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Product Code: UB012
Title: The Use of the Old Testament in the Book of Mormon
Author: Wesley P. Walters
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $8.00
Date: 1990
Pages: 235
Additional Info:

A Thesis Submitted to the Old Testament Department in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Theology

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Discusses Joseph Smith's plagiarism of the King James Version of the Bible.

Table of Contents


Joseph Smith's Knowledge of the Bible
Types of Use of the Old Testament


  1. Framework For a Tale About Ancient America
    The Book of Mormon Intermingles the Testaments
    Old Testament Models for Names and Events
    Borrowing the King James Language
    Conclusions Concerning an Old Testament Framework
  2. Analysis of Old Testament Passages Utilized in the Book of Mormon
    The Order the Book Was Composed
    Early Usage in Mosiah
    Usage in the Latter Portion of the Book
    Usage in the Last Portion to Be Written
    Conclusions Concerning Old Testament Quotations
  3. Eschatological Use of the Old Testament
    Theological Themes of the Period
    Ethan Smith's Eschatological Distinctives
    The Book of Mormon's Earliest Eschatological System
    Later Eschatological Developement--First and Second Nephi
    Finalizing the Eschatology in Extended Allegory
    Conclusions Concerning the Eschatological Use of the Old Testament
  4. General Conclusions


  1. Authoritative "Scriptures" of the Mormon Church
  2. Preliminary Draft of Lucy Smith's History
  3. Sources for Book of Mormon Names
    1. Book of Mormon Names
    2. Patterns in Non-Biblical Names
    3. The Name "Mormon"
  4. Checking Variances of Book of Mormon with King James Version - Book of Isaiah
  5. Poultney Congregational Church Records
  6. Comparison of Book of Mormon and King James Version

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