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September 2000
(Names and Contact Info Removed)

September 1, 2000

Subject: Keep it up!

It never ceases to amaze me that millions of people are wrong and only you and the two or three that you can influence, are right! Keep it up. Every time you spew forth, another thousand people join the church because of your stretches.

September 2, 2000

Since mormonism is just a social and financial empire, do you think it will crumble?

How many of the 11 million are active in their churches, how many are considered members because they were baptized after their death, and how many do you think really don't believe it but are too terrified to lose their social contacts and financial security? And of course, how many of them are jack mormons?

Do converts from other countries join because they anticipate financial security? If people pay their tithings, do they get a higher return in terms of church welfare, admittance to graduate schools, special favors, and jello salad?

It's hard for me to understand how such hypocrisy can survive, especially when there is such a dire need for true christianity. People that convert from a religion based in christianity to mormonism boggles me.

I really like your website. It's informative, but so long. Alot of rot to sort out, that's for sure. I think you're courageous for doing such a challenging and important job.

September 2, 2000

I know the church is true. I also know that any type of religion give you that feeling in your heart. I am sorry that you think the way you do, it is your choice. I just hope that in the future you will find the light of Heavenly Father and your hearts will be changed.

September 2, 2000

Thank you for your hard work and determination. . . . Your documents are a big help in my correspondence with [Mormon apologists]....

I thank God you found the Truth.

September 2, 2000

Dear Tanners:

I've read some of your work and it seems very logical even though it includes a high level of emotion. Your arguments are very convincing. I enjoyed reading it. I think you've done careful research. You obviously feel very strongly about what you are doing. I have to admit that I, also, often write with strong emotion.

What surprises me is why you stop with Joseph Smith and the LDS church? If this man, his associates, and their replacements could deceive millions of LDS members, why couldn't Paul, the other disciples, and their replacements have done the same thing some 1900 years ago? The atheists seem to think that Jesus Christ may never have existed other than in the minds of the writer of the Gospel of Mark and the writers that came later. The atheists suggest that references to Jesus Christ in Josephus and elsewhere might have been added later. Maybe Jesus Christ and Mormon had more in common than you might have thought. What do you think?

If you honestly look at the historical records from the biblical era you might be forced to conclude that Joseph Smith and the LDS church did some of the same kinds of improper things that biblical leaders and their scribes have done through out history....

[Sandra's Note: We have looked into various charges against Christianity and I do not find them comparable to the problems of Mormonism. Some issues may have similarities but there were Israelites, there is a Jerusalem, etc. There is no evidence that there ever were Nephites, or Book of Mormon cities, writing etc... The Book of Mormon is obviously Smith's novel, created between 1825-1830. The Bible does have archaeological evidences supporting it, the Book of Mormon does not.

I realize that the further you go back in time the harder it is to recover historical material. But this is true of any history or culture, not just the Bible. But take the Book of Mormon time frame of 600 BC - 400 AD and compare it to the same time frame for the Bible and you will come up with zero archaeological evidence for the Book of Mormon and a wealth of archaeological material for the Bible.

I would suggest reading The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, Jesus Under Fire by Wilkins & Moreland, When Critics Ask by Norman Geisler.]

September 2, 2000

Dear Sandra, I found your web site today and I am praising God! I haven't been in contact for a while but think of you and Jerald often. The Christian people are blessed by your efforts to explain the facts of Mormonism. ...Our love in Christ, ...

... I was a Mormon for 16 years and lost my children in a bitter divorce to a Mormon man when the church helped him keep my children from me. The manner in which the church responded is why I left the church. Now on the outside I can see how it is a cult and I am very grateful that I left it years ago. Your newsletter has helped validate the discomfort I always felt in the church, and clarifies why this religion is so damaging to mental health. Information and education is power. Ignorance is dangerous, so I appreciate your efforts.

September 3, 2000

hello i am a convert to the lds church as of may 95

i honestly do love the gospel regardless of the churches imperfect history and how it was brought forth i am just curious if you have a page on why you left the lds church?

i have heard things from members who have said you just questioned some doctrine then you were excommunicated. how true is this ? i am not meaning this at all in a negative way. I am just curious

thank you

[Web-editor: see About Us.]

September 3, 2000

I want to briefly commend you on the blessing of finding your html books online as a show of charity and convenience for the truth and for empowering and equipping people in the manner of true servants of God I am ever mortified by Christians profiting at all from work that is given to them of God and us a gift and to the world not to them and not to earn a living from. As a servant of God I have taught counseled and published hundreds of times without ever charging a cent for what is a gift from god to the world and in so doing I think it shows a character and motive that is truly charitable and loving and I commend you for making your experiences and expertise accessible without a price tag attached I thank God too for your mere presence in a world of lies where we need the truthtellers more than ever.

