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Product Code: XB210
Title: The Gospel According To Joseph Smith: A Christian Response To Mormon Teaching
Author: Ethan E. Harris
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $13.50
Date: 2001
Pages: 185
Additional Info: Forward by Bill McKeever


"The first two chapters give preliminary information that is necessary as a foundation. We will present statements by Mormon officials and passages from Scripture that encourage serious study of all materials that we are given. We will also see the bias that many LDS members hold against Christians. Christians are often seen as liars who distort the doctrines of the Mormon Church.

"The next section, chapters 3-7, presents a brief discussion of Mormonism, an external critique of LDS doctrines as viewed from the standpoint of biblical Christianity. We will note many differences of doctrine between Christian and Mormon theology. Chapter 8, an internal critique of LDS philosophy, focuses on the weaknesses of Mormonism from an ethical perspective. In chapter 9 we conclude by reprinting a number of testimonies of Christians who have left the Mormon Church and the difficulties that they faced in their decisions to leave." (Preface, page xvi)

Table of Contents

Forword by Bill McKeever

  1. Setting the Stage
  2. The Standard Works
  3. The Mormon Gospel
  4. Mormonismís Doctrine of God
  5. Baptism for the Dead and the Origin of Sin
  6. Creation and Adam
  7. The Book of Mormon and the Bible
  8. The Ethical Argument Against Mormonism
  9. Christian Testimonies

Books for Further Study
Works of Mormon Prophets
Index of Scripture
Index of Persons

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