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December 2002
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Dec. 2, 2002

Thank you for your ministry. I have used many of your resources to witness to Mormons....Thank you for your help. God bless you.

Dec. 2, 2002

Subject: praise God!

I just want to let you know that in reading your "Letters to the Editor" section, I have learned several more questions to ask Mormons! Such as WHY they want to become gods if the one who told them they COULD, was SATAN, and not God! GREAT question! Thank you for posting these letters.

Dec. 2, 2002

Subject: Your work in general

Do not despair God is on the side of the righteous. You guys must have the Mormons very scared! I notice the Mormons never counter with facts, just nasty remarks. God love you guys. The wealthy powerful Mormons against your little ministry - I wonder what God thinks about that? He always helped the downtrodden trying to tell the truth

Dec. 2, 2002

Hi there. I just did a quick search on Google and came upon your site – interesting.. I recently bought and am reading the book entitled "ONE NATION UNDER GODS: A HISTORY OF THE MORMON CHURCH." I think [people] should read it ...if they're interested in a well documented, objective piece of research ...go buy the book. It portrays Mormonism for what it is.. A hoax by a fraud, and provides such "real" damning evidence that one can only be awe struck by the facts presented.


Dec. 3, 2002

Subject: Your Topical Index is awesome

Thank you Sandra. Wow! your site is the best. Your Topical Index is awesome. God bless you.

Dec. 4, 2002

In the bible it says do not judge, and that's exactly what you are doing. How can you be a Christian church and talk crap about another church? Have you even had the missionary discussions? If not then I think that you need to have them, the Mormon church makes perfect since, and I'm really sorry that you have nothing better to do then to write things against another church.

[Sandra Note: I think you are mixing two different issues. One relates to passing unfair judgment on another, the other is testing those who claim to speak for God.

In Luke 6:37 Jesus said: 'Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:' This relates to our passing unfair judgment on our neighbor. Jesus also called us to 'Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.' (John 7:24)

In Matt 7:15-16 Jesus gives this warning: 'Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.' Thus He is calling us to evaluate anyone claiming to be a prophet. The 'fruits' we are to judge are not those of the followers, but of the one claiming to speak for God. Smith's teachings contradict the Bible (i.e. plural gods verses one eternal God) and his life shows a disregard for ethics (i.e. lying to his wife and church about plural wives, rewriting his revelations, secret oaths and rites, etc.)

Peter warned the Christians about false prophets in 2 Pet 1:21-2:1:

'For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.'

Paul warned the Christians to beware of false teachers in 2 Cor 11:3-4—'But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.'

How are we to know the false teachers unless we examine their teachings? Read Galatians, chapter one.]

Dec. 4, 2002


I am a freshman just entering college at Auburn University in Alabama. You may remember meeting a former teacher of mine and good friend Dr. Kenny Barfield. ...

Here at Auburn I have been surprised at the number of Mormons...Its surprising to talk to missionaries from the [LDS] church and the seemingly little amount that they know about their religion. I asked about ten really revealing questions about Mormonism that simply doesn't make sense and none of them less one had heard of any such topics.

One knew about the 2000+ changes from the 1830 Book of Mormon to today's version. I asked why he followed a work that needed to be "revised", and if it was God's inspired work why was it not at least grammatically correct, let alone racist and containing words like "adieu" translated from Jewish text. I have sitting in front of me about half of Dr.. Barfield's Mormon library and I am swapped with reading. I just don't understand why anyone would follow something that was not flawless and perfect to being with. If I believed that the Bible had any mistakes or contradictions I wouldn't follow it. You are doing a great work, keep it up, ...Thanks,...

In Christ

Dec. 5, 2002


I wrote to you a few times about three years ago when I started questioning my involvement with the LDS Church. I then decided that despite all the information on your site, I still knew the Church to be true. Though much of your information is undoubtedly accurate, the conclusions may not be.

I was wondering whether during your time in the church, you ever felt strongly that the church was true. Did you ever have any strong spiritual witness, or what you considered to be such at that time and if so, what did you do with that on leaving the church?

You apparently feel that the information contained on your web-site negates all else that I have experienced. I guess I could debate for or against the church according to the "facts", but my experiences, most of which I would not want to put on the internet, all confirm to me the truth of the gospel as taught by the LDS church. It would seem in all the accounts of people leaving the church that I read on the internet that nobody really talks about the answers to prayers that induced them to join the church in the first place. I can't speak for every member, but I believe the church to be true through what I have experienced.

I know that you likely have a lot of e-mails and as you mention, replies are necessarily to the point, however I feel that this question is not seriously addressed on your website and I would appreciate knowing what you have to say in this regard. By your silence on this matter, you seem to imply that members of the church have not really experienced any particular answer to their prayers. Do you actually think that is so? I hope you will be able to address this more fully.


[Sandra's Note: There are several points in your letter that trouble me.

Your statement that you decided to join Mormonism 'despite all the information on your site' seems to be saying that facts don't really matter. Even Pres. Hinckley declared that Smith's first vision had to be historically true. He said 'Our whole strength rests on the validity of that vision. It either occurred or it did not occur. If it did not, then this work is a fraud.' (Ensign, Nov. 2002, p.80)

My next concern is with your use of 'my experience' to make a determination about the things of God. I assume you realize that there are millions of very religious people who's 'experience' would lead them to totally different conclusions than yours. If Mormonism is 'true' then it must be factually true as well as 'experientially' true. Otherwise, how would we determine that it is more valid than anyone else's religion?

As for whether or not Mormons have had actual spiritual experiences or answers to prayer, most religious people believe they have experienced some sort of answer to prayer or spiritual confirmation. Even Joseph Smith observed that "some revelations are of God; some revelations are of men; and some revelations are of the devil" (B. H. Roberts, Comprehensive History of the Church, Vol.1, p.165). So the question is, How do we determine which ones are from God? This brings us back to factual investigation.

See How Do We Test a Prophet?]

Dec. 5, 2002

Thank you for all the work you've done over the years, and I know I've learned a lot from you. ...Keep up the good work!