May God be with you and yours bringing peace of mind.

From [Presiding Pastor, Christian] mission in Taiwan (where there’s a thousand Mormons for every Christian),

Rev. _____ ______ B.A., B.Ed., D.Div.

September 7, 2000

Subject: Pray for them

I have been wanting to write for some time, and I am blessed to have found this site. I have 4 mormon friends, who need prayer. The bible explicitly warns us that whoever comes with another Gospel is false. The Gospel is found in the first four books of the N.T. They declare who Christ is and why He came and how our relationship to God can be reconciled through Him.

The Mormon Gospel is different and adds to the truth--or in other words it is "another Gospel."

September 9, 2000

Subject: hello from australia

Dear Jerald and Sandra,

Thank you so much for sending me all that information on mormonism. The missionaries I was talking to have since been moved - _____ finished his mission and _____ got shifted to a distant part of Victoria. I am prompted to pray for _____ all the time... he was so open and the Lord really sunk some truth into him.

Thank you so much for the work that you do - you are appreciated even on the other side of the globe!

September 9, 2000

I am in awe of the work which has gone into this webpage! Thank you for this resource.

September 9, 2000

Hi Mr and Mrs, or should I say, Brother and Sister Tanner? ;-)

. . .

I am looking forward to receiving my order and your newsletter. I am unaware of the court case and so must catch up! Thanks again for your dedication to standing in the truth and putting information out for the true edification of your 'brothers and sisters'.

Yours sincerely,

September 9, 2000


. . . I want to thank you for your ministry.

Just to let you know I was once a Mormon, but have now chosen to follow the One True Christ of the Bible. Your ministry has helped me discover many of the issues that I needed to resolve. . . .

September 9, 2000


I don't understand how you can call yourselves Christian and base your lives in the pursuit of destroying a religion.

If Christ's example was one of tolerance and love for all mankind, why do you not follow that example?

Some might say Mormons are offenders of this via their missionary efforts. Missionaries simply offer the truth, they are NOT taught in the MTC all the techincal problems with each teaching of the Catholic and prodestant factions. Missionaries are taught about Christ and the restored gospel.

You seem to teach one thing, "expose" mormonism. Why don't you take yourselves out of your destructive, comfy, myopic scene and preach the word of Christ to the world. Try to build the Kingdom of God the way you believe it to be, not focus on what you believe it NOT to be. You hide behind the word Ministry in your name but yours is not a ministry, it is a guerilla camp of ding dongs armed with dull whit and poor lies. You mascarade as liberators when in reality all you amount to is a couple spiritual weaklings whose pleasure comes from the demise of others. And in the end Satan will let you fall flat, just as he does with everyone other minon when he is done with them. You probably don't even know it, but your usefullness in Satan's kingdom is coming to a close.

Just for fun lets have a reality check. You believe there are problems with Mormon theology. Things that cannot be proven and things that are wrong. If you are Christian, I assume you believe the bible. If so, explain to me some simple bible teachings.

1) How did Noah get two of EVERY species in the world onto a boat?
2) How did Moses part the Red Sea?
3) Where is the Arc of the Covenant?

There are hundreds more, but these will do for a start. Explain these things to me, WITHOUT using the word FAITH or belief or witness or power of God. Do this and maybe Satan won't be rid of you just yet. Answer my questions or better yet, post my email, (ALL OF IT) on your web site an let your gallery try to answer my questions.

Paitently waiting,

[Web-editor: See the answer to a similar letter above.]

September 11, 2000

I want the courage & boldness & complete uninhibited absoluteness in witnessing the truth that you seem to have. I pray this will happen. I wonder how much love I'm showing when I'm silent!! Again, I thank God for you & those in the like ministry who are not only bringing truth to light but remembering to praise & honor God in the process!!!

Bless you,

Your sister in our Lord Jesus,

September 13, 2000

I read the article on your web site with interest, mostly because I happened upon it due to my interest in the Book of Mormon and ancient America. It appears that you have spent a good deal of your lives in an attempt to cast the LDS Church in an unfavorable light. I was curious to know whether you considered yourselves to be doing a good deed by uncovering "garbage" about the Mormon Church and what it does for you personally and spiritually. What benefit do you obtain by doing these things? It is a sad commentary on the state of a human being when they delight in the misfortunes of others. Whether they do it to individuals or to an organization such as the LDS Church, which has done many good deeds for people all over the world, it is still not right and however you may rationalize it you are doing the wrong thing.

