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Product Code: XB379
Title: Wide Divide (The)
Author: D.J. Gonzales
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
List Price: $30.95
Our Price: $27.00
Date: 2017
Pages: 650
Additional Info: Early Mormon History and an Investigation of the Wide Divide Between LDS Doctrine and Christian Doctrine


From back cover:

Most people are not aware of the wide divide that exists between Mormonism and Christianity. Members of the LDS Church are taught not to question the teachings of the church despite the leaders being instructed to manipulate the facts and hide the truth whenever it is deemed useful to do so. The Wide Divide is a comprehensive and chronological study of Mormonism rendered in a holistic rather than a topical approach. It covers the panorama of early Mormon history with a comprehensive analysis of its doctrine. The major premise of the book is, "Are Mormons Christian?" If you are a Mormon, it is very critical that you answer this question correctly before you meet Jesus in eternity. Please do so.

Table of Contents

               What the LDS Church teaches
               The wrong Jesus

Part 1: The History of Joseph Smith

  1. It All Began with a Family Deeply Involved in the Occult
                   The religious climate of America in the early 1800s
                   Magic, sorcery and occult
                   A man without a moral compass
                   The truth is not considered uplifting                                    
  1. The Prophet-to-Be Is Arrested as a Glass Looker
                   Joseph meets Emma Hale
                   Joseph Smith is charged as a disorderly person
                   The 145-year cover-up
                   An authentic court record
                   Joseph and Emma elope
  1. An Act of Religious Radicalism, Dishonesty and Deception
                   Translation of the Book of Mormon begins
                   Harmony, Pennsylvania
                   Martin Harris
                   116 missing pages
                   Joseph joins the Methodist Church
                   Oliver Cowdery
                   Eleven eyewitnesses
                   “Down on Your Knees, Brethren, Every One of You”
                   The translation is finished
                   The Book of Mormon is published
                   Christ’s blueprint?
  1. The Church of Christ Is Founded
                   Missionaries sent to Missouri
                   Kirtland, Ohio
                   Familiar spirits
                   The church centers in Ohio and Missouri grew rapidly
                   A Plethora of inspired revelations received
                   The Law of Consecration
                   The Native American revelation of 1831                                           
  1. The Beginning of Mormon Polygamy
                   Joseph Smith presumes to correct and revise the Bible
                   Tarred and feathered for moral turpitude
                   Mormon Population in Jackson County Increases Rapidly in 1832-1833
                   Construction begins on the first Mormon temple
                   Joseph’s sixteen-year-old housemaid
                   Driven out of Jackson County, Missouri
  1. Joseph Smith’s First Contact with Heavenly Messengers
                   The bedroom visits and the angel’s message of 1823
                   The angel’s name altered
                   The angel Nephi
                   Where are the plates?
                   The Book of Abraham
                   Familiar spirits in Kirtland
                   Driven out of Clay County, Missouri
                   The Kirtland Apostasy of 1837
                   Leaders excommunicated
  1. Mormons in Missouri and Illinois
                   The garden of Eden in American
                   Mrs. Lucinda Harris
                   The Law of tithing
                   The Danites and dissenters
                   Sidney Rigdon’s salt sermon
                   Sidney Rigdon’s 1838 Fourth of July speech
                   The 1838 Mormon War
                   Haun’s Mill
                   Joseph Smith taken prisoner
                   Mormons seek redress a second time
                   Orson Pratt was the first to publish a version of Joseph’s first vision
                   Lorenzo Snow’s famous couplet
  1. Polygamy
                   Louisa Beaman
                   Zina and Prescendia Huntington
                   Agnes Coolbrith
                   Sylvia Sessions Lyon and Patty Bartlett Sessions
                   Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner
                   Emma defends Joseph
                   Joseph was commanded by the Mormon god to institute polygamy
                   What does the Bible say about polygamy?
                   What does the Book of Mormon say about polygamy?
                   Mrs. Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde
                   Nancy Rigdon
                   Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Durfee
                   Mrs. Sarah Kingsley Cleveland
                   Eliza Roxcy Snow
                   Delcena Johson Sherman
                   Sarah Ann Whitney
                   Martha Mcbride Knight
                   Mrs. Ruth D. Vose Sayers
                   Flora Ann Woodworth
                   Emily Dow Partridge and Eliza Maria Partridge
                   Almera Woodward Johnson
                   Lucy Walker
                   Maria Lawrence and Sarah Lawrence
                   Helen Mar Kimball
                   Hannah Ells
                   Mrs. Elvira Cowles Holmes
                   Rhoda Richards
                   Desdemona Catlin Wadsworth Fullmer
                   Olive Grey Frost and Mrs. Mary Ann Frost Stearns Pratt
                   Nancy Maria Winchester
                   Those who reject polygamy reject their salvation and godhood
                   Joseph Smith finally unveils his revelation concerning marriage
                   Melissa Lott
                   Sarah Scott Mulholland
                   Mrs. Phebe Watrous Woodworth
                   Mary Huston
                   Mrs. Fanny Young            
  1. The First Vision Fails the Test of Authenticity
                   A dichotomy established
                   The first account
                   The second account
                   The third account
                   The fourth account
                   The fifth account
                   The revival controversy
                   When did church leaders know about the first vision?
                   The first vision emerged in the twentieth century as the linchpin of Mormonism
                   The first vision lacks the magnificence of God’s fingerprint
                   One more deceptive translation                                           
  1. The Death of Joseph Smith
                  Sarah Kimball, wife of Hiram Kimball
                  The gun battle at Carthage Jail
                  Brigham Young challenges Sidney Rigdon for the presidency

