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Product Code: XB316
Title: The Mormon Rebellion: America's First Civil War 1857-1858
Author: David L. Bigler and Will Bagley
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
List Price: $25.00
Our Price: $22.50
Date: 2012
Pages: 392
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From inside jacket:

In 1857 President James Buchanan ordered U.S. troops to Utah to replace Brigham Young as governor and restore order in what the federal government viewed as a territory in rebellion. In this compelling narrative, award-winning authors David L. Bigler and Will Bagley use long-suppressed sources to show that contrary to common perception the Mormon rebellion was not the result of Buchanan s blunder, nor was it a David-and-Goliath tale in which an abused religious minority heroically defied the imperial ambitions of an unjust and tyrannical government. They argue that Mormon leaders had their own far-reaching ambitions and fully intended to establish an independent nation the Kingdom of God in the West.

Long overshadowed by the Civil War, the tragic story of this conflict involved a tense and protracted clash pitting Brigham Young s Nauvoo Legion against Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston and the U.S. Army s Utah Expedition. In the end, the conflict between the two armies saw no pitched battles, but in the authors view, Buchanan s decision to order troops to Utah, his so-called blunder, eventually proved decisive and beneficial for both Mormons and the American republic.

A rich exploration of events and forces that presaged the Civil War, The Mormon Rebellion broadens our understanding of both antebellum America and Utah s frontier theocracy and offers a challenging reinterpretation of a controversial chapter in Mormon annals.

Table of Contents

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  1. To Sow the Wind: Beginnings
  2. This Land Is My Land—or Yours?
  3. The Remnant of Jacob
  4. A Terror to All Nations: The Crusade for Sovereignty
  5. The Cleansing Blood of Sinners: The Reformation
  6. To Cut the Thread: Independence
  7. Come Forth to Slay the Wicked: Mountain Meadows
  8. The Want of Cavalry: The U.S. Army Stumbles to War
  9. Pitch into Them: Brigham Young Orders Bloodshed
  10. Deleterious Ingredients: Of Murder, Salt, and Supply
  11. The Days of Your Kingdom Are Numbered
  12. Let the Consequences Fall: Buchanan's Ultimatum
  13. The Fall of Sebastopol
  14. One-Eyed Justice

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