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Product Code: XB373
Title: Confessions of an Ex-Mormon: What I Wish I Knew When I Left the Church
Author: Tracy Tennant
Publisher: Right Track Publishing
Price: $10.00
Date: 2017
Pages: 101
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From back cover:

Leaving the Mormon Church is hard. You lose a belief system and way of life. Everything you thought you knew is now uncertain and your world has been turned upside down!

How do you navigate through the choppy waters of ex-Mormonism without capsizing your most important relationships? Tracy Tennant addresses the six most common mistakes disaffected LDS members make that lead to broken relationships, misunderstandings, and rejection. With empathy and humor, the author offers readers practical suggestions on how to come out of Mormonism with faith, hope, and self-care.

Table of Contents


  1. What to Expect from LDS Family and Friends
  2. Tossing Tact in the Toilet
  3. Motor-Mouth Mama
  4. Smoking, Drinking, and Prostituting on Street Corners
  5. Living in Fear and Regret
  6. Isolating Yourself
  7. Throwing Baby Jesus Out with the Bathwater
  8. Dealing with Toxic People



  1. How to Resign from the LDS Church
  2. Special Situations
  3. Going Public
  4. Recommended Resources

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