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Product Code: XB085
Title: From God to Us: How We Got Our Bible
Author: Norman L. Geisler & William E. Nix
Publisher: Moody Press
Price: $22.00
Date: 2012
Pages: 413
Additional Info: Revised & Expanded


From back cover:

"The chain of communication from God to us is strong. It has several solid links: inspiration, collection, transmission, and translations. Together, these four links provide the contemporary Christian with the moral certitude that the Spirit-inspired original text of Scripture has been providentially preserved by God, so that for all practical purposes the Bible in our hands is the infallible and inerrant word of God."

The Bible was written in multiple languages by dozens of authors whose lives spanned a period of more than fifteen hundred years. How did it all come together? Best selling authors Norman Geisler and William Nix thoroughly answer this question in this revised and expanded edition of a classic that has sold more than 78,000 copies. Helpful charts, photos, and indices have been added, making this book ideally suited for Bible students, pastors, and professors.

Major topics addressed include: inspiration, canonicity, major manuscripts and recent discoveries, textual criticism, Greek and Latin translations, and modern English translations. The authors provide a complete introduction to the Bible's origin, history, and development.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Inspiration

  1. The Character of the Bible
  2. The Nature of Inspiration
  3. The Inspiration of the Old Testament
  4. The Inspiration of the New Testament
  5. The Evidences for the Inspiration of the Bible

Part 2: Canonization

  1. The Characteristics of Canonicity
  2. The Developement of the Old Testament Canon
  3. The Extent of the Old Testament Canon
  4. The Developement of the New Testament Canon
  5. The Extent of the New Testament Canon

Part 3: Transmission

  1. Languages and Materials of the Bible
    Plates I-60
  2. The Major Manuscripts of the Bible
  3. Additional Witnesses to the Bible Text
  4. The Development of Textual Criticism
  5. Restoration of the Bible Text

Part 4: Translation

  1. Aramaic, Syriac, and Related Translations and Bibles
  2. Greek and Related Translations
  3. Latin and Related Translations
  4. Early English Translations
  5. Modern English Bible Translations
  6. English Bible Translations and the New Millennium

In Conclusion
Subject Index
Person Index
Scripture Index

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