Mormons and Muslims

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Product Code: XB328
Title: Mormons and Muslims: A Case of Matching Fingerprints
Author: Dennis Kirkland
Publisher: Xulon Press
Price: $15.00
Date: 2008
Pages: 168
Additional Info: Mormons and Muslims are More Alike than you Might Think!


From back cover:

Do you know a Mormon or a Muslim?

Confused about them? Do you want to understand them better?

This is a short investigation of these two religions.

On the surface, they seem to be total opposites.

Mormons wear white shirts and dark neckties.
Muslims often wear robes and burquas.
Joseph Smith is American.
Mohammed is Arabian.

Are they really worlds apart?
This book "dusts" their theology and finds fingerprints.

Guess what—The Fingerprints Match!

Using their own holy books, this soft cover compares the Mormons and Muslim profiles and uncovers some uncanny similarities.

Both beliefs are covered with matching fingerprints in at least six key areas.
These fingerprints point to the same suspect.

Can we get a positive ID?
Weigh the evidence and judge for yourself!

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 — CSI: Comparing, Studying, Investigating
    • Why Mormons and Muslims?
  • Chapter 2 — Dusting for Fingerprints
    • Uncovering Uncommonly Common Common Denominators
    • Twenty Five Matching Fingerprints
    • Mormons, Muslims and a Modus Operandi
  • Chapter 3 — Brushing their Books for Matching Fingerprints
    • Can the Qur'an and the Quad Both be the Word of God?
      • The Muslim Qur'an
      • The Mormon Quad
      • The Word of God
  • Chapter 4 — Lifting their Fathers' Fingerprints
    • Is God the Father a Bad Dad?
      • What kind of Dad is "Father Allah?"
      • What kind of Dad is "Heavenly Father Elohim?"
      • What kind of Dad is "Abba?"
  • Chapter 5 — Checking their Christs' Matching Fingerprints
    • Is Jesus Satan's Brother? Is Jesus Just Another Prophet?
      • Who Do Muslims say that I (Jesus) Am?
      • Who Do Mormons say that I (Jesus) Am?
  • Chapter 6 — Detecting a Fingerprint Pattern in the Afterlife
    • Is Eternal Life Like a Box of Chocolates?
      • Muslim Paradise is Questionable
      • Mormons Have Three Heavenly Options
  • Chapter 7 — Profiling Women for Matching Fingerprints
    • Pregnant Virgins?!
      • Christian Thought about Women's Issues
      • Muslim Thought about Women's Issues
      • Mormon Thought about Women's Issues
  • Chapter 8 — Contaminating the Evidence about Israel
    • Do they Replace Israel as God's Chosen People?
      • A Biblical Perspective of Israel
      • Mormons Tinker with Israel's Future
      • Muslims Tamper with Israel's Past
  • Chapter 9 — Calling Witnesses to Mormons and Muslims
    • The Foundation for taking the Witness Stand
    • Ten Fingerprint Principles for Witnesses.

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