In Christ,

Dec. 5, 2002

I am sorry to hear that you and Jerald have deserted the precepts that will lead you back to our Heavenly Fathers Kingdom. ... The Books that you accuse the Prophet Joseph of plagerizing do not even begin to have the ecclesiastic value that the Book of Mormon contains. There [are] innumerable archeaology finds that substantiate the Book of Mormon. These finds are wonderful, but none can ever inspire a man unto faith. The Annals of the Cakchiquels/Title of the Lords of Totonicapan written in 1554 testifies of there Israelite heritage, my Aztec ancestors recorded there beliefs from the creation, to adam to their captivity in Babylonia, and to their imigration to the Americas. These were not theories by European settlers, these were direct translations of there beliefs. Christ lives my brother and sister. The Book of Mormon is the word of God.


Dec. 5, 2002

It is sad to hear most of you have lost your testimony, a matter that you must explain when coming before God when we are judged. Will you refer Him to your website or will you be able to explain; what, where, when, how, and why you denied the truth that came to you through the Holy Spirit? I hope so for I would not care to see you weap with untold guilt standing before God. Surely the work of your life has aided Lucifer in supporting many souls to let go the Iron Rod for the words of man. ...What kind of legacy will all this criticism being? Someone is right and someone is wrong, either its a few dozen or millions? ...

Dec. 6, 2002

Subject: Interesting site

Every church organization has its own little faults and errors, I have seen such sites as yours who publish "materials and research that normally would not be available" against the Jews, the Christians, the Bible itself, the Atheists, and so forth.

I find it interesting how certain people are always watching and waiting for reasons to try to tear down so-called "false churches" or to prove them wrong, in my opinion (and I bet a million people will disagree, yet a million others will agree) such persons seeking to prove that they are on the right track are extremely prideful, for they believe that the religion they are involved with (whatever it may be) is the only true religion.

Everyone thinks they have it all, even I do sometimes. I have read through much of your materials and applaud your thorough research containing old copies of old anti-mormon books and research.

However, I must say that such information is for the weak minded and written by the weak minded (thats my opinion as well, and will always be). I say that because the church will continue to be one of the fastest growing church in the world, and will continue to build the Kingdom of God no matter how hard you try to convert people to your little religion.

...Nothing can convince you otherwise because your faith is based on the behaviors of other churches or based on facts published by media, or some crime committed by a certain person. Faith based on facts is no faith at all. ... .See you in the next life.

Dec. 7, 2002

What scripture (in the Hebrew) mentions Jehovah-Elohim together? It may say Lord God but in the Hebrew it is Jehovah-Elohim.

[Sandra's Note: Here are three examples of the use of Jehovah and Elohim in the same verse.

  • Deut. 6:4—Hear, O Israel The LORD (Jehovah) our God (Elohim) is one LORD (Jehovah)
  • Isa. 43:3—For I am the LORD (Jehovah) thy God (Elohim), the Holy One of Israel, ...
  • Isa. 44:6—Thus saith the LORD (Jehovah)...; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God (Ehohim).]

Dec. 7, 2002

Subject: Missionaries for Christ?

Dear Jerald and Sandra,

About 20 years ago, I left Mormonism without the aid of your research. I lived in Northern B. C. and had poor access to books, computers, or information in general.

About 10 years ago, I learned of your work and got myself a copy of Mormonism—Shadow or Reality? I couldn't stop reading it. It seemed welded to my two hands. I would have missed a couple of days work to complete it, had it not been for the good sense of my wife. Never in my life had information meant so much to me.

I will tell you something that you may know, but I doubt that you have written about it. Mormonism tragically steals souls by making decent people think they believe in Christ and therefore have the gift of the Holy Ghost. None of them may have the Spirit of Christ because they do not believe in the Christ of the New Covenant.

Mormons reject the new covenant by insisting on old covenant institutions like temples, priesthood, and prophets, but most of all they forfeit the gift because they think that the works of the law will save them.

There are four major ways they try to live by the old Covenant of the law. Christ brought the new covenant of the Spirit and, of course, the Spirit is its great new feature. They insult Christ by accepting His Spirit but refusing to live by the Spirit. That's why Mormons don't have the Spirit and therefore will not be saved nor will they be heirs with Christ. I have found this message to be a powerful one to them. It is about the only thing that I have ever seen that they think about. It troubles them, and that's a good start.


Dec. 8, 2002

I have a good friend who is Mormon (and has been for 20 years). She has a great family and recently her husband asked me if I knew about the Mormon faith--or had seen the Book of Mormon when I was asking a philosophical question in jest. I said I'd heard about Mormons/seen the book many years ago.

He said, "Well, I've done my duty." Since that conversation I decided to do some research on line. Thanks for your and many other valuable websites, I am glad I did not ask for more information from them. So many things you and others have written say to me this is not a religion founded in truth.

I am an interdenominational Christian and have been Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Unitarian, And Brethren. I am usually open-minded to different people's way of looking at Christ as long as they see Christ as the Savior. This and other web-sites were eye-openers.

I have always envied (not a pretty emotion, I know) my Mormon friend's close-knit family, but I feel sorry now that I know all the things she thinks she has to do to reach God, and am sad that she has been misled about the nature of Christ. Now I know where she will be coming from if we have a conversation about Christ in the future, and maybe I can share the Good News I know based on the Bible--Christ's grace has saved us all into his eternity of love.

Dec. 8, 2002

Subject: Comments

I am blessed by your shed of light into Mormonism and have vividly read your research lately as well as attacks of it.

Keep up the good work. May God bless you for exposing false doctrine and prophets.

Dec. 9, 2002

Subject: Hello

Hello i would LOVE to thank you both for you're wonderful book "changing world of mormonism" I left the church 6 months back and knew A LOT as it was.....after reading up to and part way of chapter 6 in your book i am blown away.

my mind can not understand how members such as Mr..H Nibly can defend the church knowing what he has or the other Church Apologist....my personal opinion is that when ones comes to this knowledge how can one remain in mormonism.....i now feel it my mission to inform others of my finding and tell them of your books....i am so THANKFUL that i have come across your books....my mother had a few when she left the church......Thank you for all you're hard work and studies to help inform those who are like me...who knew much BUT know there is deeper facts to uncover!


