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Product Code: XB396
Title: Jesus' Resurrection and Joseph's Visions
Author: Robert M. Bowman Jr.
Publisher: DeWard Publishing Company, Ltd.
List Price: $16.99
Our Price: $16.00
Date: 2020
Pages: 311
Additional Info: Examining the Foundations of Christianity and Mormonism


From publisher's website:

Just as the resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of Christianity, the visions of Joseph Smith are the foundation of Mormonism. In Jesus’ Resurrection and Joseph’s Visions, Robert Bowman compares the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection with the evidence for Joseph’s visions, showing how the historical data confirm the truth of Jesus’ resurrection, and that the accounts of Joseph Smith’s visions are historically unreliable. For Mormons who have doubts about their religion, this study will help them find a more reliable basis for faith in Christ. For Christians, this study provides a fresh angle on the historical evidence for the truth of Christianity.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Jesus' Resurrection and Joseph's Visions

  1. Testing the Foundational Claims of Christianity and Mormonism
  2. Jesus' Resurrection in Context: What We Know about Jesus Christ
  3. Jesus' Resurrection: Did It Happen?
  4. Jesus' Appearance to Paul: Did It Happen?
  5. After Jesus' Resurrection: Testing the Apostles
  6. Joseph's Visions in Context: What We Know about Joseph Smith
  7. Joseph's Angelic Visions: Did They Happen?
  8. Joseph's First Vision: Did It Happen?
  9. After Joseph's Early Visions: Testing the Prophet
  10. Comparing the Foundational Claims of Mormonism and Christianity


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