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Product Code: XB398
Title: Visions in a Seer Stone
Author: William L. Davis
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $27.00
Date: 2020
Pages: 250
Additional Info: Joseph Smith and the Making of the Book of Mormon


From back cover:

In this interdisciplinary work, William L. Davis examines Joseph Smith's 1829 creation of the Book of Mormon, the foundational text of the Latter Day Saint movement. Positioning the text in the history of early American oratorical techniques, sermon culture, educational practices, and the passion for self-improvement, Davis elucidates both the fascinating cultural context for the creation of the Book of Mormon and the central role of oral culture in early nineteenth-century America.

Drawing on performance studies, religious studies, literary culture, and the history of early American education, Davis analyzes Smith's process of oral composition. How did he produce a history spanning a period of 1,000 years, filled with hundreds of distinct characters and episodes, cohesively tied together in an overarching narrative? Eyewitnesses claimed that Smith never looked at notes, manuscripts, or books—he simply spoke the words of this American religious epic into existence. Judging the truth of this process is not Davis's interest. Rather, he reveals a kaleidoscope of practices and styles that converged around Smith's creation, with an emphasis on the evangelical preaching styles popularized by the renowned George Whitefield and John Wesley.

Table of Contents



  1. Seer Stones and Western Esotericism
  2. Laying Down Heads in Written and Oral Composition
  3. Revival Sermons in the Burned-Over District
  4. The King Follett Sermon
  5. Sermon Culture in the Book of Mormon
  6. Constructing Book of Mormon Historical Narratives
  7. A Theory of Translation


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