We are very grateful to many people and a number of libraries for their assistance. Both members and non-members of the Mormon Church have given books, pamphlets and photographs to us. A number of people have given us access to their own research. Others have helped in various ways. We are particularly indebted, however, to James Wardle, LaMar Petersen, Wesley P. Walters, Michael Marquardt, and Jerry Urban for their help. Grant Heward has provided a great deal of help and valuable material on the Egyptian language and Joseph Smith's Egyptian Papyri. The University of Utah Library and the Utah State Historical Society have greatly assisted by allowing photographs to be made of many of their rare books, The Yale University Library, the Mormon Church Genealogical Library, the Brigham Young University Library and the Salt Lake Public Library have also provided help. The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints kindly allowed us to read microfilm copies of Joseph Smith's private diaries, correspondence, and other items. We would also like to thank the personnel at Moody Press for their patience and help. The amount of time they have spent on this project clearly demonstrates that they want an accurate and dependable book on Mormonism.


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