Book of Abraham Apologetics: A Review and Critique

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Product Code: XB405
Title: Book of Abraham Apologetics: A Review and Critique
Author: Dan Vogel
Publisher: Signature Books
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Date: 2021
Pages: 261
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From back cover:

Said to have been dictated by Joseph Smith as a translation of an ancient Egyptian scroll purchased in Kirtland, Ohio, in 1835, the Book of Abraham may be Mormonism's most controversial scripture. Decades of impassioned discussion began when about a dozen fragments of Smith's Egyptian papyri, including a facsimile from the Book of Abraham, were found in the New York Metropolitan Museum in 1966. The discovery solved a mystery about the origin of the Egyptian characters that appear in the various manuscript copies of the Book of Abraham from 1835, reproduced from one of the fragments. Some LDS scholars devised arguments to explain what seemed to be clear evidence of Smith's inability to translate Egyptian. In this book, Dan Vogel not only highlights the problems with these apologetic arguments but explains the underlying source documents in revealing detail and clarity.

Table of Contents


  1. Documents and Timeline
  2. Princess Katumin
  3. The Pure Language
  4. Race
  5. The Cosmos
  6. A Student of Hebrew
  7. The Lost Papyrus and Catalyst Theories
  8. Nineteenth-Century Sources

Scripture Index
About the Author

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