American Polygamy: A History of Fundamentalist Mormon Faith

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Product Code: XB390
Title: American Polygamy: A History of Fundamentalist Mormon Faith
Author: Craig L. Foster & Marianne T.Watson
Publisher: The History Press
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Date: 2019
Pages: 286
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From back cover:

Today's Fundamentalist Mormons in the American West resist assimilation like their forefathers. Centered on faith, they survive despite efforts to permanently end their cherished plural family arrangements. While some Fundamentalists like Warren Jeffs go rogue and corrupt their beliefs in heinous crimes, most hold steadfastly to a religion they say is biblical and restored by the first Latter-day Saint prophet, Joseph Smith, in the early 1800s. Mormon historians Craig Foster and Marianne Watson present more than two hundred photos and exclusive insights to explain how an estimated thirty thousand Fundamentalist Mormons still venerate a much-debated legacy—despite its difficult challenges—and persist in living plural marriage.

Table of Contents


  1. A Matter of Faith
  2. A Changing Mormon World
  3. Early Development of Fundamentalist Mormonism
  4. The Turbulent 1930s
  5. The 1944 Raid and the Priesthood Split
  6. The 1953 Short Creek Raid
  7. A Time of Change, Conflict and Growth
  8. Short Creek Changes: Centennial Park and the Making and Breaking of the FLDS
  9. Twenty-First-Century Fundamentalism: Coming Out of the Shadows
  10. Still a Matter of Faith

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