Making the Journey from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity

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Product Code: XB335
Title: Making the Journey from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity
Author: Katrina Marti
Publisher: Aimazing Publishing & Marcom
Price: $15.00
Date: 2012
Pages: 186
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From back cover:

"The transition from Mormonism to biblical faith in Jesus Christ is a challenging journey fraught with many hazards. I can't think of a more qualified guide than Katrina Marti. Having lived as a faithful Mormon, she understands LDS experience and beliefs. She knows the cultural, emotional, and doctrinal pitfalls. She also has an admirable grasp of biblical wisdom, beyond sound doctrine, and its wise application to life. She communicates this with great clarity and grace. Katrina brings personal empathy and biblical truth to the fragile lives of Mormons in transition."

— Pastor Ross Anderson, Alpine Church, Utah —
Author, Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor: A Quick Christian Guide for Relating to Latter-Day Saints

"Reflected in her writing, Katrina has a strong passion to share her faith with those who have been hurt or misled."

— Pastor Rich Rayls, Calvary Chapel Desert Hills, AZ —

Katrina Marti comes from a multi-generational LDS family and was raised devoutly LDS. After an experience with God, Katrina became an avid student of the Bible, which ultimately led her to leave the LDS Church. For several years Katrina has had a ministry sharing biblical truth with LDS women. Katrina currently lives in Northwestern New Mexico with her husband and three of her five children. She loves hiking, photography, and most of all, God.

Table of Contents

Preface: Been There, Done That
Introduction: To My Never-LDS Christian Friends / A Note to My LDS Friends on How to Use this Book


  1. Is There Truth?
  2. Can I Trust It?
  3. Which Version Can I Trust?
  4. What Should I Read?
  5. Which Church is the True Church?
  6. So, Are All Churches the True Church?
  7. Why Go to Church at All?
  8. Who Am I?
  9. Who Is God?
  10. Who Is Jesus?
  11. One God, Three Gods
  12. What Does God Want from Me?
  13. What Do I Do Now?
  14. What About James 2?
  15. The Sabbath, the World of Wisdom, and Other Bits of Legalism
  16. By Whose Authority?
  17. If Not by Feelings, How Do You Know God's Will?
  18. Baptism, to Do or Not to Do
  19. Praise

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