Passport to Heaven

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Product Code: XB406
Title: Passport to Heaven
Author: Micah Wilder
Publisher: Harvest House
List Price: $17.99
Our Price: $16.00
Date: 2021
Pages: 343
Additional Info: The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew


From back cover:

When missionary Micah Wilder set his sights on bringing a Baptist congregation into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he had no idea that he was the one about to be changed. Yet when he finally came to know the God of the Bible, Micah had no choice but to surrender himself—no matter the consequences.

For a passionate young Mormon who had grown up in the Church, finding authentic faith meant giving up all he knew: his community, his ambitions, and his place in the world. Yet as Micah struggled to reconcile the teachings of his Church with the truths revealed in the Bible, he awakened to his need for God’s grace. This led him to be summoned to the door of the mission president, terrified but confident in the testimony he knew could cost him everything.

Passport to Heaven is a gripping account of Micah’s surprising journey from living as a devoted member of a religion based on human works to embracing the divine mercy and freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Seeds

  1. Refuge
  2. The Cross
  3. God's Army
  4. The Band-Aid Mission
  5. Son of Suffering
  6. Mud in My Eyes
  7. For by This
  8. Zeal for God
  9. Fight the Good Fight
  10. Enemy of the Cross
  11. As a Child

Part 2: Winds of Change

  1. The Holy Inquisition
  2. Shadows of David
  3. Secret Sacred Things
  4. Winter Garden
  5. The Edgewater
  6. Charley (Free Man)
  7. Wilder and the Whale
  8. Frances (Free One)
  9. Jeanne (God Is Gracious)

Part 3: A Great Revelation

  1. Fulfilling All Righteousness
  2. It's Not Fair
  3. Love Elders
  4. Wilma (Resolute Protection)
  5. Standards of Excellence
  6. Banished to Patmos
  7. It's All About Love

Part 4: Set Free

  1. Passport to Heaven
  2. Nehor
  3. Jesus Is Enough
  4. Breaking the Seal
  5. The Kiss of Judas
  6. More than a Friend
  7. Salt-Land
  8. Released


Appendix A: Chronological Timeline of Events
Appendix B: Photos


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