22/00 Other Websites: Bible
03/22/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Massacres
       March 22, 2000 Seek Massacre Truth (Opinion)
03/21/00 #66 Salt Lake City Messenger, Polygamy and Truth
03/16/00 One of My Family's Best Kept Secrets by Sandra Tanner
03/14/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Massacres
       March 14, 2000 The Dilemma of Blame
03/13/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Massacres
       March 13, 2000 Voices of the Dead
       March 12, 2000 Unearthing Mountain Meadows Secrets: Backhoe at a S. Utah killing field rips open 142-year-old wound
       March 12, 2000 A Brief History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
       March 12, 2000 Letter From the Editor
       January 24, 2000 Bear River Was Army Massacre
       Note: More information on the Mountain Meadows Massacre see:
       Mountain Meadows Massacre (The) by Josiah Gibbs [Online Book]
       Mountain Meadows Massacre (The) by Juanita Brooks
03/07/00 Do Mormon Leaders Receive Financial Support?
03/03/00 Added Book: The Refiner's Fire: The making of Mormon Cosmology, 1644-1844
03/03/00 Added Book: Combatting Cult Mind Control
03/01/00 Added Website: Helping Mormons Reach Perfection
03/01/00 Added Website: Mormonism Examined and Compared with the Bible
03/01/00 Added Website: Spotlight on Mormonism
03/01/00 Added Website: Utah Christian Publications
03/01/00 End of February Emails! [Web-editor: Feb. 15 on...]

02/28/00 Added book: Leaving the Fold: Candid Conversations with Inactive Mormons
02/25/00 Bible and Book of Mormon Contradictions by Sandra Tanner
02/25/00 How Does the LDS Church View the Bible? by Sandra Tanner
02/24/00 #68 Salt Lake City Messenger, State of New York vs. Joseph Smith
02/18/00 Joseph Smith's Death - Added picture of carthage jail.
02/18/00 Added book: Mormon Claims Answered [Russian version]
02/16/00 Joseph Smith's Death
02/15/00 February Emails!
02/14/00 Court Transcript: 01/04/00 DEFENDANTS' MOTION TO DISMISS
02/11/00 #70 Salt Lake City Messenger, Church Fights Back!
02/03/00 Major update to Other Websites. Added many links to source material out on the web.
02/03/00 Latter Day Lampoon (Mormon Humor website) has done a brief interview with Sandra.
        Lampoon King Live - The Interviews
        Legal notice: We're not responsible for your sense of humor. :-)
02/03/00 Judge's Order on our Motion for Dismissal
        For reference see 17 U.S.C. § 103(b)
02/03/00 End of January Emails! [Web-editor: Jan. 17 on...]
02/02/00 Baptist Press Article: Mormon suit against couple alleges copyright infringement of church book

01/31/00 Interview with John H. Gilbert from The American Bookseller
01/27/00 #76 Salt Lake City Messenger, Current Mormon Temple Ceremony Now Available
01/26/00 Updated #69 Messenger, Ferguson's Two Faces: Now includes scanned letters. See Topical Index: Ferguson Letters
01/24/00 #71 Salt Lake City Messenger, Satanic Verses and Mormonism
01/24/00 Mormonism Web Ministries (Formerly Trust the Truth Association)
01/24/00 Historical Documents (Online Evening and Morning Star, Times and Seasons etc...)
01/24/00 Links to Salt Lake Tribune Articles: Abuse
        December 23, 1999 Sexual-Abuse Counselor Guilty of Molesting Girl
01/21/00 Salt Lake Tribune Public Forum: Vindictive Conduct
01/19/00 Book of Mormon Early Problems:
        116 Missing Pages
        The Stolen Manuscript: The Golden Bible Excerpt
        The Preface to the 1830 Book of Mormon
        The Book of Mormon Plates Source Information
        Doctrine and Covenants Section 10
        The Words of Mormon
        Printing the Book of Mormon
        Memorandum, made by John H. Gilbert, Esq.,
01/19/00 January emails!
01/14/00 About.com: Illegal Links: Utah Case Demonstrates Need for Rethinking 'Net IP Law
01/13/00 Under the Cover of Light: Court Transcripts
01/07/00 #73 Salt Lake City Messenger, Excommunication
01/05/00 Under the Cover of Light: Photos
01/05/00 Salt Lake Tribune Web Links at Issue in LDS Lawsuit
01/03/00 More December Emails! [Web-editor: Dec. 16th on...]
01/03/00 Press Release on upcoming Dismissal Hearing
01/03/00 TIME Online Article (Dec. 10): Better Be Careful Whose Links You Click...


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