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Product Code: XB206
Title: American Apocrypha: Essays on the Book of Mormon
Editors: Dan Vogel & Brent Lee Metcalfe
Publisher: Signature Books
List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $20.00
Date: 2002
Pages: 368
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"A FINE LINE DIVIDES SCRIPTURE from non-scripture, writes Robert M. Price in American Apocrypha. There are books, not in the Bible, that are as powerful and authoritative as anything in the canon. At the same time, much of the Bible was written centuries after the events it narrates by scribes using fictitious names. Clearly, the hallmark of scripture is not historical accuracy, but rather its spiritual impact on individuals; exclusion from the canon is not reason to dismiss a book as heretical.

"Consider the Book of Mormon, first published in 1830. The nature of this volume-in particular its claim to antiquity-is the theme of nine ground-breaking essays in American Apocrypha. Thomas W. Murphy discusses the Book of Mormon's view that American Indians are descendants of ancient Hebrews. In recent DNA tests, Native Americans have proven to be of Siberian ancestry and not of ancient Jewish or Middle Eastern descent. Nor is the Book of Mormon a traditional translation from an ancient document, writes David P. Wright, indicated by the underlying Hebrew in the book's Isaiah passages. Other contributors to American Apocrypha explore the evolution of ideas in the Book of Mormon during the course of its dictation." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

  1. Historical Criticism and the Book of Mormon: A Personal Encounter
    Edwin Firmage, Jr.
  2. Automaticity and the Dictation of the Book of Mormon
    Scott C. Dunn
  3. Lamanite Genesis, Genealogy, and Genetics
    Thomas W. Murphy
  4. The Validity of the Witnesses' Testimonies
    Dan Vogel
  5. B. H. Roberts: Book of Mormon Apologist and Skeptic
    George D. Smith
  6. Isaiah in the Book of Mormon: Or Joseph Smith in Isaiah
    David P. Wright
  7. Secret Things, Hidden Things: The Seer Story in the Imaginative Economy of Joseph Smith
    Susan Staker
  8. Echoes of Anti-Masonry: A Rejoinder to Critics of the Anti-Masonic Thesis
    Dan Vogel
  9. Joseph Smith: Inspired Author of the Book of Mormon
    Robert M. Price

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