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Product Code: XB309
Title: What We're Hearing You Say
Author: Mike Mitchell
Publisher: Morris Publishing
Price: $7.00
Date: 2010
Pages: 154
Additional Info:

What It's Like To Be An Evangelical Contemplating The LDS Church


From back cover:

With a sober and self-critical approach, and without the unnecessary contention that too often taints the discussion between Mormons and traditional Christians, What We're Hearing You Say discusses important issues in LDS history and theology in a way that asks Mormons to put themselves in the shoes of Evangelicals as we contemplate basic Mormon claims.

Table of Contents

Origins and Basic Claims of the LDS Church
Introduction: The Scope and Approach of This Book


  1. A Few Essential Points
  2. Some Justified Mormon Criticisms of Evangelicals
  3. Insight From Evangelical Sin
  4. The Difficulty in Believing LDS Priesthood Authority
  5. The Mormon Church and the Bible
  6. Mormon History
  7. A Problem of a Different Kind



  1. Full Text of Brigham Young's Public Address to the Utah Legislature on the Nature of the Black Race
  2. A Response to Carl Mosser and Paul Owen
  3. The Ancient Christian Creeds
  4. The Book of Abraham

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