Dec. 9, 2002

Subject: You are incorrect

To Whom It May Concern,

I have read the material published in your website about the Book of Mormon. I must be plain when I say that you have been deceived by your interpretation of the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Be careful that you are not deceived. The adversary is very cunning and plays upon our pride and emotions. You may not know it now or even believe me, but I promise you that the day will come when you will know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true God's Kingdom on earth. I urge you to re-read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray to know the truth of it. ...I am acquainted with many different religions and points of view. Nothing has even come close to answering my questions about our true purpose on earth. Other Christian religions have only scratched the surface. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's Church restored after the Apostasy from the Church He founded with the Apostles. It is the same gospel that Adam and Eve possessed. This world has become so confused and misguided that it's sad. However, I look forward to the day when the Savior will return to this world to reign with power with the faithful. ...


Dec. 9, 2002

Subject: Letters to the Editor


As I was reading the latest posting of letters to the editor, I was amazed, as always, at the great difference of views of those writing to you, and of the coherence of the letters. It seems like most of the readers who write positive or supporting letters are articulate and possess relatively good grammar and spelling skills. Those who attack you seem to very inarticulate and possess few, if any, basis grammar or spelling skills.

As a Presbyterian, I know I have some concerns over some aspects of my church's doctrines, however, I believe they are Christian. I also know that there are other denominations that exist where I can find fault with some aspects of their doctrine, but that I still consider Christian. The Mormon church is not, however, one of these. I found it interesting to read that the Mormon church thinks that Jesus was married at Cana. As Jesus is said (according to the NIV and King's James translations of the Bible) to have turned water into wine at this wedding feast, wouldn't this be a little problem for the Mormons? Imagine, the Saviour making something for the party guests that is forbidden.

I can't imagine how much hard work it is for you to continue your ministry in a hostile area, but my prayers will be with you. From what I read, you are making a difference. Even living where I do (upstate South Caroline) I see many Mormon missionaries and I am glad to have information at my fingertips to help minister to them. I'm used to them from college at the University of Idaho, but it's been a few years.

Take care and may the Lord bless your work,

Dec. 10, 2002

I have just read No. 99 & enjoyed it very much.

In 1949, I became an adult convert to the LDS church. I believed it all; paid my full tithe, kept the word of wisdom, ordained a high priest & attended the temples dozens of times.

In 1964, I received my BS degree in ...engineering. Not until 1974, was I able to apply the "scientific method" to the Book of Mormon & Joseph Smith. With your literature & other publications, I left the LDS church in 2/75. ... Thank you for your help. I'm very happy & glad. ...

Dec. 10, 2002

Subject: Book of Mormon

I have looked over your website and found it to be quite lame. Your columns were laced with blatant falisies that only imbusels would ever believe. One, out of many, I would like to point out is the plagerism column. Where in the column they are trying to prove that the Book of Mormon was plagerised they circle common words like spirit and phrases that are written in an entirely different manner than that of the other. Of course you are going to find similarities in the writtings they are both writting about the same subject. My intent on visiting your website was to investigate the Mormon religion not come out feeling as dumb as you blatantly are.

Dec. 10, 2002

Subject: Just a thought

Before I go to far, I think it only fair to tell you first that I am an active Latter-day Saint, in case that matters as you read my email. I want to make it clear this is not an attack of any kind, but is simply honest feedback I thought you may be interested in. It is completely respectful on my part.

I looked at your site simply out of curiosity. I honestly think you have done a relatively good job of portraying the LDS Church...However, I have some suggestions, that I believe in the interest of "fair play" and journalistic honesty, you may wish to consider. ...I noticed a lot of your statements were, shall we say, "colored" by some interpretations that are a bit misleading, at least in my opinion.

For example, I noticed that in discussing the fact that LDS men can remarry in the temple and be sealed to more than one woman, you state, "thus they are guaranteed two wives in the next life" or something like that. ...While what you said in this instance and most other ones is in essence true (though I question your wording a bit), the way you say it paints what I believe is an unfair picture of the true heart and soul of many members of the Church. I know many who have lost wives and remarried, thus being sealed to two women. This was not done to "guarantee" two wives, as if they were collecting them or something. I mean, really, you make it sound like we are that way, like we want to collect wives. If that is your perception, I hope you know the large majority of the members are not like that.

While it is not hard to see your distaste for the Church, it really brings your credibility into question when you over-editorialize your content in such ways. If you were a bit more fair and less inclined to polemic language, I would myself use your site as a research springboard into topics I wish to investigate. I consider myself a "thinking Mormon" if you will, and I am more open to the criticisms that are out there than the average member, especially in Utah. However, I have a great distaste for polemiticians, as I like to call them, from either side.

So, in summary, I hope to bring you attention to how your presentation is being interpreted by myself, and I would guess many others as well.

Thank you,

Dec. 11, 2002

Subject: How do I take mine and my daughter's names off the LDS record?

...I was raised Catholic. At 7 years old, I had my first communion and it changed my life forever. My parents say that I was like a different person. I wanted to give my life to God the best way I knew how-become a nun. I grew older and realized that I wanted to be a mommy more than I wanted to be a nun. I abandoned the nun idea when I was about 16.

I married a Catholic man just after my 21st birthday and we had our first child just before I was 23. My husband, although a 'devout' Catholic, didn't hold any of the beliefs the Catholic church taught. He stopped going to church after we were married, and any time I brought up the subject, it turned into a huge fight. I was very careful to marry someone of the same faith, just so I could avoid this contention and be able to take my children to church as a family. Now, my husband wouldn't have anything to do with church. I decided since he didn't believe the Catholic doctrine anyway, I would start looking for a church we could all attend.

I ALWAYS believed that God didn't care what name you put on yourself (Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, etc.) as long as you gave your life to him. LDS missionaries started visiting me at a time in our marriage when my husband was never home, we lived days away from family and friends, in a house quite secluded, so I was very lonely and allowed the missionaries to come initially, just to have someone to talk to. We ended up moving and my husband was deployed (he was in the military), so I went back to what I knew-the Catholic church. It was actually a time of wonderful peace and contentment.

By this time, I had 2 children (both under 2) and took them to church every Sunday without argument from my husband-he was gone. Then we moved again to live with my husband after he finished his deployment. Things were much better this time around. He stayed with us more often and seemed to enjoy being with us. It was a new chapter in our life as a married couple. There was still the problem with church and him not wanting to be part of it. So, I continued looking.

After 10 years of marriage (8 of which had been ideal minus the faith disagreements), I made some absolutely wonderful friends-all of which were LDS. There was an older couple a few houses down that ‘adopted' us into their family and I felt a special bond with them. Then there was a woman a few streets away who was the closest thing I have ever had to a sister. She is my very best friend.

