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Product Code: XB366
Title: Leonard Arrington and the Writing of Mormon History
Author: Gregory A. Prince
Publisher: The University of Utah Press
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Date: 2016
Pages: 540
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From publisher:

Leonard Arrington, author of Great Basin Kingdom, a book many saw as the most important history of Mormonism, became the principal driver of a dramatic turn towards scholarly truth in the study of Mormon history. His approach gained a temporary foothold in the governing bureaucracy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when he became its church historian. That productive period of professional scholarship from inside the LDS Church ended with a controversial closing of the History Division, which had brought too much candor for some church leaders. Arrington and his colleagues had lit a spark, though, that would continue to energize Mormon historiography. The many scholars whom he mentored, encouraged, supported, and collaborated with helped maintain the growth of a newly enriched field of research and publication, bringing the historical record that had always been an essential aspect of Mormon identity into wide examination and discourse.

Gregory Prince follows his well-regarded biography of LDS President David O. McKay with the story of another key figure in the modern history of Mormonism. Leonard Arrington, a gregarious and generous history entrepreneur, used his success to advance the careers of many others and played a key role in the intellectual development of Mormonism by broadening Mormons' understanding of themselves. Employing Arrington's massive personal record and dozens of interviews with his associates, Prince provides the most complete account yet of the remarkable successes and failures of this longtime face of Mormon history.

Table of Contents


  1. Ancestry: Straight from the Soil
  2. A Childhood with Chickens
  3. Enchanted by Economics: The University of Idaho
  4. Idaho Boy in Graduate School
  5. A Woman Named Grace
  6. World War II: The Volunteer Nobody Wanted
  7. Becoming Dr. Arrington
  8. Great Basin Kingdom: Saga of a Saga
  9. The Academic Years and the Move to Greener Pastures
  10. The Church Historian's Office
  11. A Portrait of Leonard
  12. Walking a Spiritual Path
  13. Promoting Mormon History: The Pre-Church Historian Years
  14. Church Historian: The "Camelot" Years
  15. The Bureaucracy
  16. Promoting Mormon History: The Church Historian Years
  17. Blessed Damozels
  18. First Fruits
  19. RLDS: Finding Common Ground with the Cousins
  20. Storm Clouds
  21. The Revelation
  22. Disassembly
  23. What Went Wrong?
  24. Grace's Decline
  25. Transitions
  26. Brigham Young: American Moses
  27. Controlling the Story
  28. Mark Hofmann
  29. The September Six
  30. Adventures of a Church Historian
  31. Legacy Epilogue: The Leonard Arrington Papers


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