Truth Seeking

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Product Code: XB384
Title: Truth Seeking
Author: Hans Mattsson with Christina Hanke
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Price: $15.00
Date: 2018
Pages: 224
Additional Info: The story of high-ranking Mormon leader Hans Mattsson seeking sincere answers from his church but instead finding contempt, fear, doubt ... and eventually peace.


From back cover:

In the small but cohesive Mormon community in Sweden where he grew up. Hans Mattsson was a fervent believer in Mormonism. He followed his father and grandfather into church leadership positions and eventually moved up the hierarchy to become one of Europe's most senior leaders within the Mormon Church.

But when church members began approaching him with credibly sourced information from the Internet that contradicted the church's official history and teachings, he dismissed it as "anti-Mormon lies" and asked his superiors for help responding. The unwillingness of the top Mormon leaders in Salt Lake City to address the issues led Mattsson on his own search for truth.

Table of Contents

     The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Introduction — The Trip

Chapter 1 — Roots
     Oskar and Hildegard

Chapter 2 — The Next Generation
      Herbert and Clara

Chapter 3 — Mission to England
     The Call
     Mission Experiences
     Psychological Pressure

Chapter 4 — Young Adults

Chapter 5 — The Temple

Chapter 6 — On the Road to Exaltation
     Birgitta’s Experiences with Genealogical Research
     Hans’ Working Life
     Hans’ Final Employer
     Responsibilities Within the Church Organization

Chapter 7 — The Winds of Change

Chapter 8 — The Calling
     Storm Clouds

Chapter 9 — Searching for Answers – Finding Doubt
     The Years 2005-2009 From Birgitta’s Perspective
     Birgitta 2010-2012
     Hans 2009-2012
     Road Trip
     An Obsessed Man

Chapter 10 — The Painful Questions
     The First Vision
     The Book of Mormon
     The Temple
     The Book of Abraham
     View of Humanity

Chapter 11 — The Swedish Rescue
     The Aftermath

Chapter 12 — The Meeting in New York

Chapter 13 — Sweden Mormon Stories

Chapter 14 — The Struggle for Faith
     Birgitta’s Perspective
     Thoughts that Twisted and Turned

Chapter 15 — Go Public
     New York

Chapter 16 — Return to Utah

Chapter 17 — Normal Life
     Leaving … After All


Reading List years 2005 to 2013
     Joseph Smith and Mormon Church History
     The Mormon Church as an Organization
     Faith and Testimony of the Mormon Church
     Christian Literature
     Religious Psychology etc.

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