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Product Code: XB257
Title: I Love Mormons: A New Way to Share Christ with Latter-day Saints
Author: David L. Rowe
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: $16.00
Date: 2005
Pages: 190
Additional Info:  


"Wrestling with this and other questions has led Salt Lake City resident David Rowe to a new way of sharing Christ with Latter-day Saints. 'Mormons are three-dimensional human beings with their own culture, lingo, and worldview,' Rowe explains. In evangelism, our words will be more effective if we start by learning and respecting LDS culture. Rowe's keen insights, helpful illustrations, and practical discussion questions will help readers build bridges to Mormon friends and neighbors." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents


  1. Hard-Won Lessons in Evangelistic Football: A Personal Experience
  2. At the Heart of "The Forgotten Sector": The Cultural Nerve Center
  3. Roots and Wings: The Imprint of Mormon Culture
  4. Mormon Theology 101: The Template of Official Beliefs
  5. 101 Laboratory: The So-Whats of Discussing Theology with Mormons
  6. Mormons in Transition: The Travels and Travails
  7. Love It or Leave It: Two Stories
  8. The Heart of the Matter: Learning to Speak "Mormonese"
  9. Speaking Mormonese: Stories and Sensibilities
  10. Concluding the Journey: Is Your Church a Safe Harbor?
  • Appendix 1: The Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: With Annotations by the Author
  • Appendix 2: Changes in Mormon Doctrine: an Example
  • Appendix 3: Relating to Mormon Missionaries: A Model Story

A Selective Glossary of LDS Terms

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