Crossing the Chasm: Helping Mormons Discover the Bridge to God

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Product Code: XB407
Title: Crossing the Chasm: Helping Mormons Discover the Bridge to God
Author: Mark J. Cares & Jon Leach
Publisher: Truth in Love Ministry
List Price: $20.00
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Date: 2020
Pages: 157
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From back cover:

There's only one bridge to God.

Jesus said, "I am the way" (John 14:6). Tragically, Mormons don't realize the bridge they're on will never reach God. God can use you to change that.

Crossing the Chasm exposes the differences between the bridge Mormonism proposes and the biblical bridge — differences which are often obscured. Mark and Jon also offer practical tips for talking with Mormons so they too can experience the confidence of standing on Christ alone.

Table of Contents

Sources of LDS Authority

Part One: How Wide Is the Chasm?

  1. Who God Is
  2. Who We Are

Part Two: How to Cross the Chasm

  1. The Father's Plan
  2. The Son's Role
  3. The Spirit's Work

Part Three: Return to Reach More

  1. Answering Uncertainty
  2. Dropping the Baggage
  3. Walking Together

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