Letters from a Skeptic

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Product Code: XB235
Title: Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity
Author: Dr. Gregory A. Boyd & Edward K. Boyd
Publisher: David C Cook
Price: $17.00
Date: 2008
Pages: 254
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From back cover:

Greg Boyd longed for his father to know Christ. But as a former atheist turned believer, Greg understood Ed Boyd's reservations. So he offered a unique invitation: His father could write Greg with any questions about Christianity, and he would in turn deliver a thoughtful response. What began as an intimate correspondence between father and son soon captivated seekers everywhere.

Letters from a Skeptic presents a profound defense of the Christian faith. Filled with intelligent questions often asked by new and nonbelievers and insightful, practical answers, each letter addresses provocative issues that get right to the heart of Christianity.

Readers will discover a moving conversation that not only brought Ed Boyd to Christ, but also continues to impact thousands of lives around the world.

Table of Contents


Can we talk about the Christian faith?

Part I: Questions About God

Correspondence 1
Why has Christianity done so much harm?
Correspondence 2
Why is the world so full of suffering?
Correspondence 3
Is the risk of freedom worth all the suffering?
Correspondence 4
Does God know the future?
Correspondence 5
Why does God create earthquakes and famines?
Correspondence 6
Why did God create Satan?
Correspondence 7
Is your God all-powerful?
Correspondence 8
Why believe in God in the first place?
Correspondence 9
Couldn't it all be by change?
Correspondence 10
Why didn't God spare your mother?
Correspondence 11
Why would an all-powerful God need prayer?
Correspondence 12
Why would God care about us little humans?

Part II: Questions About Jesus Christ

Correspondence 13
Why trust the Gospel accounts?
Correspondence 14
Aren't the Gospels full of contradictions?
Correspondence 15
Who wrote the Gospels and when were they written?
Correspondence 16
How can you believe that a man rose from the dead?
Correspondence 17
How can you believe that a man was God?

Part III: Questions About the Bible

Correspondence 18
Why does God make believing in Him so difficult?
Correspondence 19
Why do you think the Bible is inspired?
Correspondence 20
Isn't the Bible full of myths and God's vengeance?
Correspondence 21
Didn't the Catholic Church put the Bible together?
Correspondence 22
Why are there so many differing interpretations of the Bible?
Correspondence 23
Why about the "holy books" of other religions?

Part IV: Questions About Christian Life and Doctrine

Correspondence 24
Do all non-Christians go to hell?
Correspondence 25
How would an all-loving God torture people in an eternal hell?
Correspondence 26
Isn't the Christian life impossible to live?
Correspondence 27
How can another man's death pardon me?
Correspondence 28
How can I be holy and sinful at the same time?
Correspondence 29
How can I be sure it's all true?
I believe!

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