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Product Code: XB225
Title: The Facts on the Masonic Lodge
Author: John Ankerberg & John Weldon
Publisher: Harvest House
List Price: $6.99
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Date: 1989
Pages: 64
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"Beginning with George Washington, more than 14 presidents, 42 Supreme Court justices, numerous members of congress, and people such as Mark Twain and Douglas MacArthur have been affiliated with Masonry. But what is Freemasonry? Is it more than just a benevolent fraternity?

"The Facts on the Masonic Lodge explores Masonry's teachings and provides concise, straightforward answers to questions that include—

  • Why is understanding Freemasonry important today?
  • What do the Masons teach about Jesus, salvation, and life after death?
  • What do Masonic symbols represent?
  • Are Masonry and Christianity compatible?

"Researchers John Ankerberg and John Weldon provide well-documented facts and comprehensive comparisons with biblical truths to help you objectively evaluate Masonry and its influence in your life and in the Christian church." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

Section I: Introduction to Masonry

  1. What is Masonry?
  2. What is the final authority for the teachings presented in each Masonic Lodge?
  3. Which books and authors have been recommended by the Grand Lodges as being authoritative for Masons?
  4. What are the Blue Lodge, the Scottish Rite, and the York Rite?

Section II: Is Freemasonry a Religion?

  1. Is Freemasonry another religion?
  2. Does the Masonic Lodge teach its own plan of salvation?
  3. Does the creed of the Masonic Lodge prove that it is a religion?
  4. Does the Masonic Lodge have its own distinct doctrinal statement like a church does?
  5. Can any Mason honestly claim that the Lodge has no theology of its own?
  6. Is the Ritual that is practiced in every Masonic Lodge really worship?
  7. Does the Masonic Lodge have religious symbols just like those found in a church or synagogue?
  8. Should the Masonic Lodge be identified as a religion if it does not choose to identify itself as a religion?
  9. Does Freemasonry conflict with other religions such as Christianity?

Section III: Where Does the Masonic Ritual Conflict with the Bible?

  1. The Masonic Lodge teaches that all men, including Christians, live in spiritual darkness until they enter and become members of the Lodge. Is this biblical?
  2. Masons teach and believe in a universal Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man. Is this biblical?
  3. Masonry teaches that the God of the Bible is the God of the Masonic Lodge. Is this true?
  4. The Masonic Lodge teaches that the Bible is only a symbol of the will of God and not to be literally obeyed. Is this true?
  5. The Masonic Lodge teaches that salvation and residence in the "Celestial Lodge Above" may be gained by Masons doing good works. Is this biblical?
  6. If a Mason has sworn allegiance to the Lodge, should he break his oaths?


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