Part 2: Mormon Doctrine Does Not Stand the Test

  1. The Book of Mormon
                  Prophetic inconsistencies
                  The culture in which Joseph Smith lived
                  The King James idiom permeates the Book of Mormon
                  The Book of Mormon does not reflect an ancient Near-Eastern background
                  A geographical and archaeological enigma
                  Anachronisms abound
                  DNA evidence: “A great story slain by ugly facts”
                  General authority and historian B. H. Roberts
                  View of the Hebrews
                  “I sorrowfully submit”
                  The unpublished manuscript of Solomon Spalding
                  Shining the light of truth 
  1. The Standard Works: A Mountain of Contradictions
                  The doctrine and covenants
                  Contradictions between the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants
                  The Pearl of Great Price
                  The Book of Moses
                  The Book of Abraham
                  Joseph Smith—Matthew
                  The sign of the abomination of desolation
                  The thirteen Articles of Faith
                  Article 1
                  Article 2
                  Article 3
                  Article 4
                  Article 5
                  Article 6
                  Article 7
                  Article 8
                  Mormon leaders vilified the Bible
                  Article 9
                  Article 10
                  Article 11
                  Article 12
                  Article 13
                  The Bible
                  The living prophet doctrine
  1. Freemasonry and the Mormon Temple
                  Temple endowment ritual
                  Celestial marriage in the temple
                  “Is there no help for the widow’s son?”
                  LDS garments
                  Why do Mormons build temples?
                  The fall of Adam and Eve and the purpose for the Jerusalem temple
  1. Lying for the Lord and Feelings
                  Beware of the leaven of the religious leaders
                  Feelings never take the place of facts and faith
                  “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”
  1. The Apostasy and the Restoration
  2. The Mormon Priesthood, Women, and Blacks
                  The Aaronic priesthood
                  The Melchizedek priesthood
                  The true restoration and the priesthood of believers
                  Women excluded from the LDS priesthood
                  Blacks were denied the priesthood for 148 years
  1. The Gods of Mormonism
                  The nature of the Mormon Gods changed again
                  “As man is, god once was, as God is, man may be”
                  The gods of Mormonism are polygamist Gods
                  The Adam-God doctrine
                  Pre-Mortality (Pre-Existence or the First Estate)
                  Eternal regression and eternal progression
                  Eternal increase
                  The doctrine of the three heavens
                  Celestial kingdom—the church of the firstborn
                  Highest celestial degree and celestial marriage
                  Terrestrial kingdom
                  Telestial kingdom
                  No salvation without Joseph Smith
                  The spirit world and a false second chance
                  Hell—outer darkness
                  What does the Mormon Church teach about the Trinity?
                  What is anthropomorphism?
  1. The False Christ of Mormonism
                  The Mormon Church rejects the virgin birth and denies the deity of Christ
                  Mormons teach that Jesus was a polygamist
                  That’s right, but “do not preach it”
                  The Cross or Gethsemane?
                  Blood atonement
                  Mormon doctrine does not stand the test of the Bible
  1. Mormons Unshackled
                  Fawn Brodie
                  Jerald and Sandra Tanner
                  Dennis and Rauni Higley
                  Michael and Lynn Wilder
                  The Adam’s Road Band
                  One hundred fifty resigned
                  Apostasy in Sweden
                  Grant H. Palmer
                  Carl Wimmer

Part 3: Christian Doctrine

  1. Our Faith is Secure Because the Bible is True
                  Textual criticism
                  The Dead Sea scrolls
                  One more thing—prophetic accuracy
  1. No Other Name Under Heaven
                  Heaven and hell
                  Sin and substitution
                  Made alive in Christ
                  Justified by faith
                  Doctrine of imputation
                  Justification and sanctification
                  The three tenses of salvation
                  Grace alone
                  What it means to be born again
                  The body of Christ
  1. Essential Doctrines of Christianity
                  Monotheism and the Trinity
                  The deity of Jesus Christ
                  The old sin nature
                  The virgin birth
                  The atonement and true Gospel of Jesus Christ
                  The resurrection of Jesus Christ
                  Christ’s Bodily Ascension
                  The rapture of the church
                  Eschatology (end of the age)
                  The Bible is God’s Word and final authority
                  A Christian is Identified with Christ
  1. You Can Become a Christian Right Now
                  The Four Spiritual Laws


  1. Joseph and Emma’s Children
  2. Similarities Between the Book of Mormon and View of the Hebrews
  3. Joseph Smith’s Thirty-Eight Wives
  4. The 1890 and 1904 Manifestos
  5. The Endowment Ceremony
  6. Apostasy in Sweden—Fifteen Questions
  7. LDS Presidents

               Table 1. Children of Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith
               Table 2. Wives of Joseph Smith
               Table 3. World Timeline in Relation to the Book of Mormon
               Table 4. Contradictions between BOM and D&C
               Table 5. Textual Criticism
               Table 6. Justification and Sanctification
               Table 7. Joseph & Emma’s Children
               Figure 1. Train Illustration
               Figure 2. Alleged Universal Apostasy
               Figure 3. Before and After the Cross
               Figure 4. Believers
               Figure 5. Unbelievers
               Figure 6. Doctrine of Imputation, Imputed Righteousness
               Figure 7. Trinity Diagram
               Figure 8. Four Spiritual Laws


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