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Product Code: XB334
Title: This Is My Doctrine: The Development of Mormon Theology
Author: Charles R. Harrell
Publisher: Greg Kofford Books
List Price: $34.95
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Date: 2011
Pages: 583
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From inside jacket:

The principal doctrines defining Mormonism today often bear little resemblance to those it started out with in the early 1830s. This book shows that these doctrines did not originate in a vacuum but were rather prompted and informed by the religious culture from which Mormonism arose. Early Mormons, like their early Christian and even earlier Israelite predecessors, brought with them their own varied culturally conditioned theological presuppositions (a process of convergence) and only later acquired a more distinctive theological outlook (a process of differentiation).

In this first-of-its-kind comprehensive treatment of the development of Mormon theology, Charles Harrell traces the history of Latter-day Saint doctrines from the times of the Old Testament to the present. He describes how Mormonism has carried on the tradition of the biblical authors, early Christians, and later Protestants in reinterpreting scripture to accommodate new theological ideas while attempting to uphold the integrity and authority of the scriptures. In the process, he probes three questions: How did Mormon doctrines develop? What are the scriptural underpinnings of these doctrines? And what do critical scholars make of these same scriptures? In this enlightening study, Harrell systematically peels back the doctrinal accretions of time to provide a fresh new look at Mormon theology.

This Is My Doctrine will provide those already versed in Mormonism’s theological tradition with a new and richer perspective of Mormon theology. Those unacquainted with Mormonism will gain an appreciation for how Mormon theology fits into the larger Jewish and Christian theological traditions.


Table of Contents


  1. Theology, a Divine-Human Enterprise
  2. The Great Apostasy
  3. Joseph Smith and the Restoration
  4. The Restoration of the Priesthood and the Church
  5. Doctrinal Truths Restored
  6. The Godhead and Plurality of Gods
  7. God the Father
  8. Jesus Christ
  9. The Holy Ghost
  10. Satan
  11. The Preexistence
  12. The Creation
  13. The Fall and Nature of Humanity
  14. The Atonement
  15. The Gospel Plan
  16. Salvation for the Dead
  17. The Priesthood
  18. The Gathering of Israel and Establishment of Zion
  19. The Second Coming and Millennium
  20. The Resurrection
  21. Final Judgment

Scripture Index

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