Missionaries started coming over again and I decided to be baptized into the LDS church. Through all of this, my husband had no interest in any of it. He didn't have any feeling whatsoever about it, 'religion' after all, it wasn't his 'thing', it way my 'department'.

So, the morning of mine and my 8 year old daughter's baptism, my husband did an unprecedented thing--he forbade me to be baptized! I couldn't believe it. He never had any views whatsoever on religion, other than not wanting anything to do with it. He was so adamant about it. The missionaries told me that Satan would try to sway me and keep me from being baptized by bringing contention into my life surrounding the baptism. I believed this must be it. No matter what my husband and I had been through, divorce and legal separation had never even been mentioned. Now, all of the sudden, an hour before my baptism, he was talking about taking the boys (we had 3 boys after our daughter) and leaving to raise them Catholic! I was in shock.

I have never had such a low moment as that. Then I kept thinking about when Jesus said something to the effect of not coming to bring peace, but that amongst other things, a wife would leave her husband to follow Him. I hated the thought, but always wanted to put God first. I trusted in God that He would take care of everything, and went through with the baptism. While being baptized I prayed that God would protect me from all evil--I wish I had prayed that during my daughter's baptism. I was so confused and more distraught than I had ever been in my life.

I had always felt 'in tune' with God. I knew I wasn't perfect, but I knew Jesus had made the ultimate sacrifice for me, because I am not perfect. I always did my best to live my life according to God's will. Now, I felt completely alone and in a dark place. The missionaries told me that it was because of the contention between my husband and myself-that made sense. I only went back to the LDS church a few times after that. I prayed constantly and now (2 years later), my husband and I are doing great. He has taken his role as the spiritual head of the family. He attends church with us and prays with us.

For the last couple of months, I have felt such a strong feeling to cut all ties to the LDS church (not the friends, just the church). I don't know how to do it, but I feel it must be done. I feel so guilty about having lead my (now 10 year old) daughter into this. I still feel God doesn't care what name you worship him under (Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, etc) as long as you live your life according to his will. Through all of this, a non-denominational friend of ours has been praying for us. I know he believes the Catholic church is evil and I never even told him I was baptized LDS 2 years ago, because he thinks even less of them.

One thing that always concerned me when he and I would speak is that he would always tell me I had to give my life to God-I had to be saved. I believed I had already done that, but he would say that it is such a miraculous event, I would remember the exact day and hour and my life would turn completely around. I believe I did it when I was preparing to take my first communion. I don't know the day and hour, but I was only 7 years old at the time and those things aren't important to a 7 year old. I don't remember what I was like before I was 7, so I can only go by what my parents say. I believe I am saved--I don't want to jeopardize that for my daughter, or anyone. ...

Dec. 12, 2002

Subject: 5 Pointed Star on Nauvoo Temple

You are probably already aware that the newly re-built Nauvoo Temple is surrounded by satanic pentagrams on all four sides. It amazes me that in this culture, they would use a symbol of Satan as an external symbol of this temple.
Besides the famous "sunstones" the "new" temple has "star stones." All are 5 pointed Pentagrams, used to this day as a sign of Wicca, or Satan. Have you printed this, yet?


[Web-editor: See Masonic Symbols and the LDS Temple.]

Dec. 13, 2002


I have been conversing with Mormon missionaries. They are committed and sincere young men and they have introduced me into the teachings of the Mormon church.

I am greatly troubled and feel that I do not know enough about the church to make a full commitment. They want to baptise me into the church in about two weeks or so.

I am on a search for God and truly believe the Bible and its teachings. I believe in Jesus Christ as my savoiur and Elder Watson has strengthened my belief.

I do however feel that I am drawn more to the Pentecostal church or my original faith Catholisicsm.

What should I do. I am sincerely grateful to the Mormon missionaries, however I feel thet there are so many unanswered questions. I do not want to ignore any call from GOD or any guidance I am given.

Please help.

[Sandra's Note: Thanks for writing. You are right to feel hesitant about being pressured into being baptized into something that you know little about. I suggest you read our material under Online Resources: LDS Theology. The Mormon concept of multiple gods and the need for temple marriage in order to get eternal life are both outside the teachings of the Bible.

I would suggest you tell the missionaries that while you have enjoyed their visits and discussions, you are not ready to join the LDS Church. There is no reason to feel pressured on this, you could always get baptized later if you want it. But before taking such a serious step you need to be sure you are making the right choice.

Read some of the Information pages on our site. They will help you see that there is much the missionaries are not telling you. I would also suggest you read our book The Changing World of Mormonism and the book Mormon Claims Answered both are on line at our web site. Truth will stand up to investigation. Mormonism points to a church, the Bible points to Christ.]

Dec. 14, 2002

Subject: Thoughts on Web-site


I was at first in some shock seeing your Web-site. Being a third generation Mason I have a strong backing in the fraternal organization. I say fraternal because Masonry is not a secret society anymore than the Mormon Church..... As any organization does, I suspect that Masonry has evolved with time. This is pertinent to its existance.

The one thing that your site truly brought to my mind was the influence Masonry apparently had on mormonism. I do believe that the seriousness of the Masonic group has lessened over the years; the one thing however that has not lessened is the purpose of Masonry. This purpose is self-improvement. I am writing this letter to give a response from my own point of view. I know very little about Mormonism. In fact, living in the midwest the connotation I receive is commonly negative. I am sure it has a similar purpose to Masonry, especially seeing the basic foundations Masonry had on Mormonism. I will say that I know the principles of Masonry to be good. I am a practicing Methodist and I do not see myself first as a good person, Masonry just helps me to keep it in check. As I have said I am very fascinated with your site; I am not surprised to see the information on the site that you give...

Dec. 15, 2002

I really enjoy the information you provide. I am an elder in the Mormon Church since 1976. I have now now found the true Jesus Christ thanks to you. I live in Oklahoma. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

Dec. 16, 2002

...Much to my surprise, I received a telephone call from the missionary who spent so much time at my house (and kitchen) in 1980. He was just checking in. We have picked up where we left off and I am trusting that God will allow me to touch this man's heart with the love of Christ. God didn't give up on me, so with his help, grace and guidence, I will attempt to be a light in his life. ...Thanks again for your wisdom, efforts and faith and love of Mormons.