God Bless.

September 13, 2000

Hello Sandra Tanner: This is from . . . the Philippines. We just wanted to tell you that we are deep into the [free] books you sent us and we find them so very exciting and interesting it is beyond description. "Major Problems of Mormonism" is every bit as exciting as the one by Dr. Quinn. Actually we are not that far into the books yet, but read them every spare minute. What we have learned so far is truly exciting. We would probably never had this information if it wasn't for your kind generosity.

Thanks again! We are very, very grateful.

September 13, 2000

You raise some very good questions regarding mormonism. If I didn't have a testimony of the restored gospel - born of the Holy Ghost - I might believe some of your information. There is no doubt neither Joseph Smith nor Brigham Young nor any other leaders in the LDS church are perfect. Likewise many members make mistakes, including believing some rediculous things about the church. That doesn't change the fact that it's true. I know this through the Holy Ghost, I know this through over 20 years of study, I know this because it makes sense, and I know this after comparative study of the scriptures.

Ironically, thanks to swiftly moving currents like yourselves, faithful members of the church are being smoothed out. Opposition always does create strength when it comes to God. Thank you!

September 14, 2000


I met woman at my church named _____, whose twin sister, _____, just became a Mormon. _____ insists that Mormons are Christians and that we are "brain washed" into thinking Mormons are not Christians when they are. Of course if you know the Bible and you know something about Mormon doctrine, you know they can not be Christian! I will pass this wonderful web site onto _____ so she can go on line and learn as much as she needs to talk to her sister. _____ told me that she is a direct desendant of Lorrenzo Snow, through his 5th wife.

Thank you

September 15, 2000


I was wondering how to denounce my Mormon background. I was born and raised Mormon, but in 1994 became a born again Christian. I do not like to be considered a Mormon and would like to get rid of that title. If you can help me by letting me know what to do, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for your time Sincerely,

[Web-editor: See How to Remove Your Name from the LDS Records.]

September 16, 2000

Subject: Colorado City & Polygamy In The News

Jerald and Sandra Tanner Thought it was about time that I contacted you, its all your fault afterall! When I moved here 8+ years ago I bought most of your books and learned the true history of the region. We've talked by phone! I went to a court hearing in Moccasin on 8-22 after reading a story in the Spectrum on 8-20-00 of Lenore Holms a woman to be expelled from Colorado City for refusing consent for her daughter Nicole 16 to marry Mr. Jessup 39 to be a sister wife. I went ballistic and have turned into news central with TV crews stopping here first before they make their trek up the hill to CC. I have had conversations with politicians and law enforcement, from the local police to the Attorney General in both states. While the laws to protect children are clear, the state leadership and the LDS church have blocked every avenue but one. That being the press! To our expanding network we believe that we can keep the press fed until the 2002 Olympics, but still question whether local government will protect the Apostate's on the Arizona & Utah strip which exceed 1,000 parents and children. Not all are practicing polygamist and even those that are, don't follow this path by free choice. In the Jason Williams case scheduled to go to court on 12-6-00 a wife and kids were reassigned and the father and husband left, as loyalty to the church sect supercedes all other loyalties. When we hear that uncle Fred Jessup has 100 children and many wives, we don't hear he had mumps as a child and was sterile, then no one considers where those 100 children came from? A thief of families, but few in Utah know, understand or care! Women don't chose their path, it is assigned and as young as 13 years of age. Dating and courting are not permitted, leaving simple math to determine young men have little place or position in this secret society. Those like Lenore & Milton Homes who stood together to violate the priesthood of illegal sex with minors, are evicted together as most homes were built on church trust lands. Like a magnet the media, tapestry and related groups and individuals have linked, finding that we have battles in common. Alone we are weak, united stronger. Considering what Polygamy causes, even stake presidents turn tail and run, maybe we should link our resources and mix and match what we share in common. We have shared dialog with 3 news crews a day for all of last week and two news crews were intimidated, a sign that we are making an impact and proving a point. Still local government has defended the FLDS sect and for most of us in the fight we have a theory about why the church has a fight or flight reaction. In listening to the teachings of Warren Jeffs on Cassette, we find that there is little difference between the new and old faith. Unravelling one, will expose the other. ...

