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Product Code: XB311
Title: A Mormon's Unexpected Journey Vol. 2
Author: Carma Naylor
Publisher: WinePress Publishing
List Price: $20.95
Special Price: $10.00
Date: 2010
Pages: 360
Additional Info:

Finding the Grace I Never Knew


From back cover:

Picking up where she left off in Volume One, Carma Naylor continues her compelling story as she compares Mormonism to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents

A Note to My LDS Readers
Summary of Volume 1: A Mormon's Unexpected Journey

Section One: The Light of God's Word That Gives Hope

  1. Breaking Point
  2. Hanging on to Faith
  3. Condemned
  4. The Continued Nightmare
  5. "By Their Fruit You Shall Know Them."
  6. The Book of Abraham: A Fair Test for Joseph Smith

Section Two: The Light of God's Grace That Saves

  1. Why the Cross?
  2. The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away
  3. God's Grace—a Gift, or Earned?
  4. New Discoveries
  5. A Day to Remember
  6. "Who Do You Say I Am?"
  7. Washed in the Temple or Washed by the Blood?

Section Three: The Light of Truth That Gives Deliverance

  1. Pulling Down Strongholds
  2. Who Belongs to Jesus?
  3. The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's Enviroment
  4. Peep Stones and Slippery Treasures
  5. Honestly Facing Contradictions
  6. Would God Send His Children to Hell?

Section Four: The Light of Faith That Gives Freedom

  1. Trouble and Distress
  2. From Darkness to Light
  3. Jesus, Our High Priest Forever
  4. Come Out of Her, My People
  5. The New Covenant and the Law of Polygamy
  6. Our Need for Unending Grace
  7. Making Sense of It All
  8. Climbing My Mountain with God

Epilogue: A Farewell to My Dad


  1. Appendix To Chapter Seven Chart: The Christian View of the Fall Contrasted with The Mormon View of the Fall
  2. Appendix To Chapter Fifteen Chart: In or Out of the Kingdom
  3. Appendix To Chapter Twenty-Two Chart: A Biblical Comparison of the Levitical and Melchizedek Priesthoods

Supplemental Material

  1. Are All Saved?
  2. Statements Made by LDS Prophets and Leaders Regarding the African Race
  3. Understanding the Witness of the Book of Mormon
  4. Examining LDS Attempts to Defend the Book of Abraham
  5. LDS Prophets Teach That Men Can Become Gods
  6. LDS Quotes Stating Works Are Necessary for Salvation
  7. Where Is Christ's True Church?
  8. Two Fundamental Reasons I Rejected Seventh-day Adventism as God's "Remnant Church."
  9. Was Jesus Begotten in the Flesh?
  10. Is the Gift of the Holy Ghost Given by the Laying On of Hands?
  11. More False Prophecies
  12. Similarities Between the Book of Mormon and Other Writings of Joseph Smith's Day
  13. The Book of Mormon Contradicts Mormonism Concerning the Godhead
  14. The Most Correct Book?
  15. Is the LDS Church Organized the Same as Christ's Original Church?
  16. What Does It Mean to Be Sanctified?
  17. A Comparison: Can Mormonism Be Considered One with Biblical Christianity?


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