Dec. 16, 2002

Subject: interesting points

...Another interesting phenomenon that I have noticed is that Mormons believe that J.S. corrected errors in the bible but those corrections are in the footnotes. I believe that this is done so that the Mormon version will appear to be "the same" as other church's King James Version. This is deceit however because there is a difference. Putting the differences in the footnotes is, in my mind, disingenuous.

Dec. 17, 2002

...I live in a very small town and am finding out that a large number of people here are Mormon. I inquired after my daughter started 'going out' (I used to call it 'going steady' when I was her age!), with a Mormon boy. I thank the Lord that my daughter is so grounded in the truth and I see this as an opportunity to really talk to her about Christianity vs. Mormonism.

Thank you for all that you are doing! The information at your site is invaluable! Know that you and your ministry will be in my prayers.

Dec. 17, 2002

I came across your site and wondered why you spend so much time researching a religion that you basically believe will get you nowhere? Shouldn't you focus on what you believe instead of what someone else believes? I'm sure you've been asked this before but I'd like to hear your answer.

[Sandra's Note: Yes, we have been asked this before. Here is my answer.

Why challenge the LDS Church claims?

Just as the LDS missionaries are on a mission to proclaim what they perceive to be true, so we are on a mission to tell people what we believe to be the truth--both as regards the falseness of Mormonism and the truthfulness of the Bible and Christ.

Many LDS people ask me why I don't give this campaign up and just let God sort it all out later. I might ask them the same question. Since Mormons believe almost everyone will go to some level of heaven, why are the LDS missionaries going to people who already go to a Christian church and disrupting their lives? Why not let it go and let "God sort it out."

Joseph Smith claimed in his first vision, as told in the Pearl of Great Price, that God, himself, told Smith that ALL churches were wrong:

"My mind at times was greatly excited, the cry and tumult were so great and incessant. The PRESBYTERIANS were most decided against the BAPTISTS and METHODISTS,...On the other had, the BAPTISTS and METHODISTS in their turn were equally zealous in endeavoring to establish their own tenets and disprove all others. ...

"My object in going to inquire of the Lord was to know which of all the sects was right, that I might know which to join....

"I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were ALL WRONG; and the Personage who addressed me said that ALL their creeds were an ABOMINATION in his sight; that those professors were ALL corrupt; that 'they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are FAR from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of MEN, having a form of godliness, but they DENY the power thereof.'

"He again forbade me to join with ANY of them... I then said to my mother, 'I have learned for myself that Presbyterianism is not true.'..."

Since Joseph Smith proclaimed that all other churches were in total apostasy and that only the LDS Church, and its ordinances, could lead a person back to the presence of God the Father, one can hardly be surprised that people of other churches would question his claims. Why should anyone accept his word or accept him as a prophet? We believe that the facts of his life clearly demonstrate that he was not such a prophet.

We believe everyone needs to come to a true faith in Christ, Mormons included. Mormon teachings lead away from the Bible (by saying it has been changed and is not complete) and depend on belief in Smith, his revelations, and temple marriage. This is adding to the gospel of Jesus. Christ paid it all. What more could a sinful person add? Salvation (ETERNAL LIFE) is by GRACE. If a person truly places his/her full trust in Christ and His atonement for eternal life they would realize that they don't need temple marriage. When LDS say a person can go to heaven and be saved but not have eternal life (exaltation) they are changing the gospel. To be "saved" is to have "eternal life"—the Bible never separates them into two different things as the Mormons do. I do not assume Mormons are saved (have eternal life), I obviously worry that they are not. Otherwise I wouldn't spend all this effort trying to reach them.

Do Mormons really believe they are able to achieve perfection? Are any of them SURE they will get exaltation (godhood)? If not, according to Mormonism, they don't get an eternal marriage, an eternal family or eternal life. It is an endless chase with no hope of getting there. Just look at today—did you do EVERYTHING God wants of you? Eternal life must be on Christ's merit, not ours. It must be grace or we are all lost, since even with the greatest effort we still are not without sin. Every time a Mormon tells someone they need Mormon baptism, priesthood, temple marriage, in order to get eternal life they are insulting Christ and his finished work on the cross.

All of our research can be verified at libraries throughout Utah. One does not need to just accept what we say, any one can go to various libraries and look up our quotes. The LDS doctrines, scriptures, temple ceremony, etc. have all gone through repeated changes. Why? If God gave them they wouldn't need changed. Truth will stand up to investigation.

We are firm believers in freedom of speech. We do not want to stop the Mormons from being able to spread their message. We only ask for the same opportunity.]

Dec. 17, 2002

Subject: anti-mormon doctrine web site

Why would you spend so much time and energy on something thats not true? Why not just tell people to read the Book of Mormon and pray to our Heavenly Father and ask for the truth to be revealed?

Man is flawed in his thinking, and the only way to find the universal truth is through prayer to our Heavenly Father. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He is our Savior. He died so that we might live. The only way to find our way home to Heavenly Father is through Jesus Christ.

I know that the apostasy spoken of in the Bible took place, that the only way the gospel could be restored is through Jesus Christ. I know that the gospel was restored to it's perfect state, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that Jesus Christ is at the head of the church today. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Dec. 18, 2002


My wife just went to the temple for the first time. She choose to do this without my consent or giving me a chance to tell her why she shouldn't go. I am not trying to tear apart our marriage but would like to buy a book that might show her why LDS might not be the right way to go.

We have had arguements about this but still love each other. I don't feel threatened by the church but am tired of telling my wife that I am a mormon without the water. I have always been a simple christian and enjoyed the bible teachings. Everyone from the church uses the BM for teaching and not the bible.

Even her friend told me that she shouldn't of gone to the temple without me. ??? Question is which book is the best book to buy to have her read to make an informed choice. Thank You

[Sandra's Note: Your wife would have had to go through a bishop's interview to get a temple recommend. One of the questions is "Do you affiliate with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or do you sympathize with the precepts of any such group or individual?" The purpose of this question is to discover if the person is meeting with, listening to, or reading material put out by apostates or polygamists. If they give the wrong answer they may not get the temple recommend. This results in Mormons being very leery of reading anything critical of Mormonism. Thus we often have to start them reading something written by a fellow Mormon so they don't feel guilty or that they are disobeying their temple vows.