[Web-editor: For more info on polygamy in Utah see http://www.polygamy.org]

September 16, 2000

Subject: The Court Case

When the story broke, like other inquiring minds I went to the site and looked for the document, which was removed by court order. I returned to the story in the Deseret News and located the alternative source in Australia. I downloaded the 168 page file using the Deseret as the directional tool. Does this mean the newspapers are guilty of the same or is this selective enforcement and discrimination. Does this mean that news agencies should be censored and which ones? Had the church not challenged the right of free speech and had the newspaper not printed the access, I would not have loaded the file. The same freedom the church experiences in its teachings though different from other denominations is protected by the same laws that permit free speech access. If I report the news and obtain a document that is slipped to me by an informant, that is copyrighted, but is news or represents some violation of state or federal laws am I to be concerned for liable? The free press would end tomorrow if secret society's like the mafia copyrighted all of their documents that they wanted protected. One might ask what a church finds so sacred that the press or law enforcement should not have access too?

September 17, 2000

Jerald & Sandra

Keep up the good work! I was born in Colorado City and left the cult in 1976. I found your web site two weeks ago and it has been invaluable to me in putting a lot of thing into perspective. Things I always knew, but had no proof of.

September 17, 2000

have left rlds & would like newsletter ...thanks..your web site has been a blessing

September 22, 2000

I can't believe what Mormons write on this forum.

"Mormonism is correct because there are more Mormons than there are people standing in Sandra's store."

WOW the intelligence of that argument is overwhelming. With that logic I will go and convert to any one of a number of world faiths that have 100 members in the world for every practicing Mormon.

The one thing you don't have to do when researching Mormonism is make stuff up. There is so much evidence of the manipulative destructive nature of this religion you could not help but trip over it. Joseph would have loved to see what his lies have brought fourth. A ravenous wolf tearing the souls out of faithful dupes.....

The BOM claims to be a history of the Americas. I believe that if there was one shred of physical evidence ever found that would prove the BOM to be a historical document The Mormon church would build a visitors center on the spot and we would hear it night and day on all sources of media. You know this is true and I would say it would be the right thing to do. Don't hold your breath. You could find the lost city of gold easier than you could find physical evidence to support the BOM and its claims as a book of antiquity. What kinds of things should we find you say? The following have never been found: a hebrew coin, hebrew writing, temples, cities, chariots, anything that would prove people other than indians lived here before Columbus.

Facts Facts facts. It is much easier to have a warm fuzzy testimony than deal with the cold hard truth.......

September 22, 2000

My questions are simple, do you people have real jobs? What would posess a person or persons to spend so much time and effort trying to attack and disprove the beliefs of others? I am inclined to believe that somewhere along the line, someone in the LDS church must have somehow offended one of you, and so you decided to dedicate your life to revenge. Am I right? As I am sure that you already know, no one in the LDS church is forced to believe or do anything. Since that is the case, why would you try and "free the minds" of a people who are already free? I pity you. Anyone who devotes some much to such a cause must certainly be carrying much hatred in his or her heart. Perhaps one day you will all realize that trying to dissuade others from their source of happiness is utlimately a self-destructive behavior. May your maker have mercy on your souls.

September 24, 2000

I find it interesting that I can read your pages free: that I can read any web site that some might refer to as anti-Mormon, yet if one wants to read the Church News then one has to pay! Unless of course you are a subscriber to the Church News and then you can read the online stuff free. Unless, of course, you are one of the majority who live outside North America and are not an Ameri-Mormon. Then you have to pay whether you subscribe to the print version of the Church News.

When I have asked about this they said that it was difficult to trace the non Ameri-Mormons subscription as they are paid elsewhere! So a Mormon can read 'anti-' free but has to pay to read 'pro'. The Corporation certainly believes in user pays!!

Best wishes,

South Australia

September 25, 2000

Dear UTLM, Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell how much I like your website. There's alot of useful information, and I thank you for shining the light of Truth for all the world to see. Also, I called today to order a couple books, and the person on the phone couldn't have been any more nicer.

September 25, 2000

I had a very deceitful experience with a mutual acquaintance in the Salt Lake City/Logan area.

Before the sun set on my first day I had received the tour of the temple square and even seen the movie, one flock, one shepard... I was in shock of my friend's doubled minded approach to faith and the way she disguised her LDS in a waffle of discourse.

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing ministry you are providing there in Salt Lake... I remember walking out of the temple square area and a gentleman handing me a flyer the "Five difference between Mormonism and Christianity." I cannot tell you how amazing it was to see truth, even in the face of such darkness! I was blessed beyond measure... After that I did my homework and really began to understand the insidious nature of their control, and the cult behavior they practice...

Afterwards... As I addressed these with my friend, the silence was deafening! That following Sunday I found a small community of believers at "New Song!" the new pastor came from Atlanta where I was visiting from... and even from the same extended church family! I had a chance to pray with this "missionary church" group and as I walked out of that small theater, and the sun shined brightly I thought of His faithful servants who would not let ten steps pass between the darkness and the light for the sake of the cause!

