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Product Code: XB112
Title: Out of the Cults and into the Church: Understanding & Encouraging Ex-Cultists
Author: Janis Hutchinson
Publisher: Kregel Resources
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $14.50
Date: 1994
Pages: 222
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Good help for those leaving Mormonism, especially those struggling with guilt or doubt.

Table of Contents

  1. No, You're Not Cracking Up: Understanding the ex-cultist's trauma
  2. Culture Shock: When two worlds collide
  3. Conflict of the Soul: Understanding cult losses
  4. No "Quick Fix": Counseling with compassion
  5. Loss of Roots, Story, and Identity: Explaining the ex-cultist's disorientation
  6. The Principles of Mass Movements: How to combat the idea the cult was started by God
  7. Ritual: Examining the convert's loss of religious ceremony
  8. Deadly Doctrines Tough to Divorce: Why ex-cultists are reluctant to give up sacred stories
  9. Exit from the Cult and Contact with a Pastor: What to expect when it happens
  10. The Precarious Transition Period: A time of critical analysis and special needs

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