Maybe you could buy the book Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith. It is written by two LDS women historians (Newell and Avery, Univ. of Ill. Press) and they tell a lot of the problem areas of early Mormonism—like Smith's involvement with magic and his plural wives. This is not an 'anti' Mormon book, they never say Smith was a false prophet. It is just good history that demonstrates that Smith was very human and shows how much the church has cleaned up the story. Maybe you could give it to her for her birthday, Christmas, etc. and just say someone recommended it as a good biography of Smith's wife and since the Mormons don't seem to be as familiar with her as they are with Joseph, you thought she would enjoy reading it. Or say that someone recommended it as a fair history of the beginnings of Mormonism and thought it would be good to read together.

While we sell this book it would be better to buy it from the official LDS bookstore, Deseret Book, phone (801)-328-8191, address—36 S. State St., Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Then no one can say you are buying 'anti' Mormon literature. But this could start her rethinking Mormon truth claims. It would at least open up more informed dialogue on the issues.]

Dec. 19, 2002


I am an ex-Mormon who has been saved by the Grace of God. I have spent many years studying sites like yours. Your site is one of the best I've seen. What a great blessing you are. The points made about many of the LDS doctrines and beliefs are wonderful. Very easy to understand and easy to discuss with LDS friends. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site!! God Bless.

Dec. 19, 2002

Subject: Temple marriage preparation

My son has recently been married in the Temple. We had some very strange happenings prior. As an inactive Mormon for 35 years I was amazed at the rapid rush on the part of the church to get them ready.

My son initially wanted to talk to me about it (the temple) but then, before we could talk he was silent about it and never brought it up again.

Is there any place on the web site or is there a resource to find out the "Temple preparation" procedures. Are they counseled not to talk to anyone who could lend a different view?


[Sandra's Note: I am not aware of any thing in writing that would specifically tell your son not to talk with you. However, they are instructed that they are not to talk to outsiders about the temple. I assume the Bishop must have counseled him to not talk to you about this.

One of the interview questions for a temple recommend is "Do you affiliate with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or do you sympathize with the precepts of any such group or individual?" This could be interpreted as meaning that your son should not discuss anything about the temple with you, since you do not believe the LDS teachings.

I think you could order the book 'Endowed from on High; Temple Preparation Seminar' from the LDS Distribution center. This is the teacher's manual for the class on temple preparation. Go to www.lds.org, look for the distribution center. Also, our book Evolution of the Mormon Temple Ceremony will give you the specifics of the ritual.]

Dec. 19, 2002

Subject: Letters to the Editor


I absolutely love reading the "letters to the editor" on your site. Not only is it awesome to "see" how your ministry is affecting people, but it's interesting to see how current LDS members react to your site... It's very sad to me that LDS members that see your site (and others like it) are so defensive that they won't investigate what you've said. ...

As an ex-Mormon I know that the LDS church does NOT share many of their doctrine with the "everyday" member. You actually have to be a long time active member to be taught some of the doctrines.

If LDS members don't believe what you've listed they should INVESTIGATE and prove you wrong via their scriptures. Instead you just get flame mail.

...How sad that the missionaries only explain very simple concepts without very much detail. No wonder so many people are being baptized into the LDS church, the missionaries only tell them what they want to hear. How about adding a few more bits of Mormon belief to those lessons....like polygamy, virgin birth, Heavenly Mother, Jesus was married and had children, "as man is God was-as God is man may become", curse of blacks......to name a few!!

God bless you. I love your ministry!!

Dec. 19, 2002

Dear Jerald and Sandra,

...I have received the Messenger since issue #37 and have always found it to be both enlightening and informative. Please keep up the wonderful work that you do and have a great Holiday season. ...

Dec. 19, 2002

Subject: Question about de-emphasis of missionary farewells

Dear Jerald and Sandra,

I have always appreciated reading your newsletters and now your website and receiving your insight on Mormon church issues.

I do have one question: I was wondering if you have thought about or heard some information pertaining to the reason for de-emphasizing the missionary farewells. I always thought it was a spiritually uplifting event to hear the parents and siblings talks at the "Missionary Farewell" Sunday service.

It is my conjecture that the General Authorities living in the wealthly east side bench areas of Salt Lake must have become appalled at the upper crust's "One upsmanship" of getting the biggest and hippest crowds of admirers at their "Preppy" son's Farewell Sacrament Meetings and their elaborate and expensive "Farewell Parties" afterwards at their multimillion dollar homes.

I live near Ogden in much more humble circumstances and if my theory is true then it does anger me somewhat that the authorities would put a ban on all missionary farewells because of the practices of the rich few in SLC.

Do you think my theory is correct? Or have you heard of some other reason? I was curious and I know I can trust you for an honest answer if there is one. You always make clear sense to me of the real reasons for some of the behind the scenes moves of the church.

Thank you,

[Sandra's Note: I assume farewells were reigned in for reasons similar to your observations.]

Dec. 19, 2002

Subject Book of Mormon Changes

I recently presented to a friend of mine, the photocopy of the original 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon with the over 3,000 changes marked in it. She has always had the belief that there has only been one edition, which is the one we have today.

Her conclusion is that this photocopy is not the original 1830 edition, but a fraudulent translation by anti-mormons....Where can a person find an actual 1830 edition or how can I prove to her that this is in fact a photocopy of the original version?


[Sandra's Note: You can purchase the book Joseph Smith Begins His Work, Vol. 1 (which is a photo reprint of the original Book of Mormon) from the official LDS bookstore, Deseret Book, 801-328-8191. We sell the same thing, but if you buy it from us a Mormon may still doubt it. In the picture section at the front the book there is a 1959 statement verifying the photo-reprint was made from the original 1830 ed. It was signed by the managers of Deseret Book, one of which has since become one of the LDS Church First Presidency, Gordon Monson.

Another way would be to send $2 or $3 to the Utah State Historical Society Library, 300 S. Rio Grande, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, and request photos of a few pages from the original 1830 Book of Mormon. You could use our book 3,913 Changes in the Book of Mormon to determine which pages you would most want a photo of.]

Dec. 20, 2002

Dear Mrs Tanner,

I want to thank you sincerely and fully for your wise council. I was greatly troubled and challenged by the visits of the missionaries. I feel my faith is strong and that I am a strong minded individual but even I was taken in for a while by these young men. This worries me greatly as those less able to research and question could easily be taken in by the teachings of the false prophet. This could ultimately lead to huge personal and spiritual damage.

