Jesus Under Fire

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Product Code: XB086
Title: Jesus Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus
Author: Ed. Michael F. Wilkins & J. P. Moreland
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House
Price: $17.00
Date: 1995
Pages: 243
Additional Info: A Response to the Jesus Seminar


Several Christian professors challenge the methodology and findings of the Jesus Seminar, which generally clash with the biblical records. It examines the authenticity of the words, actions, miracles, and resurrection of Jesus, and presents compelling evidence for the traditional biblical teachings.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Furor Surrounding Jesus - Michael F. Wilkins & J. P. Moreland


  1. Where Do We Start Studying Jesus? - Craig L. Blomberg
  2. Who Is Jesus? An Introduction to Jesus Studies - Scot McKnight
  3. The Words of Jesus in the Gospels: Live, Jive, or Memorex? - Darrell L. Bock
  4. What Did Jesus Do? - Craig A. Evans
  5. Did Jesus Perform Miracles? - Gary R. Habermas
  6. Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? - William Lane Craig
  7. Is Jesus the Only Way? - R. Douglas Geivett
  8. Jesus Outside the New Testament: What Is the Evidence? - Edwin M. Yamauchi

Conclusion: What Does All of This Mean? - Michael F. Wilkins & J. P. Moreland

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