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Product Code: UB028
Title: The Case Against Mormonism Vol. 3
Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $6.00
Date: 1971
Pages: 165
Additional Info: Vol. 1, 2, 3
Other: Digital version available: The Case Against Mormonism Vol. 3 [PDF]


Deals with the meaning and changes in the facsimiles in the Book of Abraham, books Joseph Smith may have had in writing the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham, the plurality of gods doctrine, the Adam-God doctrine, the Virgin Birth, false prophecies of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, the Word of Wisdom, the Priesthood, etc.

Table of Contents


  1. Abraham's Drawings?
  2. Facsimile No. 2
  3. Facsimile No. 1
  4. Facsimile No. 3
  5. Joseph's Egyptian Alphabet
  6. Book Of Joseph
  7. Complete Confusion
  8. Possible Sources
  9. Origin Of Indians
  10. The Godhead
  11. The Adam-God Doctrine
  12. The Virgin Birth
  13. Arm Of Flesh
  14. False Prophecy
  15. The Word Of Wisdom
  16. The Priesthood
  17. Old Testament Practices
  18. Missionaries

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