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Product Code: XB012
Title: Lost Legacy: The Mormon Office of Presiding Patriarch
Author: Irene M. Bates & E. Gary Smith
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Price: $26.00
Date: 1996
Pages: 258
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The story of the office of Presiding Patriarch in the Mormon Church, from the days of Joseph Smith to the mandated retirement of the last Patriarch in 1979. Discusses why the LDS Church decided to eliminate the office.

Table of Contents


  1. Charisma and Authority: The Crucible for the Office of Patriarch
  2. "Like the Patriarch of Old": Joseph Smith, Sr.-First Patriarch, 1833-40
  3. "By Blessing and Also by Right": Hyrum Smith-Second Patriarch, 1841-44
  4. Office in Crisis: William Smith-Third Patriarch, May 1845-October 1845
  5. Patriarchal Bridge: Interregnum, 1845-47, and Uncle John Smith-Fourth Patriarch, 1847-54
  6. Continuing the Tradition: John Smith-Fifth Patriarch, 1855-1911
  7. A Question of Primacy: Hyrum G. Smith-Sixth Patriarch, 1912-32
  8. Decade of Uncertainty, 1932-42, and the Compromise: Joseph F. Smith II-Seventh Patriarch, 1942-46
  9. The End of the Line: Eldred G. Smith-Eighth Patriarch, 1947-79

Appendix A: Presiding Patriarchs and Presidents of the Mormon Church
Appendix B: Mormon Presiding Patriarchs

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