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Product Code: XB057
Title: Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record
Author: H. Michael Marquardt & Wesley P. Walters
Publisher: Smith Research Associates
List Price: $24.95
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Date: 1998
Pages: 244
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Important research on the Smith's early years, problems with the first vision, the supposed revival in the neighborhood, money digging and Joseph's 1826 hearing.

Table of Contents


  1. Joseph Smith Family Palmyra Area in 1829
  2. Joseph Smith's New York State in 1829

The Joseph Smith, Sr., Family
A Chronology of Mormon Origins


  1. The Move to Palmyra and Manchester, New York
  2. The Palmyra Revival
  3. Secular and Religious Background
  4. Manchester Scryer
  5. The Treasure
  6. Smith Family Activities
  7. Restoring the Church of Christ
  8. Expressions of Faith



  1. Joseph Smith's 1832 Account of His Early Life
  2. Interview of Martin Harris
  3. Memorandum of John H. Gilbert

Bibliographical Essay

  1. Smith Family Recollections
  2. The 1826 Examination

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