Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds

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Product Code: XB377
Title: Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds
Author: Corey Miller, Lynn K. Wilder, Vince Eccles, Latayne C. Scott
Publisher: Kregel Publications
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Date: 2017
Pages: 311
Additional Info: Edited by Corey Miller and Lynn K. Wilder


From back cover:

The growing popular perception today is that the Mormon church as just another denomination within Christianity, and representatives of the LDS church often encourage this perspective. Despite points of agreement, major differences exist on foundational theological matters (for example, the Trinity), as well as social and moral issues (such as racial equality).

As former Mormons turned evangelical Christians, each of whom is an accomplished scholar, the four contributors to this volume provide a unique and authoritative corrective. Each contributor shares his or her story of growing up in the Mormon church, and how biblical, theological, moral, or scientific issues forced them to eventually leave Mormonism. The contributors draw on the expertise of their respective academic fields to show how Mormon teachings and practice fall short biblically and rationally.

They also address common objections raised by former Mormons who have lost faith altogether and have embraced atheism or agnosticism—especially under the influence of "new atheists" like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

Table of Contents

Foreword — Richard Land

  1. Introduction: Contemplating Mormonism Lovingly, Credibly, and Truthfully — Corey Miller
  2. In Search of the Good Life — Corey Miller
  3. I Was There. I Believed — Latayne C. Scott
  4. Social Consequences of Mormon Teachings: Finding Post-Mormon Mental Health — Lynn K. Wilder
  5. Wrestling with Nature and God — James Vincent Eccles
  6. Why Believe in God? Objections to Faith by the New Atheism — Corey Miller and Lynn K. Wilder

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Subject Index

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