The Historical Jessus and the Historical Joseph Smith

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Product Code: XB397
Title: The Historical Jesus and the Historical Joseph Smith
Author: Tom Hobson
Publisher: Elm Hill
Price: $10.00
Date: 2019
Pages: 90
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From back cover:

Jesus of Nazareth and Joseph Smith Jr. — two extremely important men to know! Using standard tools of the historian that do not require faith, we can indentify undeniable facts on both men. What we're looking for is trustworthiness and consistency. We want to know: can we trust these men to lead us to the one true God?

Table of Contents

  1. Why We Must Know the Facts about Jesus and Joseph
  2. Historical Bedrock in the Life of Jesus
  3. Uncertainties in the Life of Jesus
  4. Examining the Wildest Claims about Jesus
  5. Who Can Tell Us the Truth about Joseph?
  6. Joseph's Approach to Alcohol, Tobacco, and "Hot Drinks"
  7. Joseph's Approach to Marriage
  8. Joseph's Views on Race
  9. Joseph's Evolving Views on God
  10. Joseph's Far-Reaching Claims
  11. Joseph as a Translator of Scripture
  12. Did Joseph Die a Martyr's Death?
  13. By Their Fruits Shall We Know Them?
  14. Who Is Most Worthy of Our Trust?

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