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Product Code: UP013
Title: Orson Pratt's Works
"Series of Pamphlets"
Author: Orson Pratt
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $37.50
Date: 1851
Pages: 160
Additional Info: Photcopy of Originals


LDS Apostle Pratt's defense of Mormon teachings along with Apostle Taylor's famous denial of polygamy in 1850.

Table of Contents

First Series

  • Divine Authority, or the question, Was Joseph Smith sent of God?
  • Kingdom of God—Part I.
  • Kingdom of God—Part II.
  • Kingdom of God—Part III.
  • Kingdom of God—Part IV.
  • Remarkable Visions
  • New Jerusalem, or the Fulfilment of Modern Prophecy

Second Series: Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon

  • Introduction
  • To Expect more Revelation is not Unscriptural
  • To Expect more Revelation is not Unreasonable
  • More Revelation is Indispensably Necessary
  • First, For the Calling of Officers in the Church
  • Secondly, To Point out the Duties of the Officers of the Church
  • Thirdly, To Comfort, Reprove, and Teach the Church
  • Fourthly, To Unfold to the Church the Future
  • The Bible alone an Insufficient Guide
  • Evidences of the Book of Mormon and Bible Compared
  • The Book of Mormon confirmed by Miracles
  • Prophetic Evidence in Favour of the Book of Mormon

Third Series

  • Reply to Pamphlet printed at Glasgow with the "Approbation of Clergymen of different Denominations," entitled "Remarks on Mormonism."
  • Absurdities of Immaterialism, or a Reply to the Rev. T. W. P. Taylder's Pamphlet, entitled "The Materialism of the Mormons, or Latter-day Saints, Examined and Exposed."
  • Great First Cause, or the Self-Moving Forces of the Universe
  • Elder Gibson's Discussion
  • Elder Taylor's Discussion

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