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Product Code: XB117
Title: Know Why You Believe
Author: Paul E. Little
Publisher: IVP Books
Price: $16.00
Date: 2008
Pages: 231
Additional Info:  


Good book for those struggling with reasons to believe in a God.

Table of Contents


  1. Is Christianity Rational?
  2. Is There a God?
  3. Is Christ God?
  4. Did Christ Rise from the Dead?
  5. Is the Bible God's Word?
  6. Are the Bible Documents Reliable?
  7. Does Archaeology Help?
  8. Are Miracles Possible?
  9. Do Science and Scripture Agree?
  10. Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil?
  11. Does Christianity Differ from Other World Religions?
  12. Is Christian Experience Valid?

Study Questions
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