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Product Code: XB152
Title: The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidences for Jesus
Author: Lee Strobel
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House
Price: $8.00
Date: 1998
Pages: 297
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After interviewing thirteen experts in various fields, the author presents overwhelming evidence that Jesus is who he claimed to be.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Reopening the Investigation of a Lifetime

Part 1: Examining the Record

  1. The Eyewitness Evidence
  2. Testing the Eyewitness Evidence
  3. The Documentary Evidence
  4. The Corroborating Evidence
  5. The Scientific Evidence
  6. The Rebuttal Evidence

Part 2: Analyzing Jesus

  1. The Identity Evidence
  2. The Psychological Evidence
  3. The Profile Evidence
  4. The Fingerprint Evidence

Part 3: Researching the Resurrection

  1. The Medical Evidence
  2. The Evidence of the Missing Body
  3. The Evidence of Appearances
  4. The Circumstantial Evidence

Conclusion: The Verdict of History

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