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Product Code: XB047
Title: Waiting For World's End: The Diaries of Wilford Woodruff
Author: Ed. Susan Staker
Publisher: Signature Books
List Price: $26.95
Our Price: $24.50
Date: 1993
Pages: 455
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The quintessential Latter-day Saint diarist, Wilford Woodruff, fourth president of the Mormon Church, recorded official and private acts of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Woodruff is perhaps best known for issuing his famous Manifesto supposedly abolishing polygamy and setting himself at odds with hundreds of practicing Mormon polygamists.

Table of Contents

A Wilford Woodruff Chronology


  1. From Convert to Apostolic Missionary: 1833-40
  2. Exploring New Doctrines: 1841-45
  3. Fleeing West: 1846-50
  4. Settling a New Zion: 1851-56
  5. At War with the United States: 1857-61
  6. Trouble Without and Within: 1862-70
  7. On the Underground: 1871-80
  8. Assuming Leadership: 1881-88
  9. The Great Compromise: 1889-98

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