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Product Code: UB081
Title: Wife No. 19—The Story of A Life in Bondage, Being a Complete Exposť on Mormonsim, and Revealing the Sorrow, Sacrifices and Sufferings of Women in Polygamy
Author: Ann Eliza Young
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $18.00
Date: 1875
Pages: 605
Additional Info: Reprint of Original 1875 Ed.


The story of one of Brigham Young's wives that later left him and the church. Revealing look at polygamy, early Utah and Brigham Young.

Table of Contents


  1. The Days of My Childhood—Why I Ever Was a Mormon
  2. Founding the New Religion—Assination of Joseph Smith
  3. The "Revelation on Celestial Marriage"—Trouble Among the Saints
  4. After Joseph's Death—Brigham Young Elected Prophet
  5. My Father's Plural-Wife—Childhood in Polygamy
  6. Forsaking Dear Zion—We Find a New Home in the Far West
  7. Our Welcome to "Zion"—Utah in Early Days
  8. Troubles Under the New System
  9. The Hardships and Perils of Life in a New Country
  10. The Utah "Reformation"—"A Reign of Terror"—The Blood-Atonement Preached
  11. "Divine Emigration"—The Prophet and the Hand-Cart Scheme
  12. Brigham's Hand-Cart Scheme, Continued—Failure of the "Divine Plan"
  13. The Mountain Meadows Massacre—"Vengeance Is Mine: I Will Repay"
  14. Betrayed and Murdered—Trial of John D. Lee
  15. The Blood-Atonement—The Destroying Angels—Danites and Their Deeds
  16. Frightful Deeds of Blood—Mormonism in Its True Light
  17. Troubles in Our Own Family—Louise Comes Upon the Scene
  18. Increase of Polygamy—Mixed-Up Condition of Matrimonial Affairs
  19. The Mysteries of Polygamy—What the Wives Could Tell
  20. Brigham Builds Wagons by "Inspiration"—The Church Sets Up a Whiskey-Store
  21. Going Through the "Endowment-House"—I Take The Mysterious Baths
  22. We Carry On the Endowment Drama—I Am Fully Initiated
  23. The Prophet Makes Love to Me—I Have Other Views
  24. My First Marriage—A Life's Mistake
  25. Early Married Life—My Husband and My Mother
  26. After My Divorce—Affairs At Home
  27. A Walk with the Prophet—He Makes Love to Me
  28. How Brigham Young Forced Me to Marry Him
  29. My Marriage with Brigham Young—How the Other Wives Received Me
  30. The Prophet's Family Circle—His Wives and Children
  31. The Wives of the Prophet—Brother Brigham's Domestic Troubles
  32. The Prophet's Favorite Wife—How He Conducted His Love Affairs
  33. The Dead Wives of the Prophet—He Never Was Known to Shed a Tear
  34. The Prophet at Home—How He Looks, Lives, and Acts—Mormon Philanthropy and Education
  35. Brigham as a Farmer—My New House—Taking Boarders
  36. Breaking the Yoke—I Leave My Home
  37. The Divorce Suit—Proceedings in Court—Brigham's Affidavit
  38. My Escape From Salt Lake City—My Public Career
  39. Church Government—Mormon Apostles—The Order of Enoch
  40. The Condition of Mormon Women—High and Low Life in Polygamy
  41. My Return to Utah—Secret of Brigham's Power—Utah's Future

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