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Product Code: XB386
Title: Where Is Jesus?
Author: Brenton Laidler
Publisher: Brenton Laidler
Price: $15.00
Date: 2014
Pages: 155
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Written by a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "Where is Jesus?" examines five areas of Mormon theology (Jesus, the Afterlife, Marriage, Prophets, and the Scriptures) with the sole purpose of trying to find Jesus. Is Jesus the primary focus in the Mormon Church? Do their teachings, practices, and ordinances glorify Him?

Table of Contents


  • A Little Background on Me
  • How It All Got Started

Section One: Christianity

  • What Do You Mean When You Say Jesus?
  • The Other Brother of Jesus
  • The Holy Trinity
  • His Work on the Cross
  • Who Does the Bible Say Jesus Is?
  • What is the Biblical View of Salvation?
  • Where is Jesus?

Section Two: Pre-Mortal and Post-Mortal Existence

  • The Before and Afterlife
  • Where Did I Come From?
  • The Spirit World
  • Three Heavens and a Hell
  • The Mormon Meaning of Life
  • What Does the Bible Say About All This?
  • Where is Jesus?

Section Three: Can Marriage Be Eternal

  • Wedding Bells Ringing
  • A Marriage That Even Death Cannot Destroy
  • Do You Say I Do?
  • What Does the Bible Say About Marriage
  • Where Is Jesus?

Section Four: Modern Day Prophets

  • Leading the Way
  • Follow the Prophet, Don't Go Astray
  • Joseph Smith
  • Where is Jesus?

Section Five: The Holy Scriptures

  • One Plus Three
  • The Standard Works
  • The Eighth Article
  • The Bible, Version 2.0
  • Where Is Jesus?

Section Six: Conclusion

  • Hear "I AM"
  • To My LDS Brother and Sisters
  • To The Non Members

Section Seven: My Journey to Christ

  • I'd Like to Bare My Testimony
  • From BC to Born Again


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