It is even more of a concern as the young men I spoke with are obviously good and committed to doing good. They also seem to be rightous and virtuous. Maybe thats easy when your 19! I am saddened to think that they work so vigorously for Mormonism which I am sure is against the teaching of the Bible.

Your web site is literally and undoubtedly a GOD SEND, and although I am a poor sinner I praise God for its existence. You and your husband are the real Saints. Thank you again and have a great Christmas.

Dec. 20, 2002

Dear Sandra,

....My visit to SLC will have to wait until this winter is past. Being almost 80 years old I do not travel as much as I used to...

Much thought has been and is being given to what exactly brought me into the Mormon Church and what I believed to be true.

I had always had difficulties accepting the fact that the heavens were shut and the Lord no longer communicates with us. It followed that the story of the first vision became acceptable, although I have always shied away from Joseph Smith and never wanted to have anything to do with the D&C, which I considered mostly the products of a human mind.

Another attraction to the LDS church was the explanation about the teaching of those, who preceded us in death, without ever having heard the Gospel.

The teaching that families are forever, was expecially attractive and I have to admit that our membership in the Mormon church was a great help when it came to keeping our teenagers on the straight and narrow.

All in all I feel that the church had much to offer, but when it comes to the nitty gritty, it is now clear that I always believed that God had been God from the beginning and that the same was true for Jesus Christ. It is interesting to me that my family, consisting of my husband, 4 children and myself, were very sure that we had absolutely no desire to ever be a god. In fact, the only reason my late husband joined the church was that he didn't want me to do this on my own and felt it better if he would support me in my decision.

Our family came to this country from the Netherlands in 1951. Being products of solid Christian families, we always held on to the values we were brought up with, but couldn't accept the teaching of the social gospel, which we found in the different denominations we tried out.

In the Mormon church our very different backgrounds, education and experiences became a problem. We just couldn't fit the mold and although we didn't feel this as a problem, we apparently made many good Mormons very uncomfortable. ...

The church always kept a rather casual contact with me, but surprisingly during this Christmas season there seems to be a renewed and concerted effort to bring me back into the fold. Gifts and visitors are pouring in, to the point where I am embarrassed. These are good people, they know where I stand and I do not want to hurt their feelings by being unnecessarily blunt. Just the same, at the time when I really needed them, at the time of my husband's death, our family was totally ignored. I will have to make the decision to have my name removed from the Mormon membership records. One of my sons is already doing this.

The reason I am still hesitating is that I can do without the hassle and just as soon go on doing what I have been doing for a long time, which is studying the scriptures and keeping in touch with my many good Christian friends all over the world, while remaining totally inactive in the Mormon church.

Your newsletter is very much appreciated and your interesting website will keep me busy for quite a while. Thank you for everything and may the Lord continue to bless you and your work.

Dec. 22, 2002

Subject: name delete

I have been trying for nearly a year to have my name removed from the Mormon register ... it is just a merrygo round from one bishop to another or some one else in authority.

Dec. 23, 2002

Thank you so much for the helpful material about the Mormons. It was so helpful in changing my future daughter-in-law's mind about joining the Mormons. I am very grateful to your speedy response. We are using this knowledge in helping her Mormon friends to find the truth in love & for Jesus Christ our redeemer. She has since accepted Christ & Gods truth. She is very grateful for the truth. Thank you again.

God bless you,

Dec. 24, 2002

Dear Sandra & Gerald-

Just to let you know we are thinking of you this Christmas and to let you know how much your ministry & friendship has meant to us. It means a lot! It has helped shape how we deal with the Mormon situation in our lives and help outreach to others. We thank you from the bottom our hearts....

Dec. 24, 2002

Mr and Mrs Tanner, Good afternoon.

I appreciate what you do to reveal the problems with Mormonism.

I have a question if I may and of course would very much appreciate your assistance. ... I read an article from a web site, .... The article said " The title page of the 1830 edition of the BofM as well as "The Testimony of Eight Witnesses" claims Joseph Smith as the "Author and Proprietor" but later editions claimed Smith was the translator... What reference can I use to show these three Mormons that Joseph Smith did not have to claim to [be] the author?


Many thanks.

[Sandra's Note: The copyright law quoted in the original Book of Mormon stated "An act supplementary to an act, entitled, 'An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies..."

Evidently Joseph Smith misunderstood the wording and assumed he must claim to be both 'author' and 'proprietor'. However, he could have simply claimed to be the 'proprietor,' as a publisher would have done.

By way of example, the book View of the Hebrews was written by Ethan Smith but the copyright in 1825 was acquired by the publisher "Smith and Shute," not by the author (see our photo-reprint of View of the Hebrews). Here is a quote from the notice:

"BE IT REMEMBERED That on the sixteenth day of April, in the forty-ninth year of the Independence of the United States of America, SMITH & SHUTE, of the said District, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following,..." (View of the Hebrews, 1825, copyright notice)

An example of how an author could get a copyright without listing himself as the 'proprietor' can be seen in the book Geography Made Easy Being An Abridgement of the American Universal Geography by Jedidiah Morse, dated 1813. In the copyright notice, on the second page, Mr. Morse quotes the same copyright law as displayed in the first edition of the Book of Mormon, but lists himself as 'author' without using the word 'proprietor.'

Thus we see that Joseph Smith could have applied for his copyright as either the 'author' or 'proprietor' and did not need to list both.]

Dec. 25, 2002

My question is this: How are you going to explain to the Lord one day that you spent your entire lives fighting against Him and His kingdom?

Dec. 26, 2002

Subject: nostalgia

Jerald and Sandra,

This is mostly to Sandra. I last saw you in Charlotte, NC, twenty years ago, where you had come to speak to a relatively small audience. My wife and I had just broken free of the LDS and we used your sample letter to request that our names be removed from the church roles. We bought a copy of "Shadow or Reality" and you signed it. You helped us to become secure in being able to explain the many conflicting LDS teachings and beliefs.

Recently, I read a newspaper editorial promoting the LDS as "protectors of values, etc." I couldn't help but notice that the individual who signed the letter had been a Lutheran, as my wife I had once been. He was berating a young girl who was defending the Faith. The only similarity we shared was that I was able to break free of Mormonism and he was still trapped in it.