Bless You and thank you.... When the young mormon missionairies come calling - my door will always be open... as well as my bible!

My God's grace and mercy pour out among His people, walking in His will!

September 26, 2000

From the L.D.S. Humor Home

Many of the gentile persuasion in the SLC area have taken to calling members of the church "Mo's." Well, the truth is that being called a Mo isn't so bad. While it's not exactly a term of endearment, Mo beats some of the other things I've been called--lots of them by fellow Mo's. To ease the tension, between Mos and gentiles, I've come up with a brief Mo Lexicon.

Practice these terms, learn to be comfortable with your Mo-ism.

MO - Mormon
NO MO - Non-Mormon
MO NO MO - Apostate
MO TOWN - Provo
MO PEDS - People walking across the street to Temple Square or the MTC in Provo.
MO HAIR - Missionary standards haircut.
PO MO - A financially challenged Mormon
MO LASSES - Mormon Babes!!
MO TEL - Bishop's interview, tithing settlement.
SU MO - Grad of BYU Law School
MO GUL - Large white Utah bird frequently seen in Church history books, parking lots and dumps.
MO RALLY - Third quarter BYU drive against the U of U.
MO SEY - LDS sense of time. See also LOCO MO TION.
LOCO MO TION - Post-game exodus from Cougar Stadium.
MO NOGOMY - LDS marriage practices.
MO TIF - Two or more Mormons engaged in a heated difference of opinion.
MO LDIE - Older LDS member, temple worker, etc.

And my personal favorite (probably because it's my creation)

MO MO - Missourian Mormon (Contributed by Rich)

In the past few weeks, the Mo-mania struck the Institute's student e-mail list, and there were brief exchanges of what was called "Mo-ses."

Here are a few of what we came up with.

MO SIAH - Italian member's expression of dismay
MO TION - What LDS do to coffee, tea, tobacco and alcoholic drinks
MO B - deseret
MO BILE - more healthy than other bile because of low alcohol consumption and the positive affect this affords the liver.
MO BIUS - a proud acclamation of one's LDS'ness
MO BIUS STRIP - only performed in modest or appropriate circumstances.
MO DEL - where the Mormon farmer hangs out
MO DERN - a western LDS cuss word - softer than "fetch"
MO DIFY - to be in open rebellion
MO DULATE - how outsiders refer to "Mormon Standard Time"
MO DULE - since killing isn't allowed, it usually amounts to scripture chase
MO HAWK - political faction opposed to the MO DOVES
MO HICAN - an strong supposition that a particular male LDS is able to do the task in question
NO MO MO - What Governor Boggs tried to achieve.
NO MO MO MO - What Governor Boggs tried to achieve and the state in which he tried to achieve it.
MO LDS - What we get when we do our missionary work and from "filling the measure of our creation."

. . .

September 26, 2000

Hi, Sandra:

I enjoyed the book I recently bought from ULM.


I hope things are going well for you with the lawsuit. I think they're probably mainly interested in wearing you down financially. They know you have the truth on your side, but they also know they have the money on theirs.

September 26, 2000

Greeting in the name of our Lord and Savour; Jesus Christ.

I have been dialoguing with these Mormon missionaries for about two months. I have been letting them go on with their presentation listening to what they have to say, disagreeing them where I felt I needed to, showing scripture to back it up. I feel we've developed a mutual respect for each other. ... I have been a believer for over ten years and a bible college graduate. I have been reading and studying Mormonism for about five years.)

I also feel our dialogue is coming to an end soon. They occasionally ask for my opinion of the Book of Mormon. I have politely been able to tell them, I don't have an opinion for them yet. (Although I came up with my opinion on the BOM years ago.) I feel the best way to tell them is to tell them that all they have said rests on whether Joseph Smith was a prophet or not.


September 26, 2000

I am very happy to have found this website. I currently have 3 friends involved in the Mormon church. It is hard for me to see them hold onto the deceptions of this organization. ...

September 28, 2000

please put me on your ...mailing list...

i need to get out of this "church"! i have been a member two years & i won't go into the "incident", but i am trying to get out & get my children out.

i am a single mother w/ three children. the only reason i trust you is because a christian gave me your names.

with love & trust,

September 28, 2000

Our daughter at age 44yrs. and a strong Christian, we thought, has joined the mormon church and her and husband plan on being married in temple. We are devastated ...Please pray for our wisdom and understanding, this is the hardest thing we have gone thru.

Thank you

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