My response to him neutralized the spokeman for the "One True Church." His second letter indicated that he didn't have a clue about the differences in the practices of the LDS and their so-called "...most perfect book in the world."

Next came an editorial from a very intellectual gent and sort of "super-Mormon." He was Stake President, bishop, ex-FBI agent and Federal Prosecutor. He was there when I was baptized a Mormon along with my wife, in 1983. They almost had to push her down in the baptistry because her inner spirit seemingly wanted to break free. I gave a good account in the newspaper and he responded privately, inviting me to remove our discussion from the public eye. We continued with a private debate. The only discussion I would entertain was: Is the LDS church Christian? He tried to have it both ways. He contended that it was. I shared references to their so-called copyrighted pages indicating that they were not only NOT Christian, they had earlier made their own declaration of desiring to be apart from the "abomination in his sight."...

God bless you fine folks,

Dec. 26, 2002

Dear Sandra,

Thank you VERY much for the effort- you and your husband are truly inspirations. Your character has encouraged me to take a gentle, yet firm approach to the LDS loved ones and friends in my life. Happy holidays and may God continue to bless you,


Dec. 27, 2002

Hi,...I came to your 'store' in SLC, quite a few years ago, ... I got some literature because I was getting to know a fellow in SLC. On Monday 12/16/02, he accepted Christ, and on 12/22-02, joined the Baptist Church!!!

Dec. 27, 2002

Thoroughly enjoyed latest Messenger. Survey shows good link to Temple Changes.

...Have the threats in D&C 84, against NY, Albany, and Boston, been retracted?

[D&C 84:114-115--Nevertheless, let the bishop go unto the city of New York, also to the city of Albany, and also to the city of Boston, and warn the people of those cities with the sound of the gospel, with a loud voice, of the desolation and utter abolishment which await them if they do reject these things. For if they do reject these things the hour of their judgement is night, and their house shall be left unto them desolate.]

Considering that the LDS Jesus, according to the BOM, destroyed a large number of cities "because of their wickedness", and the LDS anti-U.S. history, it is my contention that these threats should be FORMALLY withdrawn.

If not, the LDS "Church" should join Hezbollah on the terrorist organization list.

Keep up the good work. I still longingly remember the day I first started to read Shadow or Reality?. It gave me the Truth.

God Bless.

Dec. 28, 2002


This was my first visit to your website and I absolutely love it! I would love to read any materials that you have.

My husband, 2 daughters, and I are have lived here in ...Utah for almost 2 years. We are not Mormon, but we are surrounded by them everywhere. The ones we have met in our neighborhood are very nice, but I want to read up on Mormonism all that I can.

My husband is stationed in the military here at Hill AFB. ...I hear friends of mine that are Mormon talking about their faith and beliefs, and I want so much to tell them of my beliefs, but I haven't said anything because I don't know the Bible like I should.

Even the missionaries make me nervous because they seem to know their beliefs inside/out. I want to make sure that I am armed and know God's word. At the same time I feel like I am snubbing God because I haven't spoken up. I even hear my co-workers talking about their religion at work but don't feel I can say anything for fear of possibly losing my job....My oldest daughter... will be starting junior high next year and I'm really worried about her not being accepted by other kids because she's not Mormon. So far it hasn't been an issue in Elementary school.

Thank you for your time and for your wonderful website! I hope sometime to see your bookstore.

God Bless you!

Dec. 30, 2002

Dear Sandra,

...We appreciate your efforts and hard work in exposing Mormonism for what it is. We have many loved ones caught up in Mormonism and plan to use your works to help them....

Dec. 30, 2002

...Your website is what I've been looking for. Since I now live out of state, I have been struggling with where I can find support for what I'm going through. Thanks for providing this information.

Dec. 30, 2002

Tanners & Staff:

What a tremendous job you do. With the help of your publications & years of study I left the false gospel of the LDS & embraced the gospel of Jesus.

I just pray that our Lord will continue blessing your ministry for a long long time.

God Bless You

Dec. 30, 2002

Subject: Thank You, UTLM. You bless many lives.

Interesting how harsh and condemning the Mormon letters are (not very Christlike!), yet it's perfectly acceptable for Mormon missionaries to go door-to-door spreading the message that all other religions are false, while theirs is true.

I converted to [Mormonism through] two such missionaries as an impressionable 15 year old female. I had no bible knowledge, or I would never have converted. I left my home and family to attend BYU.

My parents drove 2,100 miles to sit in the SLC temple lobby while I was upstairs being married for eternity. For many years, I heard and saw things in the church and the temple which I found deeply disturbing. Eventually, when I left the church, my husband left me and our two young daughters.

Although I can't say it's been easy, I'm thrilled to say I now know the true Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, and I have a peace as a Christian, which I never knew as a Mormon. Indeed, God will reveal the truth to those who earnestly seek ... it is found in HIS word, the INFALLIBLE bible, and not in a psychosomatic burning chest or a wishful testimony.

Dec. 31, 2002

Subject: help!

I have recently discovered that the church is a fabrication. I have been a member for 10 years, married for 8 and have four small children.

My husband resents what I am doing. He is reeling in the face of the evidence but refuses to accept it. He wants more photocopies, real documents etc, as people can say what they want on the internet.

He doesn't think there is anything in JS'S original first vision that contradicts the current one. Apart from visiting Salt Lake city...how can I obtain some of these Church materials, or view more photocopies/photographs. My life is a mess, my husband is what I think is referred to as a TBM.. Please help me!

[Sandra's Note: A good resource is our packet of photos called First Vision Photocopies. Another set of LDS photos is Godhead and Virgin Birth Photocopies.

There is another good book just out by a retired LDS Institute of Religion director called An Insiders View of Mormon Origins—maybe your husband would look at it. It is on our booklist as well.

Praying God's best for you and your family. May TRUTH prevail. You might want to try the ex-Mormon discussion group at www.irr.org/mit.]

Dec. 31, 2002

Dear Jerald, Sandra and Staff,

...I enjoy your website--especially the ‘letters to the editor.’ If you get discouraged at times by the negative feedback, please know that there are many of us standing behind your vital work. May God continue to richly bless your fine efforts in the coming year.

In Christ-

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